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  1. Hello, A couple of my friends and I have been trying hard to RP on the official Na PvE. We have a dock, pub, and town all set up on the norththern part of the north eatern island in D13. Any of you that want to RP we are on usually around 6 pm EST. Hope to see y7ou guys here. We have trading posts up and have food and drinks. We are also trading animals like bears. Come say hi and get some Rp going!!
  2. Ok, so last night the 8th of January me and a friend sailed to E12 (Freeport) to get some metal. There was an update to the game and since the update was delayed I want to bed. When I Got back on (10 mins ago) My ship, a brig, was gone. I checked the company logs and it said that the ship was destroyed at 7:44:28. At this time I was at school so there was no way of me getting on. I know that the ship was docked sails down and not near anything that could have damaged it. On Top of that The ship was almost fully repaired with only about 500 damage on it to each plank. IDK what happened to it but in the logs, it keeps saying that many ships were destroyed after I Had gotten off (screenshots). I am in a small crew and It took us a long time with a lot of work and effort to build it. If possible Can the ship be brought back, I am adding a screenshot of the ship id to prove it. The Brig was called Stormbreaker. Also Adding a screenshot of our company and the people in it. I also added a pic of the ship docked at the Freeport last night. I thought that ships disappear in freeports when the user is not on so this is why I think It has to do with the new update. Also, this is in the PvE server.
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