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  1. Skinner NA PVE

    Large Stone Gates

    Pre wipe. Someone sank a brig by shutting the gate on the boat. Be careful
  2. Skinner NA PVE

    Developers Forum Time

    I would like them to play the game a few hours a week. Shit like green screens would be fixed quickly.
  3. Skinner NA PVE

    Safe havens and companies.

    Upscale Outlaws in B9 and D5 are safe. We respect the time you have and will invest.
  4. Skinner NA PVE

    Game crash entire inventory LOST

    Game crashed and I came back with no inventory!!!!!!!!!!!!! lost 7 masterwork 185%+ ship cannons
  5. Skinner NA PVE

    Treasure Map

    I want to be able to pick up the bottle and not open it...
  6. Skinner NA PVE

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    Wipe will come when server populations get so low they need to be combined...like they do now. I bet 10 shiny gold pieces we get a server combine and wipe but get to keep our characters in the next 6 months.
  7. Skinner NA PVE

    Fog affecting us when underwater

    Turn on the window defogger?
  8. Skinner NA PVE

    Ghost ship bugged

    Seems there is a work around.
  9. Skinner NA PVE

    Ghost ship bugged

    So many balls fired
  10. Skinner NA PVE

    Ghost ship bugged

    Ghost ship not damageable. Followed it for 4 real hours. Stayed 100%.
  11. Skinner NA PVE

    Green Screen Fix

    Any word on a green screen fix? I hear people with monochrome monitors don’t see a green screen...
  12. Skinner NA PVE

    Increase decay time or better larder/feeding trough time

    I haven’t tested but won’t most tames last a week without any food assuming they start full fed.
  13. Hope we get 2x crop harvest too... luv me some potatoes and peppers
  14. Skinner NA PVE


    Water based dyes? Obviously we need oil based for ships.
  15. Skinner NA PVE

    Seriously Devs!!!

    How do you tame a Tuna?