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  1. Almost all servers are in trouble, no one can play, they held an event and hit the panic button. How are we going to participate in an event and the servers with lag problems have a wall of fire, constant crashes. I believe now as it was other times, they will just tell us you need another WIPE.
  2. Stop trying to play on an official server. There are servers that do not show in the ATLAS list, that this light years is much better than the official server. You need to disagree with these servers, they have a dedicated and official size map and many things better than official. The most unbelievable that Christmas event works on these servers, here in the official does not work. Option 1: InfinitiSquadron.com Discord Server Server Info – Infiniti Squadron Option 2: steam://connect/ https://discord.gg/nHhbdk3 Two servers very good play ATLAS, stop wasting time with the official server.
  3. Battle Eye kicking all players, please FIX !!! Impossible play ATLAS, you will do anything he is kicking the players. The boats cost 20k gold, the game engine is kicking the players, it takes 10 minutes or more to return the game again.
  4. I did a test if this also happens to PvP EU servers, this is only happening in PVE EU. Developers removed NA PVE, is it for other players in other regions to stop playing this mode? The servers worked well until some time, when NA and EU merged in PVE. Then it seems server PVE does not support any load of players. Are you trying to stop us playing? Shut down the PVE servers if that's what you want, stop messing whas players around that has been following the game since the beginning.
  5. It's the end of the PVE server for players other regions. After 4 seasons the servers that had already been having problems this last season, in the fifth season several servers with problems for players those from other regions outside Europe. It is a lack of respect with players outside Europe, there is no NA server, we pay for the game and if you want to play PVE we have to look for an unofficial. The server has several latency problems for players outside that region. "We want NA server back to PVE"
  6. The developers are already working to fix this problem. We have to wait a little longer !!!
  7. I will add my suggestions for developers to the game. - Servers need to be restarted at least 2 times a day to contain the LAG. "Fixed Hours to restart servers" - When to kill any Boss, drop a box with random drop of items. All boss rewards, would have a chance to get exclusive clothes. - I would put a giant Shark and Crocodile, like a whale in many grids. It would be new challenges for the game! - Customize mounts, differents armor ! - Decrease the damage of the explosive barrel in 50% - All islands can be claimed, golden islands may be claimed, but with greater challenge, islands of gold may be claimed, but with greater challenge, players would have defeated BOSS ELITE. Only a small part of the island could be built. Guild that claim the island, would receive taxes players in all loot in island. Golden island, suggestion price 1k gold per 12hrs. "New challenges" - system reports against SPAM on the islands. In the official forum or Discord, topic for spam reports. Once a week, reports being approved, player will be punished. "Spam is prohibited on all islands." - Add npcs in Free Ports with quest system, "Quests to collect material and as a reward "GOLDs and random items" - New mounts for the aquatic world, Dungeon for aquatic world - Offline protection system for boats "Ticket would be sold with real money, for 30 days boats could be off line anywhere in the sea without taking damage, when being OFF LINE. "Rules, boats will not be able to log out in protection mode when in battles." - Prohibit "ID or nick name 123, aaaaa,,bbbb" only names in game - rank system " showing how many players you killed, how many times you died." - New ghost ship interceptor, this kind of ship when it gets close, it will throw chains on your boat. He has 400% increased defense compared to other ghost ships. Your damage is 70% less compared to other ghost ships. " To release the boat, players will have to break the chains" - Even in early access a way to raise money to maintain servers "shop whas SKIN for boats" ----------------------------------------------------------------- I believe all of the above, it would not be difficult to do, improving the game for both PVP and PVE by 200%.
  8. I would like to add my opinion to the developers in ATLAS. "Don't forget, public PVE bought your game, like other players who like to play PVP." Unfortunately it is sad, that PVE players have been suffering, including servers are too bad to play this mode. - My first solicitation to developers is to make all servers playable, with no lag or crash problems. - We need, new challenges, new PVE adventures for the game. Currently everything since launch, everything is focused only for PVP. How many players stopped playing, look at the numbers! PVE mode is very good, we are abandoned, we also pay for the support of the game.
  9. The ideas are all focused on PvP, the PVE servers are very bad. You need to improve the quality of the servers, what’s the use of having a game, if players can’t play without disconnect, many servers whas crash the game when this very full. I'm really sad, because we lost time, at the beginning after wipe, we even managed to play, but then when the server has more constructions, we have many problems that hinder the experience. Despite the problems, I appreciate the efforts in bringing new updates.
  10. I agree, we are all beta players, we are patient. We want the servers to be playable, without the errors you mentioned. We do not have an answer if a correction is being worked on, these errors have long been in the game.
  11. It is really difficult to recommend ATLAS, the game is very good, but as I invite some player to join my guild if the servers are with a lot of lag and some even unplayable. It is very difficult to navigate in the sea, this situation has been going on for some time, this was not happening very often. So far, developers have not manifested themselves in the face of the problem. More and more we lose players. Respect our time, we know it is beta, but at the very least put the servers to work correctly for everyone.
  12. Man, mythos is very easy for take. Use carbine in gold age island to kill Gorgon, 100mythos per Gorgon. One hour kill gorgon you farm 2k a 4k easy mythos.
  13. Exactly, what is successful here at ATLAS, are creatures, fantasy style, pirate style all together. Everyone is concerned with the success of the PVP, the number of players is higher in the PVE. Many players are stopping because, ARK style with pirate in ATLAS, is what really draws attention from this game. I would pay for DLCs with skins for different boats to help with development. It can even be like in conan exilesm, skin for construction. Nothing is defined yet, we don't know what the end game will be like, then they stop releasing new mounts. Many bugs from the beginning without fixing it, we are waiting anxiously, we know that perfection can be achieved over time. My biggest concern is to change the essence of the game, today it is a pirate fantasy theme. If it starts to change that a lot, we can make it a pure pirate game looking like a battle royalle.
  14. PVE players choose this server precisely to build houses and creative buildings. It's not like in PvP, nobody does it in PvP because they know it's going to be destroyed. This game is a sandbox, people have free choice to do whatever they want on the map. It is not the players' fault that the buildings overload the servers, but the developers come in to improve the graphics engine. The PVE server has precisely this proposal, the problem of the game being poorly optimized, makes it overload the servers. Do not blame guilds with large bases, if the game limits you to construction, today it already has a certain limit. But what is wrong is players encircling half an island with wide gates. If the idea is to transform only into PvP in the future, expect to see results in the numbers of active players, which has already been falling. It's hard !!!
  15. What's happening? almost all servers with delay and a lot of lag. It's time to fixing it, PVE servers weren't that way. Why is this happening? We have already sent tickets reporting the problem and nothing to fiz this problem lag. See below, how is the servers, character goes back and forth from so much lag. PvP servers no have problem, while players server PVE are giving up because nothing fix the LAG. After the launch of the farm houses, the servers were horrible.
  16. Developers, please do something to prevent players from playing boats in front of other players' bases. Many players create rafts e sloop only to take up space in base other players, in server PVE we can not do anything. Look at this situation !!!
  17. I particularly like this fantasy theme, with dragons, hydra, cyclops, mounts etc ... which gives a very cool aspect to the game. Development plan is to make the game pure pirate, eliminating essences from the mounts, they want to remove those fantasy aspects of the game. One of the coolest things I think is this ARK style with a pirate, for those who play PvP these future plans can be a good thing. Unfortunately for me, all these changes redirect the game in a way that I would not like, since I really like to ride, bixo like ARK and venture to do things like yeti, dragon and hydra. I don't want to play ARK, I bought ATLAS because I like that style, but the path the game is taking is quite different with the vision of the new developers who arrived. Perhaps this is the reason they spoke of, we may no longer have PVE mode in the future and that they had other plans for this mode.
  18. Developers please encourage people to make the kraken. We understand that removing XP was necessary. What we want to know is that Kraken needs other rewards. When is it going to happen? Many guilds that have not completed kraken, it is difficult to get help now, because there is no more interest from the players in carrying out the most difficult challenge of the game. Don't need to be more XP Rewards to kraken, just encourage players with other rewards. What is not certain is the most difficult challenge of the game, killing the kraken, just gaining a skill now.
  19. I agree, this is horrible, I suffered a lot to get a lvl 3. The terrain needs to be flat, if there is any drop in the terrain where you are trying to domesticate, it is almost impossible to feed.
  20. Because with this change in rewards for underwater skill, many players will not be able to complete. This was an alternative that helped these players. Unfortunately many will be left without using this feature in the game, submarine is very cool. But the Kraken is the most difficult challenge in the game.
  21. kraken had changes after the wipe, who does not participate in the battle, now will not receive the skill as a reward for being on the grid.
  22. I agree, I hope that only those who abused will be punished.
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