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  1. Defixio

    New update pushed back

    I really hate to hear the trench update is being delayed, I was really looking forward to undersea stuff. basically my whole company has stopped playing an I just feed animals. I don't think they'll be back till the next update drops.
  2. Defixio

    How Ironic, Atlas Is a Sinking Ship

    I'm still having fun! I really feel like limiting claims, fixing the stupid "Jump on a boat and hover" and making FOY less retarded would lead to substantially better retention.
  3. Defixio

    Gentle Whales

    I saw one in a14 i think? i was diving to check a salvage and there was a HUGE black mass under me, at first i thought it was just super dark then i bumped a whale. it was pretty chil. i swam down it's body to see if i could interact with it's face or tail or anything. it eventually kept swimming and then i got back to being mauled by sharks.
  4. Defixio

    insta kill climbing picks

    i had this happen once. it was pretty sweet.
  5. Defixio

    Best Sails for a Brig

    i use handling sails but i think speed sails are better. if you encounter danger you can just go with the wind and always escape.
  6. Defixio

    Structure spam on islands

    If they could make (pve) ships utterly invincible when anchored. it would be nice to have a "ship is your base" kind of thing going on. but as it is now it's too easy to loose them to tornados and greifers.
  7. Defixio

    Claiming system is still broken

    yea, i'd really have liked to have seen an atlas where each human can place one flag. or maybe one sea one land, or maybe 3 flags total overall. I'm enjoying polar life, but i also really liked some temperate island i saw that were controlled by literally one person.
  8. Defixio

    Hatchet blueprints?

  9. Defixio

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    This is actually how real pirates sought the fountain of youth.
  10. Defixio

    Structure spam on islands

    They should really allow building on lawless islands only within like 20 feet of the shore, so that the inland is always available to harvest. they should also disallow gates/large gates to be placed within a certain radius of one another to prevent them being used to create huge walls.
  11. Defixio

    Large gate spamming should be dealt with.

    I do wish there were "harbor chains" you could deploy to prevent folks from assing up your parking space but then also letting them come inland and contribute taxes or hunt treasure maps.
  12. Defixio

    Atlas for crybabies

    i'm upset all of you didn't reply in giant block-walls of text
  13. Defixio

    Land availability solution?

    you would want it to have the ability to anchor deep or else "why don't you just make a foundation down to the seabed" is the question.
  14. Defixio

    Creature Designer

    I think the thing all animals need the most is the ability to "make them sit" on some sort of "animal stall" so you can guarentee they don't fall through floors on platforms, into foundations, or off of ships. much like crewmen do where you can make them sit on a chair or sit on the sails. Giraffe: seems to be a weird scout/passenger thing? not terribly useful in the game of boats. However if you made them "not get agro" from other creatures even from alphas i could see them used in maps. maybe make them farm thatch good? Pig: The pig is annoying to guide around with it's super low carry weight (riding it takes some levels). Bull: seems to have terrible health. it's very "hard" to tame it because you accidentally kill it. Also i know you didn't ask for this feedback but: Yeti: let us tame some form of yeti. i adored ark yeti for it's play control, compact might, and ability to zipline. fun stuff.
  15. Defixio


    had this issue today. it hasn't happend while i kept the forge "open", but if i walk away or even sit on a chair next to it, it happens