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  1. FatalCrazy

    Livestream Q&A

    Developers I've been playing ATLAS for almost 2,000 hours since the beginning. We realized that ATLAS should follow an line type MMO's, We have a lot of connection issues when atlas peaked at 40,000 players. In those 9 months, we had an update that improved 20% performance for VGAs, just this update to help in performance. There are many things we wish the game had, like, rich cities full of NPCs giving life to FreePorts capitals as shown in the game trailer. We played ATLAS a lot, we really liked their game, what we really wanted is that the game was lighter and the servers could support large numbers of players. I have a 255 Ping problem and many friends, we don't know where is this problem . Since it happened in the last two months, so far we haven't had a solution to this problem. When we get more performance upgrades to VGA or CPU. will server support be improved someday to support 40,000 players as a massive game? When will we have a solution for 255 ping?
  2. FatalCrazy

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    If he does the cleaning, unfortunately for me and my members it is the end of ATLAS. We will not play again, I believe this will only make players move away from the game. We all know that the release will be erased, but the period is occurring these Wipe is very short and not worth investing time if it occurs so often. I commented here long ago about rumors, if it happens then it was not just rumors, but there were already people knowing that it would happen.
  3. FatalCrazy

    False rumors about wipe !

    My son does not come cause confusion, I talk clear, Asking me not to disclose anything about wipe, why won't it happen now. you understand?
  4. FatalCrazy

    False rumors about wipe !

    I have 1300Hrs, I play since first day, Developers could to create post a forum post, disprove these false rumors. To bring more confidence to other players, there are players who don't want to come play because they think the game will erase everything soon. There are players giving up on the game, think this is true. Stop spreading that the game will erase everything in soon, is false.
  5. FatalCrazy

    ping 255

  6. FatalCrazy

    ping 255

    I found a solution for the 255 ping Problem is in DNS google Use DNS Cloudflare Ipv4: and IPV6: 2606:4700:4700::1111 / 2606:4700:4700::1001 This problem, fix with DNS Cloud Fire
  7. FatalCrazy

    ping 255

    We can only wait for some update to correct this problem. It is very easy to lose the boat to those with this problem. I'm very sad and it's hard to go to another server (GRID). We do not know when this will end, but it has been a long time, others have given up game. I hope they find a solution, the new update is coming and our fun has been hampered. - I formatted the computer - Update all drivers - The game has been reinstalled cleanly. - Ip config /flushdns I don't think the problem is about my internet, Players from different locations around the world have this problem.
  8. FatalCrazy

    ping 255

    I've never had this problem before, I've play since launch and this problem started to happen to me a little before the 4x event. I already reinstalled the game, I do not know what happened, I already saw that many gave up the game because it was happening and it's too very bad to play like that. I'm going to wait a while, it's impossible for me to navigate my boat to another grid without having problems crossing over to another server. I have warned everyone in my guild to abandon the game if it does not resolve, there is no way to continue playing. I have 1200 hours in ATLAS, unfortunately I am sad and I have been waiting fix for developers for weeks.
  9. FatalCrazy

    ping 255

    I have this problem a long time ago, for weeks I can not play without difficulty. This is too bad, they need to fix this problem. I have 1200 hrs, I've never been through this before, very bad to play, mainly when change to other grid.
  10. I have more than 1200 hours played in ATLAS , my experience is more on PVE servers. I wish the game had missions in Freeports to players. It would be very cool to see cities with NPCs that had functions for the players. I do not know if the final version will look like the trailer, but it's missing something like that for the players. Yesterday I went with my members to golden age island to face kill Hydra and cyclops. The fighting mechanics of these monsters are perfect, so the reward for the player is very bad. It has no incentive, these monsters are hard to kill and you spend resources that are not worth the effort. The game has improved a lot since the release, but still needs a lot of changes and we are here to try to make the developers, to hear us, to follow the best way. What do you think is missing in the game for you?
  11. FatalCrazy

    255 PING

    I play around 15hrs a day , I want to go back to playing normally . I need a solution to the problem. I'm really disappointed. I like the game a lot, but I can not do many things while my game is like this.
  12. FatalCrazy

    255 PING

    Hello guys, I play atlas from the beginning and I have many hours played. In the last weeks of update, The o game stay always with 255ping. It takes a few minutes to get back to normal, this is enough to prevent me from making a server change to other map. I did not have this problem before, I do not know what's happening. Because of this problem, I can not play with a good experience. Only ATLAS is experiencing this problem, not is issue in my internet . I can not go out with my boat, any more while the game is this way whith 255ping. 255PING (PICTURE):
  13. FatalCrazy

    Single player mods

    I'm impressed with how many cool mods the single player can be playable. This island is M6. What I like most is bringing many ARK monsters into the world of ATLAS.
  14. Foundations are disappear alone again, This bug was gone and now it's back. I lost all my gold the first time it happened. Please fix this bug urgently. Server: EU PVE
  15. FatalCrazy

    Single Player very Good !!!

    I'm playing here now, it's a lot of fun. Congratulations to all developers. Thanks!Single Player very good!!!I'm having a lot of fun, this mode is working perfect. Waiting for you to come many MODS!