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  1. If you tamed a breedable tortuga pm me
  2. Hey, im Looking for Tigers with High Life 500+, stamina +300 or 160+ Meele (without imprint) . Paying high price for really good stats.
  3. Nanaki

    pve WTB Tiger EU 38+

    #Still Searching
  4. Nanaki

    pve EU A11, Bears (38-46 Wild lvls) for sale

    What about 16 gmt, and jeah tomorrow sounds good
  5. Nanaki

    pve EU A11, Bears (38-46 Wild lvls) for sale

    Hey im intressed to the 774 is it avalible and when can i pic it up/time grid?
  6. Nanaki

    pve WTB Tiger EU 38+

    Hey i want to buy Tigers 160%+ Meele or 500+ Life or Stam + 300 Life Male /Female Level 38+ (not spayed). Paying very Good for High Single Stat
  7. We have actual 2 high level bears and one high level wolve in stock and some style wolves If you are intressed in some spayed full black style wolves/no other colors PM me.
  8. Nanaki

    pve EU PvE Bred Bears.

    you got a pm i im intressed to buy it
  9. The Evans Hey we are a small Company in H15 Brismagne Island EU-PVE. We are selling tames specially Wolves/Bears/Pinguins and some Blueprints. Our tames have always 100% Taming Efficiency and Wild Level 37+. At the moment our stock is quit small, but it will be grow next times ( Before wipe we had more that 40 Bears in stock) Visit our Discord for our Full Stock of Animals: https://discord.gg/KBqHNts Count of Animals in Stock: Update 27.4 Bears: 2 Wolves :1 Penguins: - If needed we can deliver the tames :50 G per Grid Price List : Tames with <= Wild Level 44 Bear : 80G per Wild Level Penguin: 100G per Wild Level Wolf: 50G per Wild Level
  10. Nanaki

    land Land abzugeben

    # Push Land ist noch da
  11. Nanaki

    land Land abzugeben

    #RE Open Claim abzugeben 1 Landflagge +2 Wasserflaggen (die jeweils auch Land abdecken) in O13 an eine kleine Deutsche Company Abzugeben welche noch kein Land besitzt. Einfach im Discord anschreiben Nanaki#8546
  12. Nanaki

    pve Selling Lion

  13. Nanaki

    Lost and Found Animals

    Found Bear Name Bear Level 38 From Company Last Hope A11 EU-PVE -86,81/-46,24 South East Border Claimbar ~1 day
  14. Nanaki

    Lost and Found Animals

    It was on board and then flys away , it was the third time we lost an animal on this way. But i know about the problems with move to ... . But the flying problems exist when the animals to near next to another, not from whisle follow on deck.
  15. Nanaki

    pve Selling Lion

    Jeah its EU-PVE