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  1. Skinner NA PVE


    B9 largest island, Cobalt is on ground, small rocks but dense so you can fill a galley with a rhino in 10-15 minutes EU PVE we have a port setup on east side small beach (narrow brown line) look for the stone dock. Once you make landfall follow the cliff side around to the right, Cobalt for days.
  2. Skinner NA PVE

    pve EU PVE Skinners Legendary Breeds Auction

    Min bid updated
  3. Skinner NA PVE

    pve EU PVE Skinners Legendary Breeds Auction

    This is a retired breeder, she has points spent
  4. Skinner NA PVE

    pve EU PVE Skinners Legendary Breeds Auction

    Don’t let my name fool you. I am on EU. Haven’t found a way to change my name.
  5. First of many auctions of Legendary Giraffes, Elephants, and Rhinos. https://discord.gg/zJ5GVWU 221% mele giraffe up for auction now. 5298 Weight 862 Stamina 707 Health Minimum Bid lowered to 5K
  6. Skinner NA PVE

    Taxes in ATLAS (PVE)

    Just tell me 1 thing... I can stack 100 large sails, but fertilizer... you get 1. Well 2 things... I can carry a literal mountain of metal, but a heat wave...and I’m dead.
  7. Skinner NA PVE

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    Yesterday I spent 2 hours collecting wood and my company mate spent 6 hours collecting wood. That isn’t fair he has more wood... Does that sum that up?
  8. Agree guns damage needs increasing AND a .05% chance it blows up in your hand destroying the gun and killing the user. Let’s get real people!
  9. Skinner NA PVE

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    Consider a mechanic to allow me to protect settlers on our Island for more than 10 days. Anyone can destroy their stuff after 10 day timer. This happened to some of out settlers. Also it appears their boat is not decaying at all. We think they left EU for NA but was going to give them another 10 days benefit of the doubt.
  10. Skinner NA PVE

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    Now that you have solved “tax” issue and people not wanting to “work for anyone else” please consider the following. Everyone has their tax rate at max on PVE and there is not reason not to.... So Make tax rate and upkeep cost tied together. Want higher taxes pay more gold upkeep, no settlers, lower tax rate and lower upkeep costs. I leave the math up to you.
  11. Skinner NA PVE


    I breed with penguins once, had some really ugly babies.
  12. Lawless. Lack of Law. Number of laws = 0.
  13. Skinner NA PVE

    Shelter bonus

    EU PVE Structures are not snapping correctly. It rains in my building cheat TP B8 459034 169733 977
  14. Skinner NA PVE

    tame elephant

    Keys to feeding elephants. 1. Be on the same level as the elephant while its bolaed. If your trap is on foundations you need to be standing on a foundation. 2. Where you look matters! If you are in the sweet spot I am about to describe and dont see what I tell you look around. 3. Sweet spot, by the bent front leg slightly behind it. inch in slowly until when the ele inhales you get E to feed and when he exhales it goes to remove bola. 4. Pen design, float as many walls as possible, and never drop the ele in the corner with the supports they can make it unfeedable, you want clear unhindered access to the sweet spot. 5. If all else fails duck dive and dodge, run in feed back out count to 18 repeat. You can practice by dodging wrenchs
  15. Skinner NA PVE

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    Last one. (Joke) Bed are limited to the current grid you are in. For fast travel an NPC must be placed call him “ticket salesman”. When you fast travel you board a transport ship, costs 3 gold per grid, each grid takes 1 minute to cross, you can play a mini game to decrease gold cost and travel time. Please continue doing what you are doing I am really enjoying the game. Please limit wipes to your nose and rear end.