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  1. Jaster


    When I go to the world map its blank? Good luck sailing.
  2. Jaster


    A crow or a seagull did look to close.
  3. Yes we had them on lowest. We used our grappling hooks and pulled them to the sails so all is good now.
  4. I trying to set people on my sails but they will not follow just run to the center of the ship. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks
  5. Jaster


    Are chilis still in the game?
  6. What islands have chiles? Wanting to breed bears. Thanks
  7. Yes I figured it out our ships our 177% and that equals 88500.
  8. I went to build a galleon and the cost was 88,599 gold. Won't be building one today.
  9. Thank God all my bears have hats while xbox is down!
  10. Is that not the coolest thing in the world!!!
  11. What was wrong with the game 2 wipes ago? Really enjoyed it then. But bears can wear hats now.
  12. Sorry if you are referring to me I was just answering a question. I understand the frustration we are an xbox company with me having a pc character as well. But we are pve players and can only imagine what's going on with the pvp. Was not trying to rub salt in the wound.
  13. But the bears can wear hats!
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