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  1. We found a kind of work around, the offspring from these high level animals WILL level up. (assuming they dont die in a heat wave during a cold front during rain storm in an icebox filled room with 12 campfires with only 11 lit and a torch in hand with 4 penguins and a dead chicken in the vicinity.) EZ right?
  2. Bears are currently starving to death in single player / non-dedicated host even with all variety of foods including honey in their inventory, additionally when in range of an feeding trough filled with similar food choices. All other animals appear to be eating properly and keeping their food full except the bears who are just starving to death. When out of render distance of all players they occasionally eat to full but not commonly.
  3. Freshly tamed high level animals aren't receiving exp in single player / non-dedicated host. We've tamed some low level animals which level up, and received tamed levels, but after taming a couple high level elephants and wolves, their tamed levels remain at 0 and their experience bar remains at 0/0 even after extended periods of farming or killing alphas.
  4. TLDR; An upgraded Mortar and Pestle crafting station with more storage, which crafts at a higher rate based on the speed of the wind. Also provides a source of water from deep underground. Description: Utilize the power of the wind to grind resources into more useful applications. Additionally pulls water from deep underground to be used as a water source.(Can be attached to Reservoirs) Skill: Included with other stone structures skill. Common Windmill / Structure Requires Oil to maintain. (not to operate) [Stone Structure] 60 Slot Storage (200 Water Storage) Base Crafting Speed: Mortal & Pestle speed Crafting Speed Multiplier: Math x Wind Speed. (Oil used to allow wind speed multiplier) Size: 2W x 2L x 6H @Jatheish
  5. Occasionally when I drink from a Water Tap, I take substantial damage and receive a debuff called 'Overdrank'(sp?) filling my water to 200/100, whereas other times I drink only my fill (100/100) and its a non issue. Today however I wanted to top up my water from roughly 60-70 water before I left base, and I one-shot myself drinking from the tap. I'm all for a hardcore experience, but I dont think its intended to have a "Chance on drinking from Water tap to kill yourself."
  6. Official NA PVE Server This has happened to be a couple times now, going through my storage boxes just now I discovered 3 at once. I've had this happen with armor, structures and various other items including stacks of arrows. I've crafted 2 or 3 Tannery spare and placed them in a Large Storage box with other structures, after some time or relogging I've noticed the Tannery changes from a premade 'STRUCTURE' to a 'CRAFTABLE' within the storage box, though i cannot craft it or interact with it other than mouseover because a storage box is not a crafting bench. Basic instructions of what I did. Craft item. Store item. Time passes. Go back to get said item. Item is broken. The item itself was made by me, not by a blueprint.
  7. We're witnessing giant palm trees, fiber bushes and rocks spawning directly under a foundation and spear up through the entire building.
  8. Is this going to be changed?
  9. I'd like to point out, at this time you cannot place Fronds on your hotbar, is this also changing with this update? What about Bark? It CAN be placed on your hotbar but isnt used for taming?
  10. Currently I'm trying to tame and breed bears, and I've discovered I cannot breed them due to "Unable to breed in this Biome". Upon further investigation I found that they need to be bred in the biome they were tamed in, though I'm breeding them 20feet from where I tamed them. Would it all be possible to include in the Tame menu their prefered biome or biome tamed in? Example: Armor: 25.0 Wild Levels: 39 Tame Levels: 24 Biome: Temperate Wood, Desert Sand.
  11. Enable the option to allow shipyards to be private or public use, that takes a cut of the resources once crafted. This would not only enable PvE players to access limited land to build things, but also promote pvp and the destruction of shipyards for resources.
  12. I would tell you, but i cant spawn to see ^^
  13. I posted this in Suggestions not long ago.
  14. Players have actively search for spawn points to block them preventing players from spawning on the tile. Upon some research in chat I was met with "We're blocking it because its the best tile for resources." Upon spawning you either appear underwater in the center of the tile, or appear in the sky and fall to your death after 30seconds.
  15. Having to option to create a market stall / trade stall to place for others to purchase resources / goods for a price. Example: Skill Tradewinds : Contruction Tree 8 Points Description: Enables the construction and management of a Trade Stall and & Trade Box, additionally enabling the player to sell items through the stall. Trade Stall (Wood Structure) A trade stall would need to be place in conjunction with a trade box, the stall would allow you to list items in the trade box for a cost in a desired currency, whether its gold or resources. Other players would press E to interact and would show the stall inventory and the costs would be listed like the crafting requirements tooltip. Trade Box (Wood Structure) A trade box would work similarly to a Ship Resources Box, allowing resources to stack to 500,000 and allow the resources to be pulled from the trade stall. Skill Tycoon: Contruction Tree (Requires Tradewinds, Esotary of Building) 8 Points Description: Gives access to further market structures. Enables Trade Market Enables Metal Trade Vault Trade Market (Stone Structure) Similar to a trade stall, though more elaborate design and stronger structure. Trade Vault (Metal Structure) Similar to a trade box, though more elaborate design and stronger structure. This i feel would promote more trade in the regions and potentially more pvp. The post I made on reddit;
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