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  1. Love how there are no installation instructions.
  2. I guess at one point through 2018 into 2019 people started making there own servers then the climax of the game just fell off, currently with SteamDB and having only 2000 players playing Atlas and 67,000 playing Ark it really does give a sense of not worth even trying. You look ahead from 2019 into 2020 and the lack of posts related to setting up a server have degraded massively and trying to get any form of assistance just seems completely hopeless. Which sucks when you're trying to run your own server and have questions which the answers seem almost impossible to find. My biggest dilemma is the Freeport in my map has alligators, lions, snakes and every other bad animal you can think of on it. When you log into other peoples servers or the official, Freeport has low level animals so you can build. It seems to be one of those things where the info just isn't available.
  3. 3.4 Template Creation (Biome) I highly recommend to use the default template from the official server. To find them open the file Projects/ServerGrid.json with another ServerGridEditor then Edit -> Edit Server Template -> Select a Template and click Edit. On your other ServerGridEditor, Click Edit -> Edit Server Template -> Add -> Then copie EVERYTHING you see in this window (Example with the Polar template) : How is the default file grabbed? Grabbed from where??
  4. How is an island determined by the level of an animal on that island? If you place Cay_K_TR_E what in the game determines that the animals on that island won't kill you or the fact the a wolf isn't on that island when you first start? All well and good just placing islands down but how do you know what animals are on what islands without physically going to those islands?
  5. Seems to be dead, author hasn't posted in quite sometime.
  6. Server is dead, Discord is dead.