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  1. Evir

    Torpedo nerfs

    Checking back in on the game, after multiple warnings about how they shouldn't add torpedoes in the first place, because they would be extremely overpowered in a game that relies on sail power, they have been nerfed multiple times by huge amounts and will continue to be nerfed over and over again. Why are torpedoes and sail power bad? Because torpedoes are supposed to be high damage weapons and the counter to them is to dodge them so that the enemy wastes their shots. However, under sail power, if you turn into the wind because that is your only option to get out of the way, you basically come to a full stop when your sails go red. The enemy just has to get you to turn then they can dump torpedoes into you and you get destroyed. Now the devs will have to nerf them into the ground because of that and make them more on par with large cannons just to prevent this from happening. Anyone that has ever played World of Warships can tell you how bad of an idea it is to add torpedoes to the game where ships cannot turn to avoid the torpedoes.
  2. Every tiny guild wants their own island, that is the problem. 5-10 active player guilds thinking they should be the kings of the world. That is the problem, then everyone allying up and making super alliances (outside of the game mechanics) causing land to become scarce even with basically no one on them. Declaring war on small groups becomes extremely risky because your small group, cant fight that small group + all their direct allies and the "allies" that are made outside of the alliance system in game. That is where the land problems are coming from. There is plenty of land, just too many small guilds refusing to work together in a more direct way, because that would mean that they "I'm the king" leader giving up their power and the individuals actually having to work as part of a larger group. "my stuff" "my ship" "my mount" runs rampant, when all they really have to do, is just MAKE MORE, increase your production and you do not have to worry about "my" because there is so much of the stuff, it doesn't matter. Just take one of the 40 extra rifles, or 1 of the 10 extra tames.
  3. Evir

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    Here is the thing, being as I assume you have never been in a naval battle before, brigs and schooners rely on their maneuverability to out class a galleon They tend to get close so they can keep up the DPS on the planks, they normally do not have the ability to do long range one shot planking on a galleon, they take a while to sink. If that galleon now has the ability to bring the brig or schooner to a complete halt, that removes their advantage. If that galleon can bring a brig to a complete halt, it will start stripping planks, because the cannons will be able to hit the target easier, especially if it uses cooldowns. Even if it takes literally one hit to destroy the harpoon, depending on where that harpoon hits the person who may be absolutely ready for that harpoon to come in, must one, get to a location to destroy it, take aim, then attack it. In that time, cannon balls will already be in the air, and that ship, being at a complete stop, wont be able to get out of the way due to he acceleration needed to go from full stop, to full speed. People like you are like: "how do we know if the dragon will be OPed? We have to test it first, how do you know that it will be an unkillable machine that will wipe bases unless we test it" Then after multiple bases are wiped out and dragons are shown to be nearly unstoppable killing machines, they get nerfed hard to the ground. "How do we know if a whale that is faster than all the ships and in one attack can knock off most of your planks is a bad idea unless we test it?" "how do we know if having dozens and dozens of ships of the damned spawn as soon as we implement it and have them so strong that they 2 shot ships, have a massive aggro range and will hunt you for a very long time is a bad idea?"
  4. Evir

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    1. Destroying the harpoon, after it brings you to a complete stop, doesn't really help, there is a time where the people have to destroy the harpoon, that time difference, the enemy is still acting. 2. it isnt that bad, Galleons can turn pretty decent with good sails and a good captain 3. You do both, if you can bring the brig to a stop, you can just unload on a target that isnt moving. You must work for grapeshot because you cant see how things will work.
  5. Evir

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    Captainslog 28: May Mega-Update Stop your fleeing enemies in their tracks and reel them in with the new Boat Ballista Harpoon! Load up your ballistic and fire the projectile, if it successfully attaches you and your target will be unable to move. Reel them in before they destroy the harpoon. You can only successfully harpoon same-or-smaller ship classes. Ok, so Galleons will be able to destroy all the ships below it, I can only imagine a galleon with a couple of these snagging a brig then popping all the cannon cooldowns to delete them. Since galleons are the fastest ships in the game, brigs are screwed. They cant even dodge and are sitting targets. Even if they break the line, Galleons accelerate faster and can unload multiple volleys.
  6. Evir

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    From what I have heard that both ships stop, and the larger one pulls the smaller one to it. That doesn't solve the problem.
  7. Evir

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    It is pretty easy to see how things will be exploited, people on the forums have had a pretty good track record when saying specific things are a bad idea, when talking about how they can be exploited, then the thing gets implemented and those exact warnings on the forums come to pass. If the harpoon can bring your ship to a stop or even significantly slow your ship down, that is a major red flag. It is a double edged sword. People will be able to deal with mythic galleons with fully upgraded sails now I guess, they just have to get the harpoon to land and have a few suicide schooners hit the thing with those harpoons and have other ships swarm it.
  8. Evir

    Disaster Incoming: Ship Harpoons

    That sounds like a colossally bad idea, both ships becoming immobile? FFS speed schooners harpooning galleons and allowing other ships to swarm them. That cant end badly or anything....
  9. Agreed, almost all admins are corrupt, if you beat the owners group, you get banned or the server is wiped, it is terrible. "My server doesn't do that" Nonsense you haven't wiped the owners base and taken over a server. The sad fact is that most unofficial servers are filled with inexperienced players that can't cut it on the official servers, sure there are people that need unofficial servers because of time constraints in their real life and they are really good players, but the vast majority of unofficial server players are just bad at the game and when an official server player comes on those servers, that knows the tricks and ways to be efficient they accuse them of "hacking" or some other nonsense and whine to the admins until the official player is banned. It is the same on Ark, Dark and Light, and Atlas, as well as other games in the genera. Unofficials are just not fun at all for good players with enough time to play the game consistently.
  10. I honestly do not think you read what I said and just skimmed it. It is common, I do not blame you but that is what you did. Because they already nerfed the % gain on the blueprints after this post went up. That is what they should have done in the first place. 50-60% better gear, good, not too far out of reach for most people to overcome and gives people an advantage and a reason to strive for it, 300-500% Absurd.
  11. I already covered this in the OP, I edited it the day of, well before your post.
  12. I agree, the game was not ready, that is what I was talking about with Knock on effects and them not considering them. They have a "cool" idea, then implement it, but no way to deal with the idea. There should be an "anti-crab" defense but as it stands now, a handful of them can completely wreck the enemy and are too much of a force multiplier. Like your example said, they are like having a tank against infantry that have no real way to counter them. It is going to be bad when they introduce torpedoes, go look at a game like World Of Warships Torpedoes everywhere and people are able to dodge them, be cause they have engines that allow them to be propelled in different directions to be able to dodge the torpedoes, even weave their way through torpedoes, but you are going to have sail power vs torpedoes in this game, low wind or wind going against you, you are boned and unable to dodge them. What a colossal joke this game is becoming. I am just waiting for them to go full on nonsense and introduce Ironclads with steam engines that run on coal, as well as flying ships. Then have no real way to counter them, and have the "haves" completely obliterate the "have-nots". Like they do with most of these things they introduce. If they or you have some magical insight as to what they are doing, please do share with everyone. They are trying to make a bad version of Ark, it wouldn't surprise me if they introduced a tame soon that made all ships worthless, like a massive whale mount that has more carry weight than a galleon and can go deep underwater as well as be able to carry 10+ players.
  13. The lack of forethought that these developers have is amazing. After the dragon fiasco you would think that introducing an extremely powerful creature that isnt that hard to tame for decent sized groups would be a red flag, but no, they introduced a tame that completely imbalances the game yet again for the people that have access to them. Sure they can be killed, with a huge amount of effort with tigers or sniping the rider from an elevated position, but the force multiplier that the crabs bring seems to be WAY too much. Are they going to fix it? probably not, maybe slight nerfs but the problem will still be there. Lets move onto putting NPCs behind walls so where they are protected but can still shoot out? What could possibly go wrong there? Why is it so hard to stop these nonsense things? You have the same engine that runs ARK, how about transferring some code over to prevent all these wall exploits? The guillotine, why did you not even consider people exploiting the XP gains? You allow people to get to absurd levels, to be far and away ahead of the competition, and you didn't even consider, maybe someone will use this to get over level 130 in a short amount of time? Then you allow absurd % bonuses to gear using blueprints, then on top of that, the absurd intelligence bonuses. Instead of the "this would be cool to add to the game" then adding it to the game. How about you hire someone to be like, yea that would be a bad idea, and here is why. Dragons, the only flying mount in the game and air superiority being the thing that decides most battles? bad idea Crabs? bad idea Massive repetitive XP gains? bad idea torpedoes in a game with SAIL POWER!? Bad idea (probably wont even matter at this point with ship hulls getting 500% more health due to the other exploits galleons will probably just eat 30-40 before it even breaks a plank) having weapons and armor that are so far beyond the baseline that it makes you unkillable and able to kill someone else in one shot to people in even blue gear? BAD IDEA Please stop and think about how bad of an idea things are to release into a live environment. Edit: for those that will say "that is what testing is for". No, it is trivially obvious that these things shouldn't be in the game, you just have to think for a moment and consider how they will be used. No testing required.
  14. Evir

    Ramp attachment for ships

    You already have an elevator, just add a dingy to the side of your ship.
  15. Nice joke, getting people to merge on an NA server is like asking them to kill a puppy. Everyone wants their small friend group to be their own thing, they want nothing to do with anything larger than a 5-10 man group, all of them want to control large swaths of land but refuse to actually be in a group large enough to defend it, then complain when someone larger than them decides that they want to take the land.