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    Ship max. Level 50

    So for all who are wondering how a higher Quality shipyard effects a ships Level up. A normal shipyard produces max Level 41 ships. Each higher Quality adds 1 Level. So a legendary shipyard produces a max Level 45 ship. A myth. shipyard will produce a max Level 50 ship tho.
  2. We live with pride in our guild's name. This seal we've carved into ourselves isn't merely decoration. It's the proof of our bonds as a family. Binding our fates together we put our lives on the line. Anyone that steps on that holy vow, be they evil or good, will be cut down. Even if you can kill gods, it doesn't mean that you can kill fairies! We have bent the seas to our will. We defeated the Demon of the Deep and made the Seas of Atlas ours again. We conquered Islands and build a town for all those who seek shelter or rest from the roughness of the Ocean. Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands! Be part of our Story, join our Adventures! Bring us back into the realm of Gods where we belong. We are located in B7 Brimingcona Haven. https://discord.gg/EYC7epU - sign up and join the biggest Trading and Event Discord on PVE EU.
  3. zottel

    pvp TPG Land for rent (Lowest tax rate in NA PVP)

    Would Not net on it, the Post is almost a Year Old.
  4. Das ist ne Sache die nur am Anfang nervt, nachher sind die Dinger genauso gefährlich wie nen floss also nicht den Kopf hängen lassen
  5. Dont forget our Christmas events with 25% off all tames Hope You had some Nice Christmas days everyone. We are rly looking forward to lots of New Adventures in the next Year Folks
  6. zottel

    Looking For Mythic Shipyards NA/PVE Server

    They actually max out at 226% durability sadly im on EU so cant help you with that, but might be a bit easier to find one now you know the exact number
  7. Ahoy Pirates Till the 6th of january we offer a 25% discount on all tames listed in our Discord. We wish you and your familys a wonderfull christmas time and looking forward to see you all again in Atlas after the holidays
  8. zottel

    Galleon Building Help

    I always go 180% resistance, 5 Level Into Crew And the Rest is dmg. The Turning effectivness works btw
  9. zottel

    Actual Modern Strategies fpr AOTD?

    Thats why u Wrote you can also Pay with resources.
  10. zottel

    Actual Modern Strategies fpr AOTD?

    Bows And xbow should work again too now Getting a crab is kinda easy, buy One from a trader ( good crabs are only about 5-10k Gold ) also 90% of the trader accept resources aswell. Tame Yourself One using the Diving attachment or join One of the weekly Kraken fights to unlock the submarine.
  11. zottel

    Actual Modern Strategies fpr AOTD?

    Crabs are awesome as they have good dmg And can get where bears cant, but they take more dmg than an imprinted bear would take And if you are unlucky it can happen that an AOD is under you where u cant Hit them or even worse makes your crab hover And you cant do anything about it.
  12. As kumba already mentioned you are still in the process of learning the Game And its mechanics. Later on you can tame hundreds of tames at One Weekend Without problems. @George CatcherSigns gladly Dont block resource spawns .
  13. zottel

    Actual Modern Strategies fpr AOTD?

    @RyuujinZERO Knowledge if the old ones is definitly a must have. Also learned the sword tree completly, because the circular sword attack is rly Strong. For the Charakter itself i skilled Into HP to 301 ( thought cap was 300 ) And into Staminq to about 180. rejuvinate And equilibrium are also buffing your melee Attacks. Didnt had the Chance to use Grog tho Till now. Also Grog doesnt Buff your tames anymore sadly.
  14. zottel

    Question for the Devs - Map Quality

    Cant rly Tell as we gather alot in different regions,so not sure where we found that one. But it seems that Islands with alot of 0.5 bottles spawn a good Amount of high Quality ones After they respawn
  15. zottel

    Question for the Devs - Map Quality

    Highest One this Season was 34.7 quality
  16. zottel

    fix my dead body, this is bullshit

    If your corpse is under the ground Hit with an axe or Animal at the Point where your Body should be. Then your item Cache appears And you can live a happy life with your coconuts
  17. zottel

    Question for the Devs - Map Quality

    Last Season. One Company found One And shortly After they found a Second. After alot of map hunting our Company found One too. If You Play since Day 1 you might know the int gear, where a rly good piece was about 60%int when fully Upgraded. The gear that dropped from one of those Maps had a max of x74% int,just to get a Rough idea how BPs can scale. Funny thing tho, the tannery Didnt have enough Space to fully upgrade it tho XD
  18. zottel

    Question for the Devs - Map Quality

    I know for sure that legendary maps exist but so far only boosted ones for golden age Server. Wonder if mythicals exist tho
  19. zottel

    Players claiming they work with dev's

    Its not like you need to work for them to actually do what you Want. People summon V2 Kraken on purpose when ppl are not all in, in Order to let ships be stuck the border to loot them or blocking off whole lawless Islands just for them.
  20. zottel

    Players claiming they work with dev's

    Basicly everyone who gives Feedback or reports Bugs works with the devs. Idm them getting pally with others as Long as it Dont benefit them or Give them an advantage in Game.
  21. zottel

    When your ship sink....

    Seems like History Books are incorrect about how murica was found
  22. zottel

    Actual Modern Strategies fpr AOTD?

    Doing some Testing inbetween And so far i've been able to solo AotD up to Level 85 with sword And shield
  23. zottel

    AOTD Spawning in my house

    Nah They remove bases And Give us tents
  24. zottel

    AOTD Spawning in my house

    Had some AOD spawn randomly on lawless Without Doing a map And there are quite a few posts about those random AOD spawns.
  25. They atleast increased the meat stacks to 50 but as someone who played since Day One And had alot of Patience And also understand the developers Point of view, i must say even tho they told us it will get quiet for some time cant sweettalk the Communication issue anymore