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  1. N8 Has been going down every 10-15 minutes with unforgiving rollbacks, its getting impossible to play at this rate. Ive submitted a ticket, but heard nothing back from it yet. It needs to be fixed soon, ive lost Discovery Points and Experience due to this server being terrible
  2. What zone are you in and whats the price?
  3. Update, after logging into today, it seems to have fixed the bug and everything has gone back to normal, the server must have been desynced. Also update, the Experience that i received yesterday, has completely gone, but i have been left with the levels, just a HUGE experience loss
  4. Today ive been using the most out of the x2 bonus, and spent the whole day doing maps, as my home server EU PVE N8 keeps crashing alot, so we set sail out of there, and started doing maps, when i got back to my zone earlier, my level reverted back to the level of what it was before i left, but when i teleport back to my ship in another zone, the levels come back. Im not sure why this is happening and im guessing its a bug or a desync of the server or something, but i would be happy if i could get some enlightenment on this issue Edit: ive taken some screenshots in game, https://imgur.com/a/hEOIQyW Taken at main base, and at a ship in another zone
  5. Yes you do. 10% to Health/Stam/Weight the first time you get rejuvenated, but the Second and Third time you only get 5% each time, making it a total of 20% Health/Stam/Weight
  6. Today i went out to kill some Whales, and got to zone I1, we aggroed a few Whales onto our ship and i started shooting with a Balista but my spears go through them and deal no damage what so ever, so after testing more things, we found out that you can only damage the whales with weps and fists, not even cannonballs do damage. I was wondering if anyone else could confirm this to be a bug, or am i just doing it wrong?
  7. Hey guys, im looking for a few people that are interested in trading resources with us. We have plenty of items in stock We currently have: Wood: Strongwood Metal: Copper Fiber: Jute, Straw and Hemp Thatch: Rushes, Roots and Fronds Gems: Rubys Crystal: Herkimer Hide: Leather, Fleece, Fur and Pelt. We are interested in the other counterparts of the resources, such as, Silver/Iron/Wetwood/Hardwood/Bamboo etc etc. If you have any enquiries or want to trade, please PM me and i will get back to you as soon as possible
  8. So we have Copper up for Metals trading if anybody is Interested. N8 Also we have Roots, Rushes and Strongwood in huge supplies. Send me a PM if interested
  9. I'm currently in N6 at the moment, been farming some silver a few zones out, and all the way through, we have seen groups of ships, like 4-5 at a time, not sure why, and they are shooting at us from quite a distance away, so far that they cant even reach us, im not sure why theyre doing that. Yesterday when we was looking for the Fountain of Youth, we was also on a Ramshackle Sloop and we got sank by a ship, again, it shot at us from max range of the cannons, and the balls landed nowhere near us because he was so far away, but being a sloop, its not that quick, and the wind wasnt on our side, he caught up and sank us after we sailed 2 zones lol. For us atleast, they are targeting us from a much further distance away, not quite sure why. Maybe something to do with last patch, but couldnt see anything in the notes for it myself. Been over the notes a few times. Hope it gets sorted soon, i dont like getting shot at from a huge distance lol.
  10. This is one of our elephants after changing through a zone, he dropped like 3 minutes after this, and had to get him while being attacked by sharks. Side note, elephants are pretty fast in water
  11. Everytime that it rains, it always brings Typhoons, which i think is excessive. I think it shouldnt happen EVERYTIME that it rains. Its hard to navigate, and the boats take a ton of damage if you dont have tons of Handling Sails to navigate out of the Typhoons. I think that the Typhoons should only happen every now and again, and just let it rain sometimes. Ive also noticed that when it isnt raining, its either Foggy/Cold/Heatwave. All of the Weather events happen too often, and are kind of annoying. It feels like every zone that isnt a Freeport we will get hit with a Storm. is there any way you guys could reduce the amount of Weather Events, and just let it rain without it Typhooning all the time, and reduce the amount of times Fog/Cold/Heatwaves happen.
  12. Ive been sailing quite alot recently, and over the last day, ive noticed that the Ship of the Damned will attack us from alot further away now, this includes a Sloop, Schooner and a Brig. Im not sure if this is intentional, but ive read the patch notes, and havent seen any changes made to the Ship of the Damned.
  13. Over the course of a few days, we have had 3 Tames (2 Animals and 1 NPC) die after we have placed them on a ship. They disappear, nowhere to be found. Its like they fall through the mesh. Once they have disappear they die a few seconds later. We have had 2 animals die, a bear and an elephant. Its kind of annoying, meaning we have to tame more and level them up, and get another crew member for our ship. Also while sailing on a ship, and we run up stairs, sometimes we phase through the ship, and get thrown off the ship into the water, this has happened to me, many times, so many that ive literally lost track. Now while we sail, we dont carry anything in our inventory, as when we fall off (not if, when) we dont have to keep stopping the ship to swim back. Its a very annoying bug, hope that its gonna get fixed soon. Edit: I forgot to mention that it only happens when the ships are moving.
  14. Ive been sailing alot the past few days, and never really had any issue with the Ships of the Damned, but since yesterday, ive noticed that they are targeting our boat from alot further distance, including Sloop, Schooner and our brigg. Has anyone else noticed this change? ive checked the patch notes but they havent posted anything about any changes to the Ship of the Damned.
  15. Well if you read the patch notes, they have listened to the playerbase, and added an extra Fountain of Youth, that players will be able to see tomorrow after their client update. That should lower the ammount of players in both zones so everyone should be able to get the buff tomorrow
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