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  1. Hello Fellow pirates! I want to welcome you to Paradise Islands Roleplay! Paradise Islands Roleplay is casual 24/7 2x2 pvpve server. We are looking to start a community of gamers who just want to play the game like it was meant to be. We have all 11 powers stones and discovery points. We strive to bring a community together who love the game and who doesn't like official servers. The only rules are be a pirate but respect the community and everything must be done in Roleplay! Very important! When crossing grids, cross between island, not directly at one. The chances of a crash is very high. Be warned. If you need a pickup to help get you started, join our discoed and let us know. Our discord is discord.gg/mArzRGS
  2. Welcome to Anthology RP Looking for a fun server to Role Play in on Xbox One? Looking to find a safe well-governed role play community? Looking to enhance your ATLAS skills? Join "Anthology RP"! Join the community, be part of the story. We are a role play community for Xbox One hosting servers in both Atlas & Ark: Survival Evolved through Nitrado PC Server hosting! We have seen over 800 players come and go through our seasons and can't wait to bring in more! Our community has so much to offer for those looking for a role play community to call home. Seasonal lore, creative events, professional staff hierarchy, a proper non-bias investigation process and a thorough interview/application process are just a few of the many reasons why Anthology RP is one of the best role play communities out there! Our server offers everything you would want in a great community; friendly players, competitions with prizes (both real and in game), an interactive lore & a fantastic environment to role play. You'll have the opportunity to create a character of your desire and live that character's life in the worlds of the Ark or Atlas! You'll meet many, some of which you might like or hate, become friend or adversary, trade by choice or force. You will cherish some of the best Atlas memories you've ever had, to replace some of you that have the memories of losing everything in official. Start a story, Be the story. Anthology RP. Links: Website: http://anthologyrp.com Discord: https://discord.gg/rwPqr7Y Twitter: https://twitter.com/anthology_rp Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anthology_rp/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiGpJBCZTMSkI93uKa7NzIA Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/anthologyrp
  3. Hello and thanks for reading. A few friends and I have founded an amazing gaming community called Sherpa Cartel, we are 2,300+ members strong and growing daily (server details below). We currently have our gaming focus toward EFT and other survival games within the genre. We have added Atlas to our game selection with high anticipation. Our community focus is to create a non-toxic atmosphere that aims at helping and guiding new players. We have a lot of really skilled players willing to lead and a devoted server staff that works hard to deliver a quality environment. We have zero restrictions when joining our community and welcome all gamers to join the fam. For additional game channels other than EFT, check top channel Game Selection. Enjoy! Name: Sherpa Cartel Region: World Wide Languages: Primarily English Link: https://discord.gg/ZWqSx6G(edited) YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A TEXT CHANNEL welcome-bros in Sherpa Cartel Joined
  4. Greetings! Let me introduce you to a 7x7 PVE Server, already ranked in the top 20 (atlasserverlist), known as Disunity Survival! https://disunity.gg Hosted on the East Coast in the US of A, Disunity Survival is a whitelisted only and professionally hosted PVE & PVP Atlas game server. That's right there's some PVP grids too! They offer a friendly and mature (16+) community on a custom 7x7 map including all biomes, quests, events and custom mods. They offer increased rates with 3x harvesting, ~5x breeding and 1.5x XP Don't let the application process deter you. This server is worth it. It's how the admins weed out the bad apples from the group. This community and discord is super friendly, active and very helpful! Don't miss out on the opportunity for the Atlas experience you have been looking for, because you don't feel like filling out a 2 minute application! The 7x7 Map The map features everything you need to fully enjoy the game. Along with all biomes, our world features high level creatures and is divided into different types of zones: Freeport ~ Our central hub. Regular ~ Regular areas you can claim and live in. Golden Age Ruins ~ Areas for the Voyage of Power and Journey of the Gods quests. Emerald Sea ~ Hard PVE zones with increased rates. Red Sea ~ PVP zones with even higher rates. Over 500 Island Discoveries There is a lot of things planned for the future. Stay tuned! Custom Mods The admins develop their own mods for the community along with some additional mods that run on the server. Some of the main custom features are: Custom progression for characters and dinos up to level 1000. Stacking mod and reduced weight for resources. Unlimited pick up of structures. All non-mythical land creatures can be tamed. Custom creature settings for Alphas. Reduced Alpha level and damage. Custom taming and breeding settings. Custom ship classes for freight transport and war. Don't delay, visit today! https://disunity.gg
  5. Join our Atlas server and a Fresh N' wiped season !!(29/11) it is quite fast-paced PvP with 30x rates. We have focused on making it PvP Focused with some Quality of Life mods. All rules, features, detailed settings & more can be found in-game - Just press F11. Any feedback is appreciated in our discord. Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655807521 Server IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26004 Website: https://foppasgaming.com Explore Atlas: https://exploreatlas.co.uk/fgc-colonies Discord: https://discord.gg/WRdqz5R How to add as a favorite: https://foppasgaming.com/connect/ We have a decent population with 25-30 active players now but the more the merrier! So Invite your friends and join the battle! Regards FGC Team
  6. A1 Fresh Launch This Week! Join us for a brand new adventure on the seas. A1 is a gaming community that is launching a brand new 4x4 Atlas map on 7/9. All the content, a friendly, active community and weekly events for some great prizes. 4x Harvesting 4x XP 7x Taming Increased Max Level All powerstones, trenches and bosses Colonies System All Quests PVP with offline protection Weekly bonus boots Join us to start your brand new adventure! Direct Connection Link steam://connect/ PM for discord Infos
  7. Hello! We have opened up a new Atlas-Blackwood server! As for now, it is quite fast-paced PvP with 30x rates. All rules, features, detailed settings & more can be found in-game - Just press F11. Any feedback is appreciated in our discord at #atlas_blackwood Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1828720463 Server IP: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26050 Website: https://foppasgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/WRdqz5R How to add as a favorite: https://foppasgaming.com/connect/ Or follow this picture Invite your friends and join the battle! Regards FGC Team
  8. Hello, everybody. We are a company of different characters and have a discord channel. We sell bred animals! You order, we breed. Of course it takes some time and you can't satisfy all your wishes! However, the animals are not sold neutered (up to level 60). All animals that exceed one level will be neutered to protect our breeding! We ask for your understanding! On request there are also wild tames to buy! We would like to grow with pleasure and would like to form a nice community and to act and to exchange ourselves also! Soon there will also be auctions! But that needs some time and some more people! Your Welcome BUDDYS TRAIDING https://discord.gg/3K4uNWj
  9. Come join us in the Foppas Gaming Community & help us grow! Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about Foppas Gaming Community. Our servers are hosted by the owner & they are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection. The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided SSDs to ensure quality for your gaming experience. We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate in our servers so that we can give players a more unique gameplay & options without using mods. As of now, some of our unique features are leaderboards for pvp, statistics and weekend rates that automatically activates. Website: https://foppasgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mntGYxy Joining addresses: - Azeroth Freeport West: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26030 - Azeroth Freeport East: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26033 Server Info: - Last wipe: 190327 17:00CET - Power Stones: All 8 is available - Center Maw: Available on C3 - Top grid: PvP Build Zone - West grid: Lawless & Freeport - East grid: Lawless & Freeport - Center Grid: Powerstone & Center Maw None Build Zone. - Bottom grid: PvE Build Zone - World size: 5x5 (25 Servers connected!) Server Settings: - XP: 1x - Harvest: 2x / 4x (Weekend Rates) - Taming: 2x - Hatching: 2x - Baby Mature: 2x - Max Dino Level: 30 (Wild) - Max Player level: Unknown! - Supply Loot: 1x - Gold Loot: 1.5x - Cluster Chat - Longer spoiling times Server Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655807521 Map: Map Explanation: - Red = PvP Region - Orange = Lawless PvP - Yellow = Freeport - Cyan = Lawless PvE - Green = PvE Region - Purple = Center Maw - Blue = Lawless (Golden)
  10. ahoy meh heartys Are you looking for a good place to settle then MXGaming is the place to go, We currently have a 15x9 map with plans to go the full 15x15 , We have a team of dedicated admins with discord and teamspeak3 servers and website , Our server is Hosted by a Uk server Hosting Owner ( http://www.monsterx-hosting.com ) hence why we are able to offer this huge map on gold cpu servers run through TCAdmin to give a very stable gaming experience unlike Vps servers, So far all the way from A1 to I15 is open with plans as i said to go the full 15x15 we have a very active community in discord where company's can have their own channels and plan wars we also have teamspeak3 with private company channels , come join the fun on the ever growing server this is a copy of the ATLAS official map and all of it features power stones quest everything as is on official Discord https://discord.gg/38asd6N Teamspeak3 Website: https://www.monsterx-gaming.co.uk/ Rates Harvest: x 10 Tame: x 10 Xp: x 10 WaterDrain : 0.7 Mods custom Stack Mod Custom GUI Current Free Ports connection list A6 steam://connect/ A10 steam://connect/ C14 steam://connect/ D8 steam://connect/ E4 steam://connect/ E12 steam://connect/ G7 steam://connect/ H13 steam://connect/ I3 steam://connect/
  11. Ahoi Monsterpiraten! Genau, du hast richtig gehört.. wir sind die Monster unter den Piraten und bestehen seit dem Realease von ATLAS. Aktuell besitzen wir einen 5x5 Grid mit 750 Slots und möchten dich als Pirat auf unserem Server anheuern! Allerdings musst du erstmal unsere Aufnahmeprüfung bestehen, sodass du in die Monsterpiraten Spielwelt unsicher machen kannst. Wir spielen hauptsächlich PvP mit einem klaren Regelwerk und regelmäßigen Events. Besuche uns auf unserem Community Discord und erhalte weitere Informationen : ) Kurzer Überblick: aktives erfahrenes Adminteam aktives Eventteam ausführliches Regelwerk whiteliste mit über 200+ Spielern erfahrene Spieler, Streamer und YouTuber aktiven und großen Discordserver (Regelwerk muss gelesen werden) verschiedene Events (Schatzjagt, Seeschlachten, Versteigerungen etc.) verschiedene Mods Streamer werden promoted Serversettings: Harvest Multiplikator auf 2x XP Multiplikator auf 2x Ressource Respawn auf 0,5x Ressource Respawn Range auf 0,4x Weitere Einstellungen, Änderungen und Anpassung sind jederzeit möglich und sind im Discord einsehbar. Falls du Fragen hast oder mehr Informationen zum Monsterpiraten Server benötigst, schreibe uns gerne im #offtopic Kanal auf unserem Discord an. Wir, die Monsterpiraten, freuen uns auf dich! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Du findest die Monsterpiraten auch auf Twitter! // Der Server wird supported durch G-PORTAL.
  12. COMING SOON! I have painstakingly created a 5x5 PVP server which will go live shortly after the Official Wipe and the new Islands and Quest lines are released to unofficials After lots of research and finding out what the player base likes best I will implement the best MODS, the best rates, the best progression and best of all, probably the ONLY large map without a built in Shop plugin and NO pay to win like the big servers out there. We will be ran entirely from an extremely high-end PC and updates and restart will be fully automated and quick which means hardly any down time for players. To sign up for the latest in what is to come visit and join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/wMKKAHC We promise to hold regular polls, every change will be community driven, not driven by the Owner or any Admins. We will be holding events voted for by the Community and we will be themed based on the Infinity Stones from the Avengers, and our events will be centered on ship battles against the admin, random admin base raiding events along with lots more. I guarantee satisfaction, I guarantee low ping and I guarantee a decent community for small or larger Companies alike. We will be hard coded to a limit of 15 players per company, and the rules and Discord will be consistently monitored to ensure the help is there when you need it most. We will have 25x all rates with random double XP events and the ability to level up 500 times, player, animal and ship. We will implement a load of stable, tested mods to improve the core game and any changes will be balanced to PVP and as mentioned earlier, no changes will be implemented without a majority vote. We urge you to join our Discord now for updates as to when we go live and to keep up to date with any news etc. Thanks for reading, see you on the seas
  13. Come join us in the Foppas Gaming Community & help us grow! Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about Foppas Gaming Community. Our servers are hosted by the owner & they are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection. The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided SSDs to ensure quality for your gaming experience. We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate in our servers so that we can give players a more unique gameplay & options without using mods. As of now, some of our unique features are leaderboards for pvp, statistics and weekend rates that automatically activates. Website: https://foppasgaming.com Discord: https://discord.gg/mntGYxy Server Info - Atlas 3x3: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26014 - Last wipe: 190215 18:00CET - Power Stones: All 8 is available - Center Maw: Not available until we can expand to 5x5 - Top grid: PvP - Middle grid: Lawless + Freeport - Bottom grid: PvE Server Stats - XP: 1x - Harvest: 2x weekday/ 4x weekend - Taming: 2x - Hatching: 1x - Baby Mature: 1x - Dino Level: N/A - Max Player level: 131 - Supply Loot: 1x - Gold Loot: 2x - Cluster Chat - Longer spoiling times Server Mods -https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655807521
  14. Community information: we are a discord of over 1700 people with multiple game servers for different games such as, Scum, and Dark and light with much more going on. we are looking also for active helping members to help build this community as it is coming quite popular quite fast and so we are looking for active mod/admins for the very near future! Thank you, server information is below! Chronic Gaming Community Note: Please Understand That All BASE Stats Are 1 Except For Harvesting & Taming Which is 2 Atlas Server List https://atlasserverlist.com/server/15107535 Chronic Gaming Discord https://discord.gg/8Wpe5p8 WARNING: Upon joining you must type ?Rank Atlas when u join discord to see the channels Direct Connect Links https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A1 Spawnhttps://steam/connect/ - PvP - B1https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C1https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - B2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C2https://steam/connect/ - PvP - A3https://steam/connect/ - PvP - B3https://steam/connect/ - PvP - C3Or add this to your steam favourites! Mod List Admin Helper ToolCustom Item StacksEditable Server UIMCG - Multi-VitaminsOne Pay CrewTCs Auto Rewards Plugins Atlas AdvertsExtended Rcon (Admins Only)Cross Server ChatVote RewardsWeekend Rates
  15. Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: https://discord.gg/M8qCVDZ Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms? Featuring Kingdoms from different nations such as: ○ The Viking Nation of Thornfjell ○ The Roman Legion of Pantheon ○ The Imperial Japanese Nation of Oda ○ The Lost Arcane City of Arcana ○ The Chinese Pirate nation of Zariya ○ The Tribal themed Savannah of the African nation of Zion ○ The Templar themed Holy Empire of Aerowyn ○ The Militant Nation of Britannia ○ The Merchant Kingdom of New Vilayet ○ The Pirate Kingdom of Tartarus ○ 8x Taming, 2.5x Gathering, 4x XP ○ Improved breeding, hatching and maturation times ○ Improved tamed creature and player stats ○ Several islands per shard ○ Faster health recovery, increased player damage and much more! Mod Collection [Easier] ○ Threat Zone Structures ○ Unlock Haircuts and Emotes ○ Rations ○ eco's ATLAS Foliage ○ eco's RP Decor ○ KWAKA'S PIRATE JUKEBOX ○ Armor Skins ○ Bitkit's Clothing ○ Chronicles RP Town Builder ○ TwitchRP Community Mod ○ Atlas Plus Beta ○ One Pay Crew Feel free to contact me on Discord or Steam for any questions! 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪 󠂪󠂪#0110 (Believe it or not, there's a "spacebar" there so just highlight it here!)
  16. Hallo zusammen, Wir suchen noch vernünftige Spieler für unseren Atlas Server, 5x5 Grids, wir spielen PvPvE, haben ein Regelwerk für den Server. Kleine wie auch größere Gruppen können bei uns bequem einen Platz finden. Wir nehmen auch Einzelspieler auf (diese können sich auch gerne an bestehende Gruppen anschließen). Unsere Community gibt es seit 2011 und wir haben eine Menge Erfahrung im Bereich Serverhosting. Unser Server läuft auf einem dedizierten Root Server und wird regelmäßig geupdated. Wir haben diverse Mods installiert damit das Spielen mehr Spaß macht-> TRC ATLAS MOD COLLECTION Der Server ist Whitelisted, so stellen wir sicher das unsere Regeln eingehalten werden und man nicht durch "Trollkiddies" gestört wird. Bei Interesse bitte bei uns im Teamspeak melden -> trc-ts.de Weitere Informationen findet Ihr auf unserer Webseite -> The Radiant Community
  17. Ahoi ihr Landratten , die Sail (f)or FAIL Company rekrutiert wieder aktive Piraten/inen zum raubschatzen, entern und Rum kippen! Willkommen sind alle, die gerne in einer Community Spaß erleben möchten, die keine Lust haben alleine zu zocken, oder einfach nur in geselliger Runde Ihren Abend unter gleichgesinnten verbringen wollen. Gutes PvP gelingt nur mit gutem Pve und das heißt wiederum das alle mit anpacken bei uns!Server: Goldtooth Community PvPvEsteam://connect/s2.goldtooth.community:21030Was wir suchen? - Teamplayer - Motivation und Ehrgeiz - Bereitschaft mit anzupacken- 18 Jahre +- Discord + Headset Was wir euch bieten können:- Discord- familiäre Atmosphäre- gemeinsame Aktivitäten - Spaß und LachgarantieWas ist unser Plan? Wir möchten eine Starke Crew weiter ausbauen, die zusammen bauen, entern und ARRR lachend rum verschwinden lassen!Solltest DU dich angesprochen fühlen, dann adde mich einfach über Steam (iAwake oder Chewbacca46) oder einfach über Discord bei uns melden.https://discord.gg/5F3fWer Start new topic
  18. @Jatheish I respect how much you are doing to keep the community updates and informed, I know you respond to tweets and forum post, but let's be honest you are one man, and there is basically aside from you NO ONE handling community post, comments, etc. You guys really need to hire a group of people to read the threads, comply a list and have conversations with them about what the community is saying. One person can not do that all. There is a thread with almost 700 replies on the outrage of stone changes, and yet there's not even a single acknowledgement of "we hear you" or "we're looking into it". It's complete silence. Some people will leave completely even if it gets changed back to the original. There has to be some sort of line of communication. Also, why don't you guys once and for all make a TEST server, and get some people to actually test out changes you guys are thinking of implementing. It is not a hard concept to do, a LOT of companies do it. It helps find bugs, or tester can say "hey this isn't going to work" or "this is way to far scaled this way". Instead of just pushing it out and hoping it's going to be okay. You guys are in EA and of course there will be bugs/issues, no matter what, but you can curb those if you take the time to get community managers to look at the threads and say "hey this is coming up a lot" or "here's some issues people are bringing up", "hey were getting a lot of suggestions for this". Listen to your community and for the love of god get a TEST server, and get some people who would LOVE to hop on and test out changes you are working on.
  19. Hello everyone, My names Trish or Rose, I go by either or. I am the owner of a small gaming community called Infinity-Gaming and you can join my discord a little blow this. Anyways, I am currently running 9 server tiles. In other words, a 3x3 server. We are looking for active players who seek both PvP and PvE as some of our tiles are PvP and some are PvE. We also have the Skill Points increased so everyone can eventually learn everything. NORMAL SERVER SETTINGS: Gathering: x5 Taming: x10 EXP Increase: x2 CURRENT EVENT SETTINGS: Due to a server wipe that took place just a couple days ago, we currently have the following settings: Gathering: x10 Taming: x15 EXP Increase: x5 Weekends we may also raise the Gathering and Taming depending on the occasion. We may also be seeking some mature 18+ Adults who would be interested in helping us admin the server. Admin will not be something anyone is grnated immediatly. But it will be something we will be watching for when it comes to our members and their maturity and willingness to help the community grow and what not. SERVER IP ADDRESS: DIRECT CONNECT: steam://connect/ Server List Direct Connect: https://atlasserverlist.com/server/933549 DISCORD: https://discord.gg/kVQSPPP Hope to see some new players soon. Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or add me as a friend and ask me in a private message, whichever works best for you. Thank you for reading and I hope you decide to join up! :3
  20. Warning, this is a LONG post, regarding the latest dev stream along with feedback that has been brought up countless times, and still being ignored. If this post is "silenced" by the devs, I will simply keep re-posting until we are no longer swept under the rug. TLDR: Start treating us with respect, and actually engage with us and listen to our concerns. Actually learn how to balance your game. After watching your live developer stream, I can hardheartedly say you guys have absolutely ZERO respect for your community, throughout the entire stream people where asking why Black Butterfly have not been banned, but you chose to outright ignore your community. On top of that, you even had the nerve to admit that you are watching/reading the twitch chat, which means you are choosing to ignore 80% of your community watching the stream. Not only that, but you also decided to even stop the name of the accused company even being mentioned in your twitch chat "BLACK BUTTERFLY" You cannot just sweep something as serious as this under the rug, when the evidence and articles writing about it is literally all over the internet. My single suggestion to you in saving (what is left of) your game, is to actually listen to your community's concerns and at least acknowledge what they are saying, instead of showing off skins and other things, that at this point with the amount of broken features in your game, is complete feature creep. Again, show the slightest bit of respect for your community and listen to us, let us know that you here our concerns, instead of ignoring this MAJOR issue and hoping it goes away like some kind of common cold Numerous videos showing evidence of these incidents happening, a single google search allowed me to find 4 separate videos of these hacking/cheaters in action, and what makes it worse is they were recorded from live streams from quite popular streamers, who all played on the official servers. Whales being spawned on top of ships and 6 whales spawning around a galleon to defend it, ships getting dive bombed by WW2 aircraft, players spawning in multiple WW2 tanks, and mortar barrages that can only be described as the apocalypse.. Moving on from this game breaking issue. Crocodiles: Aggro range is insanely large movement speed in the water is ridiculously insane, these things can go faster than a raft sailing with the wind, so if you aggro one, you cant even sail away from the island after being killed from the homing torpedo crocodiles, they simply stay on your raft, making it impossible to spawn back on the raft . spawn frequency and amount spawned. I have lost count of how long I have spent kiting around wild crocodiles and snakes while trying to gather resources to make arrows to kill them (melee is completely useless in this game) only to find once I've killed them there are already another 5 chasing me down. Forcing me to start the kiting process all over again, how are you suppose to advance, when you spend all your time in game taking crocodiles/snakes for a walk? Wolves: Movement speed is again, like the crocodiles in water, ridiculously overpowered. if you aggro a wolf in the early game, it is certain death as even while sprinting, you cannot get away. attack speed is again, overpowered. While sprinting away the wolves can stay on your ass and bite down till your dead. Again, certain death in the early game. aggro range like every other wild creature in this game, is not balanced at all and is.. You guessed it... OVERPOWERED. Spawn frequency and amount spawned - exact same problem with the crocodiles and snakes, only its impossible to escape from the wolves. Giant Snakes: Again.. range is insanely large 2 bites from a snake and you will become unconscious spawn frequency and amount spawned. I have lost count of how long I have spent kiting around wild crocodiles/snakes while trying to gather resources to make arrows to kill them (melee is completely useless in this game) only to find once I've killed them, there are already another 5 chasing me down. Forcing me to start the kiting process all over again, how are you supposed to advance, when you spend all your time in game taking crocodiles/snakes for a walk? Chinese/Asian Players: This has been brought up countless times now, give the Chinese/Asians their own server. they are causing insane lag issues for those playing on NA making it almost impossible for those actually living in NA to play their home server. Going by the fact that almost every single creature in the game is overpowered, it makes me think, did you even do any balancing at all for these creatures? I cant even comment on the ships of the damned, because its impossible to progress far enough to even build a base, never mind a ship and heading out to see. I can honestly say that so far, the only good thing I have seen from you as a company, is the frequency of updates to try and fix what shouldn't have been broken, even in an early access build, to be honest, this game is so poorly developed, I struggle to even call it early access. I have never seen any other early access game have so many issues and have to update the major version of the game up to V14 in LESS THAN A MONTH. For comparison, 7 Days To Die was released into early access in December 2013, and it just released v17.1 TODAY, atlas is at V14 after ONLY 27 DAYS. You claim this game can handle 40k players at once.. "The map or world of Atlas is divided into 225 regions forming the grid. Each region represents a dedicated host which has 4 other hosts connected at its adjacent borders all 225 regions follow this same concept creating the vast "seamless" one sharded world of Atlas." -Atlas wiki Doing the math, the game can only hold a grand total of 33,750 players, so it is literally impossible for you to hold 40k players at once...this is without mentioning the fact that every single server will individually fail and sh*t itself when there are 50 people in a cell. how many more false claims are going to be made? how long are you going to ignore your community? how long are you going to try and divert our attention with pointless feature creep that nobody cares about? how long are you going to ignore issues that need fixing in the game? and how can you claim you are increasing server performance by *insert a random percentage here* when there is no difference after numerous "20-25% server performance" updates? So again, to mention my point above and in the title, actually start to listen and respect your community, we are the ones who pay. We do not expect that to give us the right to what we say must happen, but that does give us the right to at least be heard and not treated like trash on the floor that you simply try to sweep under the rug? You have witnessed all the negative reviews on steam through your p**s poor launch, do you want to add a complete lack of respect for your players into those reviews as well? And once more to bring it up, since you so dearly like to ignore points made from your community, start listening to us when we bring up problems and concerns and start treating us with even the slightest ounce of respect. I do hope to hear a response from somebody from the team, although based on how you treated your twitch audience in your dev stream, I have extremely little hope that any staff member at all will even reads this..
  21. Hello everyone, Here at RP Finest, we have got some existing ARK servers but we have now expanded into Atlas and wish to conquer the pirate seas...HAR HAR HAR! Our current server is a 2x2 server and is welcome to everyone, we have the server passworded due to the fact we like people to come through the Discord, you know socialize a bit before going on..fear not wonderful human beings, we are here to make your pirate adventure fun and entertaining. The plan is to expand on those four servers and to have eight or twelve (depending on how they perform etc.) All settings are on default and this is an RP server in case you didn't notice from the title. If you wish to join, hop into our Discord and we shall show you the pirate way: https://discord.gg/GjMbyty Now, where is my rum?
  22. We have a common enemy [][][]. [NA][PVP] Recruitment Thread PM me
  23. [AU]OCGPVP-3x1 | 200lvl | x2XP x5H x50-100T | Cells: 3 PVP Slots: 40 per cell All of the boss islands + ghost ship + kraken are all in this server. All resources and all biomes. Fast taming and boosted weight. Golden Ruines Quest Line & Islands: Drako Island = PowerStoneIndex 4 Medusa's Lair = powerstoneindex 8 Land of the Dead = powerstoneindex 6 Hydra Island = PowerStoneIndex 2 The Cannibal's Island = PowerStoneIndex 3 Mystery Island = PowerStoneIndex 7 Treasure Island = PowerStoneIndex 1 Zombie Island = powerstoneindex 5 Ghost Ship = PowerstoneIndex 9 Loot & Traders: Ship of the Damn: StarterZone 10% spawn ExplorerZone 20% spawn DANGERZone 20% spawn x2 Traveling Trading zones = Cell 1 & Cell 2 spawn every 1.5 hours. Trader and ghost ship route is the black lines. Cell 1 & 2 XP & Multipliers: KillXPMultiplier=2.0 HarvestXPMultiplier=2.5 CraftXPMultiplier=2.5 SpecialXPMultiplier=5.0 TamingSpeedMultiplier=50x XPMultiplier=5.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=5.0 Cell 3 -DANGERZone KillXPMultiplier=2.0 HarvestXPMultiplier=5.0 CraftXPMultiplier=5.0 SpecialXPMultiplier=8.0 XPMultiplier=8.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=10.0 TamingSpeedMultiplier=100x Stat Boosts: Weight Boost - 50 points per lvl for players 80 points per lvl for tames Oz Collateral Gaming Community run with Discord available please message [OCG]Stuccy on steam for invite.
  24. THis one's a really simple one. Building a system (and a team) to look over reported content would help this community flourish. Rule-free is nice to a point, but when it promotes bigotry, racism, and intolerance, by having no oversight or systems against it, it isolates and marginalizes your community. Having a system in place to report, say, racist chat, or death threats (of the IRL variety) etc would allow your team to rid itself of the scum that makes this game toxic, while still promiting the cuttthroat murder, raiding, pillaging, and yes, even cooperation of an MMO. Basically, i'm just tired of hearing racist, homophobic shit in global chat. Its annoying, and while i'm certainly able to deal with it, i know i'd put in more time and money were this a community where that isnt tolerated, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.
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