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  1. Living in d11. Buying razertooth and shieldhorn. Thanks.
  2. Countyorga

    pve F10 rental/permanent stay

    Hello! I am for sure interested in the permanent stay option. My discord name is CPTvanhelsing#0682
  3. Countyorga

    Best Sails for a Brig

    What are the best sails to use with a brig? Thanks.
  4. Countyorga

    pve PVE NA Buying elephants (2)

    Hello! Buying 2 elephants. I live in d11. Add me on discord CPTvanhelsing#0682 Thanks!
  5. Countyorga

    Basic higher hand harvesting

  6. Does anyone know if the skill under survivalism called basic higher hand harvesting benefit gathering using hand tools, such as the pick axe and the axe? Thanks
  7. Countyorga


    I cannot seem to remember where iridium ore is. I thought it was around f10. Anyone know? I live near d11. Thanks
  8. Countyorga

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    where is it at on NA pve now?
  9. Countyorga

    Treasure maps and tames

    Yea those alphas suck lol
  10. Countyorga

    Treasure maps and tames

    Yea I usually just solo them with fire arrows. Saw that they were nerfing the dang arrows again in the next patch.
  11. Countyorga

    Treasure maps and tames

    Does anyone use tames for when they do treasure maps? I just tamed a lion, came out to be level 36. Would this work for that and what should I add points into? Thanks.
  12. Countyorga

    Base on someone else's flag

    If someone allows you to build on their claim/flag, can they change their mind and destroy your stuff later?
  13. Countyorga

    Schooner question

  14. Countyorga

    Schooner question

    Which is faster, 1 large speed sail or 2 mediums?
  15. Countyorga

    How to buy drake at a freeport ?

    You would need a lot of beasts to carry that much gold lol.