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  1. What do you mean you cannot play? Where is the prevention happening specifically? Also, xbox or PC?
  2. So, I am PC... downloaded recent patch, 538.6, and loaded game. It freezes at the load screen after I try to join a server. Tried several times, same result. Tried to validate files through Steam twice, both times it told me it found a bad file and would acquire it... still freezes at load screen. Uninstalled the game, reinstalled, still freezes. Tried validating two more times, same result. I am hoping someone on here knows how to fix it. One thing I find odd, is that the patch notes say that this is version 538.6, but oddly enough the main screen says 539. Not sure if that has anything to do with it, but I need help. Thank you in advance.
  3. I know you see the complaints, you hear the issues... I know you are in the game and checking on things. I know you see the carnage of barrel bombs, I know you see the farm houses are not working, the SOTD are broke, submarines are glitching when you drop them and pick them back up, sunken ship frames are stuck in the water... I understand this is prerelease and I need to expect issues, but at least let us know you hear us, you see the issues, you are working on something... Anything? You have a patient community, but we need to hear something from you.
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