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  1. FatalCrazy

    Leaving Atlas

    I have 2500hrs in ATLAS this situation is very sad. We have no news of anything. I know they have a big update, they haven't revealed. Despite all the delay on a new update, rumors indicate that new types of boats may arrive.
  2. FatalCrazy


    After 2500 hrs I also abandoned this game. I Not to understand, ATLAS was on the top 10 list of the most played in steam games at the end of the year. As the developers are giving such a bad treatment to this game, that it showed potential. End 2019 with 20k players active, today only 2k online, obvious look at the situation what developers managed to this game. The last patch declared the death to game. I like very ATLAS and I played 2500hrs. I will wait for all changes to happen in this game. in the current game situation, I can't keep wasting my time. Please developers, don't abandon this project ATLAS. This game is sensational !!!
  3. FatalCrazy

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    Atlas need events whas theme, events different. Number of players started to fall again, let's go to a release year. Developers need to do something different, at least this holiday season.
  4. FatalCrazy

    Game getting unplayable on Xbox

    Same problem here Xbox and PC, many crash . the game before wipe wasn't doing this problem. Developers need fix this problem, very bad! I'm hardly even playing until they solve this problem. Looking forward to PHASE 1, until developers get game optimization, let's have these problems!
  5. how to change character's camera on xbox? change to third person and first! How is command in control in xbox? I can't change ....!!!!!
  6. FatalCrazy

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    Do you think it's fair that the game is rated bad on steam just because of the problems in beginning. Currently the game is good, you play it or not recognize, it's not my problem. Yes, I will continue to promote the game, it is my favorite game and I will bring more people with me. I recognize today that we are on the right track, developers greatly improved the game. I see no problem just because they used ARK to develop this game. The game brings me fun, that's what matters to me.
  7. FatalCrazy

    25k Reviews negative in Steam is unjust !

    A game with many negative reviews, makes the buyer "player" maybe he will not test due to the large number of negative comments. This is bad, today the ATLAS is a great game and should not have this amount of negative reviews in steam is unjust. I tried to offer the game myself, when the person looks at the amount of negative comments, many no buying or want to test. So I am trying to change this reflection in the store, the game is very good today and the developers should have this recognition that they worked and are leaving a great game for the players. I agree with you, each has their opinion, but there are a lot of negative comments, but that was because the beginning of the game everything was bad, which is not in present day.
  8. ATLAS have currently 25k reviews negative in steam. Currently the game is very good, players are not reviewing their reviews. Unfortunately, this note is unfair to the present day of ATLAS. The game had a lot of problems just at launch. Developers are working hard to deliver great quality and incredible game play. We may need Youtubers to show that today we have something quite different from the release. The game is amazing and does not deserve such notes on steam.
  9. FatalCrazy

    Price ATLAS XBOX vs Steam

    I tested now ATLAS on xbox and it is working perfectly. Very good, the problem is priced I belevie this wrong in the microsoft store for my region. ATLAS on Xbox 50% more high the price. Steam price is very good, Xbox is very high. I would like the developers to put up the same price as steam for the XBOX. For my region "South America", many players like the game in my region, but price has really become a problem is very high.
  10. FatalCrazy

    Price ATLAS XBOX vs Steam

    I would very much like the price of ATLAS on xbox to be the same as steam. For my region on xbox live the price is 50% more higher. Below images showing giant differences in values. I really want to play in xbox, but this value for a game in early access is very high. https://ibb.co/0cRL2Nj
  11. FatalCrazy

    ATLAS is region lock to xbox?

    Just create an xbox live region UK account, that's too bad, it's not a global release.
  12. FatalCrazy

    ATLAS is region lock to xbox?

    That's what I wanted to know, the game is not on the list for the whole world. You have to have xbox live account from the right region, only in the UK.
  13. Guys here is South America ATLAS no show for me for download. I can't find him, is the game only for UK region?
  14. FatalCrazy

    About update and Patch Notes!

    Patching critical bugs that get in the way of players, these updates can be applied as normal. I said we don't have a right day in the week to receive updates and maintenance. I know we'll still have a lot of changes, but having a day of the week for maintenance I'm sure would get better. Think, you this playing has you ship in sea, message appears 15min to server down and many boat ghost in around. What will happen?
  15. I would like to ask to developers would be possible a date in the week to occur all new updates . Many players have already lost their boats because we currently do not have a fixed time or day in the week for these changes to occur. It would be great if all patch notes occur only on a fixed day of the week, so the updates don't take anyone by surprise when playing and traveling with their boats. Knowing that there are fixed days for maintenance we can play without worrying about surprise updates.