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  1. In my research Boats are on a 21 day or 41 day timer..However..we have also discovered ANYONE can reset the timer if you board the ship. Yes Anyone from any company.
  2. https://discord.gg/6zkAYMu To see when they are available join the discord. I am making them as fast as I can.
  3. Resource donation accepted but please no gold. yes breedable! everyone deserves a good elephant
  4. Buying large sail blueprints of Masterwork or better quality. https://discord.gg/rZFCyxc contact me here or there with what you have.
  5. https://discord.gg/rZFCyxc contact me on discord for information my tames imprinted are beasts and can fulfill all your harvesting needs. without imprints they are still among the best on the server. current low on stock, check the back, tames added every few days
  6. During launch there were 30 rafts by the dock and it was a mess. They tuned the game so you can gather mats, build a ship, and leave the Freeport. Where they failed is not communicating that effectively. I average 1 person a day telling them the map wraps A to O and 1 to 15. overall information is lacking. Good news is they lost a ramshackle or less so really 30 minutes of time. PS if you didn’t know crew on repairs is disabled in Freeport.
  7. Wild levels range from 60-75 imprint levels vary. Need to clean out my stock. All animals <85% imprint are on sale for 800G, 85% and higher are 1600G. Holiday sale ends when the barn is empty.(about 40 animals). Let me know on Discord when you are coming. https://discord.gg/6zkAYMu
  8. Crop plots on boats was removed from game during season 1. They didn’t want to code things won’t grow where they shouldn’t after you have planted them.
  9. Gun ports closed is a weight reduction for snapped ship cannons. i have 300% resistance on my SoD hunter Upgraded speed sails show a turn effectiveness buff that to my knowledge is disabled. I run my battle Gally with 2 speed, 3 handle, and 1 weight sail. Seems to be the right mix for me and keeps the ship viable for a kracken run.
  10. Crabs are best overall for maps. Can jump there. Just make sure it has decent mele. For optimum get a weight crab and a mele crab and do them as a duo. They have a duel claw ground pound that makes quick work of AoD
  11. I am wishing for 3x crop harvesting and 4x egg laying! Merry Christmas everyone
  12. This changed after season 1. People were running a line of foundations on the ground then building floating bridges 30 walls above that. the large build bug in my experience is caused by : a support structure goes out 3 floors in any direction. As we all do we add another support and keep going. What can happen is the fourth floor placed gets confused about which side is supporting it. It seems that the “support check” is only done when something is destroyed or overridden(replace thatch with wood). to combat this leave 1 foundation/floor wide gaps every so often in your build, then when all is done connect them. hope I explained it ok, it’s not easy Also, for Pillar supports. If you build from the top down with pilars, sometimes they are not fully snapped the the ground and will cause build bug issues. Check all pillars to see if you can snap 1 more pillar at the Bottom of the run, keep in mind you may not even see it but it will snap there
  13. I have interacted with several people that were not aware of some or all of the following items, hope this helps. 1. the map wraps, A is connected to O and 1 to 15 2. The best way to get animals on ships is to whistle them to follow you then go get on the ship. If you have a crazy elaborate build avoid having them approach from that side. 3. On PC you can set anchor from the wheel by hitting X, I would assume there is a command for Xbox. i sell giraffes, elephants, rhinos, bears, and crabs in B-9 Discord server is https://discord.gg/zJ5GVWU If you have questions please ask will do my best to help.
  14. Have stats to trade and/or resources/ships/gold/breed harvesting animals
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