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  1. Daesig

    suggestion Skills with exp

    hmmm , maybe testing it on 2-3 per hit flint was a bad test then. Did you test it per hit? I feel like some trees have random hp
  2. Daesig

    suggestion Skills with exp

    i literally just tested it. No increase.
  3. Daesig

    suggestion Skills with exp

    The hand harvesting is one of the worst skills i've seen :(. Who even farms by hand?!
  4. Maybe add skills like woodcutting / mining / sailing. You gain exp while doing this task and become slightly better at it. just saw that there is a suggestion section now, can't delete post though. My bad.
  5. We were raiding an island and I tried to claim some deserted spots. Contested, all of them. I held down h and ran down the entire perimiter each time. Nothing in sight. Went further into the ocean until i was surrounded by ONLY water. STILL contested! Am i missing something? Every single area was contested, no tames, no structures, no sleeping players. Timer stuck on 9:59. Also, they sunk our galleon with 2 fire bombs from the mortar, but that's another topic.
  6. Daesig

    suggestion Respec cooldown

    Im in a group with 60 people and im still respeccing. It's not meant to be played with 1 build. You need weight for farming, fortitide for fighting. You should be able to buy some sort of respec potions for 30 gold or something. Or at least be able to craft it easily without having to sail 10 hours to some island.
  7. Daesig

    suggestion Respec cooldown

    How are you gonna respec at max level then?
  8. Respeccing should not be once per level but once per hour / day... I have no reason to up / powerlevel cause i'd be wasting respecs.
  9. You can prone to deplete vitals slower / recover stamina faster Your ship gets slower when it gets heavier, weight sails combat this Don't build too close to water as you can get sieged by ship cannons
  10. They don't cross over to other servers.... Reset each time.
  11. Daesig

    Resources and You - Atlas

    Found Rosemary in western tundra
  12. Not a fix. People will spam stone floors and hide them in the mesh. It will become impossible to build anywhere. There needs to be a claim system / rust type base building system. The game is made for big tribes to conquer islands. Why else would there be a damn dynamic map that shows the top 10 tribes. It's how the game is, if you can't deal with the claiming mechanic (designed for big tribes), go to lawless zones. You can perfectly build a base there. I do find that you should be able to respawn on a bed there. It's plenty fun for smaller tribes to make a base there (if you could respawn). I just put large gates around my raft.
  13. Completely agree, this would save this game.
  14. Shooting a flame arrow on the ground / on a stone wall sets it on fire. It's a broken mechanic in raiding and pvp. Maybe make oil grenades that you can throw somewhere, shooting a flame arrow at that location sets it on fire. Also please make it so that you can't hit people on the other side of the wall with flame arrows.. We got raided by chinese members and were unable to fight back because we got burned upon spawn in a relatively "safe" area. The only viable pvp weapon right now is flame arrows. A headshot with a pistol against a fully plated dude does 15 ish damage. A flame arrow against a fully plated dude does 100+? damage... And this is after it got "nerfed"
  15. You get one shot... Full plate armor with shield equiped. 1 tapped by flame arrow :)))