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  1. Thank God all my bears have hats while xbox is down!
  2. Is that not the coolest thing in the world!!!
  3. What was wrong with the game 2 wipes ago? Really enjoyed it then. But bears can wear hats now.
  4. Sorry if you are referring to me I was just answering a question. I understand the frustration we are an xbox company with me having a pc character as well. But we are pve players and can only imagine what's going on with the pvp. Was not trying to rub salt in the wound.
  5. But the bears can wear hats!
  6. BattlEye kicking me out again. Had one night where I could play.
  7. I'm being kicked while ashore now.
  8. BattlEye is making it impossible to play. Cant go out to sea and now kicks me every 5 minutes on land.?
  9. Our player was set free last night after the patch.
  10. Nope still getting kicked back to xbox home screen.
  11. We are a 2 person company, can not afford to replace a ship every day. The game needs to go back 2 wipes, loved that game!
  12. Yes we are a 2 person company and my xbox member wanted to look at the trading island or what ever its called. Got kick at the bank and cant log back in. Man wiped out half our company, thanks dev's for fing up what was going to be a fun evening.
  13. Crashed first region change, then crashed for no reason. ?
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