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Found 28 results

  1. retrojoe

    Bears not eating when Hungry

    Bears are currently starving to death in single player / non-dedicated host even with all variety of foods including honey in their inventory, additionally when in range of an feeding trough filled with similar food choices. All other animals appear to be eating properly and keeping their food full except the bears who are just starving to death. When out of render distance of all players they occasionally eat to full but not commonly.
  2. Please let animals turn in place, without having to move forwards. It would make moving them around in tight spaces, or on ships much easier. Imagine if ships could only turn when moving forward. They would be so frustrating to use as to be almost unusable.
  3. Xavina86

    pve Buddys Traiding

    Hello, everybody. We are a company of different characters and have a discord channel. We sell bred animals! You order, we breed. Of course it takes some time and you can't satisfy all your wishes! However, the animals are not sold neutered (up to level 60). All animals that exceed one level will be neutered to protect our breeding! We ask for your understanding! On request there are also wild tames to buy! We would like to grow with pleasure and would like to form a nice community and to act and to exchange ourselves also! Soon there will also be auctions! But that needs some time and some more people! Your Welcome BUDDYS TRAIDING https://discord.gg/3K4uNWj
  4. Hello all Welcome to the Lavapo - Trading Lounge Area. Here are the most important information: ++In Stock++ Last updated: 1 June 2019 Add Olfend Bears: 9 - FOR SALE: ONLY 1500 GOLD EACH BEAR - until 1 June 2019 Giraffes: 2 Lions: 2 Horses: 2 Ostriches: 2 Tigers: 3 Rhino: 1 Olfend: 1 Our Animals can you find on Discord ++Discord++ https://discord.gg/UTWxSDU ++How can I contact you if interested?++ If you are interested in animals, you can pick them up from us. You can contact us directly Ingame or just write here or in Discord to Veini ++Do you deliver?++ Rather not. Only with exception and concrete timing (talk with Veini) Minimum purchase of 2 animals and only a maximum of 4 grids in each direction from J4. The delivery would have a surcharge of 500 gold. ++What are your prices?++ All prices for the animals can be found in the corresponding category (Discord). ++Do you trade for certain items?++ We are also willing to exchange for Ressources/Items/Animals. FIBER: Silk or Straw == 1000 Fiber per Level THATCH: Bark or Fronds or Reeds or Rushes == 500 Thatch per Level WOOD: Dark Wood or Ironwood or Agedwood == 250 Wood per Level SAP: Honey or Resin or Sugar Cane or Syrup or Saps or Gum or Nectar == 100 Sap per Level METAL: Cobalt or Silver or Copper or Iridium or Iron == 150 Metal per Level FLINT: Agate or Chalcedony or Chert or Obsidian or Radiolarite == 300 Flint per Level STONE: Coquina or Granite or Limestone or Marble or Slate == 250 Stone per Level CRYSTAL: Amethyst or Calcite or Pearl or Quartz or Tellurite == 150 Crystal per Level GEM: Diamond or Emerald or Garnet or Opal or Ruby or Sunstone == 125 Gem per Level KERATINOID: Shell or Residue == 250 Keratinoid per Level OIL: Crude Oil or Mineral Oil or Naphta or Shale Oil == 250 Oil per Level Masterwork Large Speed Speed Sail (for one Level 40-44 animal) Legendary Large Speed Speed Sail (for two Level 40-44 animals) Mythical Large Speed Speed Sail (for three Level 40-44 or higher animals) Razortooth Wild Level 25-44 (for three Level 40-44 animals) Shieldhorn Wild Level 40-44 (for two Level 40-44 animals) Crab Wild Level 40-44 (for two Level 40-44 animals) ++Are the breeding animals castrated (Spay or Neuter)?++ Like most breeders in the game, we have chosen castration in our breeding animals. Good breeding animals means a high time investment. But we can make exceptions on a negotiated basis. Our Wild Tamed Animals are not castrated. ++Where is your location?++ PVE EU Our island is in J4 (Muckel Tuckel) Our last added tames. All other Tames can be found on our Discord Olfend #OVK1 (Wild) - Wild Levels 28 - Female Health: 320.1 Food: 2250.0 Oxygen: 225.0 Weight: 432.0 Torpor: 1245.0 Stamina: 493.0 Melee: 131.8% Tamed Levels: 0 - You can choose Spay/Castrated: NO Gold: 3900
  5. When leveling animals, the stats are not consistent between the increase amount shown and the actual increase when the level is put in. This only takes effect if an animal had points previously put into a stat, and you have logged into the server since its last level. Steps to reproduce: Look at the stat increase amount for an animal that has 2 or more levels available. Put a level into that stat and notice that it did not change, as (I believe) is intended. Leave the server by logging or teleporting to a bed on another zone, then re-enter the server. Look at the stat increase amount, and notice that it has gone up. However, when you put the next level in, it will only increase the stat by the first (smaller) number. If your animal has a 3rd level available, you will see the stat increase amount go back to the first (correct) increase amount. It looks like the stat increase amount is some percentage of the base stat amount, but it is getting confused between the base stat amount and the current stat amount when displaying the increase value. Some sort of initialization error, perhaps?
  6. After taking all kinds of animals with us on a trip around the map to make tons of gold, we encountered several problems with animals on ships. 1. Animals jumping around. Everything bigger than a Tier 1 animal started jumping up and down on the spot they were standing after some time on sea. This didnt change our game expirience on this trip but at a certain amount of animals being on the ship this can cause some problems. 2. Animals dropping a floor up or down on anchoring. This was annoying but didnt cause any greater problems since we could still drag them out of the ship with follow and place them back on top of the ship. 3. Animals starting to fly after anchoring. I dont realy know how and why but our elephant decided to head skywards with a number of small jumps. Dont know if he would come back down on his own but we stopped his trip by whistleling him and he fel down. 4. Animals disappearing. We werent keeping an eye on every animal all the time so on some point a horse got lost. Dont know how and why but it simply happened. 5. Animals losing their passive setting after server crash. Server crashes somehow cause animals to switch to neutral in some situations and its not funny when your elephant decides to meele the ghost ship midfight. My suggestion for these problem would be some kind of animal boxes according to the tier of the animal. The animals can be locked to the pens like npc crewmates can be locked onto a cannon or chair. Also with the same option over the actionwheel. For tier 1 animals i would suggest a small box. In these boxes chicken would still lay eggs and you can pick them up and any shoulder animal can be taken out of it and placed on your shoulder with an actionwheel option. These boxes can be placed anywhere on the ship since you can also carry these animal For tier 2 animals i would suggest animal pens. Something like horseboxes in stables in real life. Any resource animal can still be accesed by standing in front of the box to gather its ressources. I would lock these boxes to places cannons lock into when gunports are present to cause somepoint of decission between transporting animals and having fighting power (i know people build 3 story cannon towers on top of the ship and dont need gunports anymore but i dont like free placement of the animalboxes in this case.). They can also placed on top of the ship but will be easily destroyed there by ghost ship in pve and other players in pvp. For tier 3 animals i would suggest some kind of pole they get "chained" to. These poles take up like 2x2 space in foundations. These poles can only be placed on top of the ship because the animals are simply to big to be under deck and are kind of durable to substain ghostships, other ships and the "strength" of the animal roleplaywise, maybe costing alloy to justify the sturdiness. I hope you like my suggestion and give your feedback to my ideas.
  7. Hello everybody! One of most exiting things for me in atlas is breeding animals to make really OP monsters. But today I lost 3 babybears..... again.... They were 14-15% of mature (should be able to eat from feeding trough) and with full inventory of grown vegetables. Then I filled multiple feeding trough with berries and after that i went to sleep for at least 3 hours. When I woke up feeding trough were almost (but not completely) emty. Thats strange coz 10 bears cant eat 6 feeding trough full of berries in 3 hrs. I left babybears just next to feeding trough that found half-filled in the morning..... so I lost like 8-10 hours of realtime..... again..... Looks like Patch v18.9 was cancelled.... Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis. Strange that I cant find message about babybear death in company log..... they disappeared? Devs. Please. Fix. This. Again... Best regards, Despy. P.S. found message. Starved to death....
  8. Raine

    Animal Movement Bug

    Animals will do the Chariots of Fire slo-mo victory run without warning. There is nothing in their inventory, and no one is riding them. They're on follow, but the only way they could move slower is to STOP completely. Anyone know what causes this and how to fix it? It's been happening now for many weeks, but I've never seen anyone post about it.
  9. Insane things that have to be corrected in the nearest patch. Article: NPC, Animals, Ship, Construction 1. NPC 1.1. NPC's undead ships (onward NPC-u) spawning just next to the border of the locations. That has to be changed in urgent. One way is to make the specific zone around the whole area where NPC-u could not spawn and trying to leave (except the battle situation). The second way is to make an indicator (like red colour zone on the wall if the area behind in other location near the border contain NPC-u near). I'm sailing in a small ship and smart enough to avoid a fight with NPC-u, but in present time Players do not see dangers on the opposite side of a wall of the edge the location. # Lost 3 just crafted ships in Lawless region just in that time when changed location. Last time had 3 NPC-u spawned next to me and opened fire on my weak vessel. Became scared to change location and thinking to finish the game due to the fact that gameplay prevents me to play freely by sailing around the game's world. 2. Animals 2.1. Crocodiles - first insane shit in the game - too big, too fast, too aggressive. Needs: make it smaller than a shark or equal, keep it move fast but on short distance or totally slower than now. 2.2. All behaviour of predators have to be change - animals have to tie to the environment what they control. What living on the land have not to attack players in the water (specifically when a player on the ship next to the land. When the player on the ship or in the property, predators attack property not more than a specific time (5 - 10) then change target or drop aggression (for none-predators) <now I'm a very often wake up in death inside my property due to the fact that predators attacking constantly>. Wild Predators could attack predators as well. Wild Predators attacking when the player or none-predator animal comes too close and when predator starving, in other time just wandering as none-predator animals. # At this moment with the present system very hard to settle down in warm climate regions. 3. Ship 3.1. Ship's constructive must be stronger than now and more customizable. Ships must be difficult to destroy and take due to the fact that ships have to be as a home, base, weapon for Players. 3.2. Need to add more types of small ships (min 2) and one medium size to provide players who love to travel alone more interest. Need to add more constructive elements (like half of half stairs, thinner elements of the wall, door, window (please add a square variant of the window), etc., add more points to connect additional elements to modify vessel, specifically for small ship (like sloop with very very narrow way to move on it around. 3.3. Ships could be possible to sell to NPC in towns to sell to the players or sell directly to other players with the name of crafter (as other craftable things). 3.4. Experience of the ship has to be more valuable - provide more options to modify (like speed, invisible for npc's, etc.) to make the player associate with it and feels like a part of it. To be interested to continue sails on it even if it is small ship and be no as trivial consumable. 3.5. Ships could not be destroyed when anchored next to an island during the month (see Paragraph 3.1 and 4.3) to provide Players to have a break time for Vacations or do something in real life. 4. Construction 4.1. Construction elements have to be limited - no other possibility to add a base element of building on the ground whatnot connected to the first. Add road element (limited in 50 pcs) to increase controlling space and increase movement speed between settlements of Players. 4.2. Increase the off time from 4 days to 6 to provide Players who working 5 days peacefully return to their settlement. 4.3. The number of ships owned by player limited by one (see paragraph 3). 4.4. The number of flags owned by player limited by 2. 4.5. Shipyard (dock) abandoned (empty) by owner must be available to craft the ship for other players and became the owner of it (owner have to decide to deconstruct dock or present to other Players). 4.6. Time to pick up constructive elements (specifically for ships) have to be changed by a system that Players can pick up any elements in any time during the constructing time. 4.7. Things like a bed, box, chest, Smithy, bag, barrels, tables, chairs, etc. have to be movable to the inventory of Player any time to place on the new place. Not under the list: would be great if add the book of recipes where Players can add some unique one and what can safe knowledge permanently for the player and be moved as an inheritance by the quest for the player when his character will die of old age. And a new character of the Player has to find this book (NPC quest giver in free town) to receive this knowledge and continue to collect. Recipes in the book could be modified by removing regular grade to the better and better what the Player found and add to it. # With present gameplay Players staying on the ground most the time and grinding resources instead of enjoying to sail. I think the game about sailing and NOT mining, digging, grinding resources (ok with gold)! But first, do something with NPC's undead ships to do not loos the ship of Players just because they stay on the other invisible side of a new location during the transfer time (see Paragraph 1).
  10. Loose-Seal

    Painting Templates

    Hello pathfinders, Does anyone know of a list or collection of templates for painting animals? There are dozens of sails templates out there, but hoping someone has a collection of animal templates they can share.
  11. Lost Bear in J13 Level 73 Named Renate Company The Evans
  12. Dreadfleet in D10 wants to trade Cobalt for either Tin or Iridium and Lightwood and Strongwood for any other wood type. We are in the Southeast island in the zone on the northern coastline. I can also tame you high level Giraffes, Ostriches and Elephants on demand. They improved the ostriches (fixed dismount bug, added weight) and I highly recommend them for scouting on new islands. They can jump very high, are extremely fast and when you put weight points into them they can carry 1k+ weight at high levels now. I'm mostly interested in the aforementioned wood, metal and gold but let me know what you have to offer. PM me on Discord Cyrk#7364 if you are interested in doing a deal.
  13. In my opinion and literally everyone else i have ever spoken too think the gorgon's stun is far far too long at 30 seconds and should be reduced and the fact tames can be stunned also is pretty dumb. ive made a poll for you all to vote on, whether its seen by the devs is another thing.
  14. Hello, A couple of my friends and I have been trying hard to RP on the official Na PvE. We have a dock, pub, and town all set up on the norththern part of the north eatern island in D13. Any of you that want to RP we are on usually around 6 pm EST. Hope to see y7ou guys here. We have trading posts up and have food and drinks. We are also trading animals like bears. Come say hi and get some Rp going!!
  15. Animals have superpowers in the ark/atlas engine. they can randomly fly into the sky, and fall through floors. they can go through walls and randomly die. in atlas they can wiggle under a boat and fall into the ocean. cliff platforms randomly hold them, or not. The ark/atlas engine also has a sweet feature where human (players) and human crew apparently can "sit" on chairs and they cling to the object they're meant to be riding. can we adapt this idea to solve the wacky wiggling animals with the following suggestion: 1. Animal Stall. (sizes vary, cycle through size or style). it's a flat 1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 2x3, 4x4, 6x4 sized station that you can put on the floor. it looks like some hay scattered around, and maybe some wooden flooring. if you place it down, and bring an animal near it you can "move to stall" them and they move ONTO the spot, with their feet firmly planted and all space wiggling and ocean sinking is not possible. the animal cannot fight. heck maybe it even has less of an appetite. It has become cargo. 2. Low-lag "animal crate". the crate contains an animal. you bring the animal to the crate "load to crate" it. the crate takes on teh animals hunger profile and weight. You load it with food or it's fed by a trough. if the crate starves, teh corpse is ejected. the animal de-rendered and ceases to exist while it's a crate. this limits lag on folks who are stockpiling animals or shipping a mass number of them. 3. The Ready Post. you place the ready post and you can click on it, and use it to "pull" an animal to you that's nearby. this lets you rescue an animal who has fallen into the bowels of your ship or may be currently ramming their head through a few walls. 4. Large Farm Structures. why not a chicken coop? what's it do? you bring a chicken to it. and cram it in. the chicken ceases to exist and an "object" that is not an actual chicken is seen inside pecking around and clucking. the coup can hold 6 chickens. it consumes food per chicken installed. it produces eggs per chicken installed. add salt and the eggs last longer. BAM less lag, more cool town structures. why not a cow barn? Why not a pig sty? I just don't think we always need wacky, bouncing, dieing, flying, wall poking, shenanigans getting in the way of good town build, fun sailing adventures, and overall player satisfaction.
  16. Any more types of ships coming? If I could please suggest a type of ship? A husbandry type of ship, mainly for animals. Very little spots for cannons and such. Maybe easily accommodates a lot of stone, thatch, and wood, enough to even trade with real pirates. Maybe a special ship that keeps animals where they belong in stable slots so they don't bounce around and get lost.
  17. I'm growing tired of animals vanishing into thin air when I take them on trips with me. They float away, they disappear from ships when crossing borders its obviously broken. Fix it.
  18. CRaven012


    If u are near alpha horses they will agro you and kill u really fast. This is without hitting or anything just for it being in your vicinity. Is it deliberate or a bug?
  19. hi i have been playing in madness island for 3 weeks i thought its an issue and will be sloved but its the same and even getting worse the island is full of all kinds of alphas and it spown 2 or 3 of the same kind u see 3 or more alpha wolf or lion vaulture or so ever in totally normal there was able to make some pictures note every tame there died :(
  20. First time suggesting ideas on here, but I had a couple things come into mind in the past few days of playing that I thought would be good to post. 1) Animal corpses or entrails as 'wards' around bases. If you've played The Forest you've probably encountered a similar concept. In that game, you can build effigies that keep the cannibals away from camp. My idea would be that you can kill predators (or prey, really) and use their corpses or entrails to make a ward (spike in the ground or a box on the ground, whatever) that wards off that type of creature, in a radius, for an amount of time. It prevents us from having to use turrets to defend our bases and harvesting areas, but still encourages us to go out and kill things on occasion to refuel the wards. To prevent players from placing wards all over an entire island and completely destroying all spawns, they could be limited to placement within a certain foundation range or only placeable on walls or foundations. 2) Further refining resources to get more benefit. As an example I'll use wood, but this can be used for most of the primary resources (thatch, wood, stone, fiber, metal). For wood, you could add a sawmill structure down in the construction tree. You can still harvest wood with a regular hatchet and get a modest amount, or you could use a logging saw. The logging saw would add an extremely heavy single piece of lumber (basically the whole tree) that you have to haul back to your base. Once it's back, you can process the lumber in a sawmill, which would give you more wood than you would have gotten with the hatchet. It requires more steps and more work, but in the end you get more benefit. For thatch you could use the sawmill as well, fiber could be processed in a cotton gin or similar, and metal could be refined in a blast furnace or something. This would also enable bulls, cows, and horses to have more uses. There could be a lumber saddle that lets you drag logs behind, greatly reducing the weight of the large trees but only letting you drag one at a time. This ties into the resource weight reduction issue we're having right now. I think most of us would be fine with no weight reduction provided there were ways to increase the amount we gather or reduce the time needed to gather resources. As a survival game I understand that gathering is necessary, but as time goes on, like in Ark, you should be given more ways to gather resources and gather them more efficiently. It's a natural power progression for humans to develop ways of doing things easier. By the time we're sailing on galleons and brigantines, we would have logically developed ways of getting more resources for them besides simple hatchets.
  21. WILD ANIMALS ARE TOO STRONG! too many sharks, can loot wreks. wolf are to fuking strong. and fast. let then easyer. they are not Dinosaurus.
  22. This has gotten ridiculous. On our small, very small, island, we have alpha snakes, wolves and vultures that spawn almost every 20 minutes. Most of the time all together. I can currently see 2 alpha vultures and 2 alpha giant snakes just within my render. It makes the game unplayable. This is a regular island, things should not overspawn this much and keep you from doing something as basic as farming trees. This needs fixed and soon.
  23. OutCaST

    Lost All Tames.....

    so we lost all our tames this night.... seems the wolves are still glitching inside walls and killing all your tames when you are offline they where behinde big stone gates and our elephant even whas having his owne pen so the alpha wolf glitched trou 1 big gate to get to the first group of tames and then trou a other gate to the elephant and you guys say >> we fixed the wolf<< ???realy where??? they still glitch inside bases and kill tames / people and when you fight with them they jump like frogs and yesterday i got even launched into the air and almoste fall to my death and now i can spend hours replacing my tames just to find them dead tomorrow again?? fix those wolfs ASAP and there stupid instand respawning when you have 1 dead can spend hours and hours on this shit way of taming all for nofhing -.-"
  24. I added 2 chickens to a sloop that had 2 people running it and it started to sink! It was sinking because we had 4 out of 3 allowed crew. I wanted to add a source of vitamins and food by getting eggs. 1 female chicken for eggs and 1 male chicken to inspire her. It is ridiculous to count chickens as a crew member. They are cargo and should only count as weight. How are we to trade animals and run a ship? All tames should only count as weight/cargo.
  25. I would love to have more varied wild animal behaviour. Animals behave different based on their hunger, health and maybe babies. Examples: Wolves: Hunger based behaviour: Defensive when they aren't hungry/ only start attacking when the player comes too close or sometimes even flee for a bit when their hunger decreases they start hunting for smaller pray once the hunger meter is below 50% start ocationally attack players when under 30% attack bigger animals and players consistantly Health based Behavior: behave normaly on full health and don't disengage when they get hurt in the battle if they come out on top of a battle but are wounded are less likely to attack even if they are still hungry disengaged hurt (once in battle they should stay in battle) are less likely to attack player. Infants/children: defends children of the same pack and with a chance children not asotiated if anyone has thoughts about it or additional suggestion about this topic feel free to post it^^