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Tames/NPC's Glitching when Placing them on boats/Falling off boats when climbing stairs.

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Over the course of a few days, we have had 3 Tames (2 Animals and 1 NPC) die after we have placed them on a ship. 

They disappear, nowhere to be found. Its like they fall through the mesh. Once they have disappear they die a few seconds later.

We have had 2 animals die, a bear and an elephant. 

Its kind of annoying, meaning we have to tame more and level them up, and get another crew member for our ship. 


Also while sailing on a ship, and we run up stairs, sometimes we phase through the ship, and get thrown off the ship into the water, this has happened to me, many times, so many that ive literally lost track.

Now while we sail, we dont carry anything in our inventory, as when we fall off (not if, when) we dont have to keep stopping the ship to swim back. 

Its a very annoying bug, hope that its gonna get fixed soon. 


Edit: I forgot to mention that it only happens when the ships are moving.

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This is one of our elephants after changing through a zone, he dropped like 3 minutes after this, and had to get him while being attacked by sharks. 


Side note, elephants are pretty fast in water


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It happened to me too, I lost my female tiger level 53. I put it on the boat from the water, it showed up in the boat for a sec then near me, I tried again, this time it didn't show up and a minute later I got a message in the screen and company log saying that my tiger was dead. It was nowhere to be found, not under the boat or near the boat.  Got me pretty P$##$$# off


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