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  1. I'd do my Light Wood for your Wet wood if you come to me. I can throw in some limes, they're on our island. I need the Keratinoid I have so sorry none for trade. I'd trade silver for tin if you want to do that. Add me on Discord. I just added someone new on Discord, could be you. Let's talk on there. If not, re-send invitation.
  2. I just traded 2 away, but I could tame one for you tomorrow potentially. Add me on Discord Cyrk#7364 and we can discuss further.
  3. Looking for Large Cannon BPs > 130% damage will negotiate based on your needs. Message me on here or Cyrk#7364 on Discord
  4. Cyrk

    pve PVE NA Buying elephants (2)

    I'm in D10, sent you a Discord friend request.
  5. Looking for more trading partners. Add me on Discord.
  6. Can also tame Tigers, Parrots, Monkeys, Pigs or Cows on our island. Tigers are difficult and I'd ask a lot for one.
  7. Still looking for trades. Vladen and I did a successful trade the same day.
  8. Cyrk

    pve NA PVE WTT Metals

    I'd be willing to trade Cobalt, I'm in D10 add me Cyrk#7364 on Discord if you'd be willing to drop it off.
  9. I dropped off a trade in F13 last night and on my way back I zoned a couple times successfully. When I got to the E11 zone line it gave me this error and kicked me to the main menu: The first thing that happened when I signed on I appeared in E10, with my tame, my galleon and all my belongings. Then as I'm traveling across E10, I warp to F12 or F13 and I'm at a zone line. My bear is gone but my ship still remains. I then cross the zone line and I'm in some sort of purgatory with no land on the horizon and no sea life at all. The game tells me I'm in E10 on my Atlas map, but when I type in global chat, people in F13 can talk to me and it shows F13 long/lat above my toolbar. It's very late at night (2-3 a.m.) and post patch, so I decide I have to risk my Galleon to get up for work tomorrow. I set my alarm for 1 hour and sign on and find I'm in F12. I see land and I head towards it docking for the night. My ship has taken considerable damage not anchored. I wake up again and I try to zone, and again I get the same Connection failure message again. The game kicks me off the boat and it says I'm in the water dead and it gives me the option to respawn at the boat. Every time I try to go to the bed on my boat it puts me back in the ocean dead after it kicks me to main menu with the connection failure message. Will I ever be able to get home to D10? What's happening here and can you help me? I feel like I'm going to lose my galleon here and everything I just traded for. My bear tame is already gone, the third lost to bugs this week.
  10. Cyrk

    pve NA PVE WTB Elephant

    I'd trade a high level elephant for a Rhino or Bear of similar level or 2000 gold if you pick it up. I'm in D10. Cyrk#7364 on Discord.
  11. Dreadfleet in D10 wants to trade Cobalt for either Tin or Iridium and Lightwood and Strongwood for any other wood type. We are in the Southeast island in the zone on the northern coastline. I can also tame you high level Giraffes, Ostriches and Elephants on demand. They improved the ostriches (fixed dismount bug, added weight) and I highly recommend them for scouting on new islands. They can jump very high, are extremely fast and when you put weight points into them they can carry 1k+ weight at high levels now. I'm mostly interested in the aforementioned wood, metal and gold but let me know what you have to offer. PM me on Discord Cyrk#7364 if you are interested in doing a deal.