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  1. Vegetto

    Soo uh, what do?

    Most of the PvE companies are small, we are also a company of 6 people but only 3 are active. Here are some tips - 1. Tame lvl. 25+ bears, elephants, giraffes and rhinos. 2. use bears for treasure maps upto journeyman quality. for mw you can use 3 bears or elephant if solo. 3. For killing Hydra use a ship with cannons or balistas. Or you can use swivels with cannister ammo. Just avoid killing drake, kill hydra and travel to ruins which has drake and get the powerstone. 4. Feed Shrunken Head Stew to elephant when you want to farm wood, its stamina drains slowly and fills up quickly. 5. Use rhino for farming bamboo and darkwood if you need 6th type. 6. For kraken, just ask if someone is doing it 8/10 times they'll let you join. 7. Use armoured brigs or ships with cannons on the back for fighting sotd. I prefer normal broadside with tons of levels into resistance. It'll be easy once you figure out everything.
  2. Vegetto

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    1. SotD aren't a problem, their spawn is really low now. 2. Game doesn't crash that often, max 1-2 times in entire week and server disconnects are in Golden Age Ruins are almost non existent. 3. If you are dying in Freeport then you are doing something wrong. it takes 5 mins to leave freeport with a ramshackle sloop. And your loot drops if you have a ship with a bed in freeport. 4. Its Early Access so it isn't perfect yet, but the frequent crashes you are getting is due to your PC not because the game sucks. I'm playing 8-10 hrs daily since the wipe without any crashes, and my mates aren't crashing for no reason as well so the problem for you is your system and you. GL HF.
  3. Vegetto

    C7 region 2 Island are the same

    Yes they look same on map but have different terrain. And there are many regions with same shaped islands. E7 has 3 islands which look exactly same on map.
  4. Vegetto

    Where to tame Rhino....

    Turnips spawn in Tundra and rhinos spawn in High and Low desert so no biome has both. K13 has turnip spawn if you want to get your hands on it. And tame in 2x weekend, its much easier to tame high level ones. www.exploreatlas.co.uk might help you find resources.
  5. It might be that you need more dp per level as your max level gets increased. My max level increased by 2(4 for 2 PS) when I got my first 2 powerstones but when I got 3rd one max level only increased by 1. I've 644 points and my max level is 67.
  6. I can confirm it has changed. Its not 23.5 Discovery Points per level.
  7. Vegetto

    Recipes and vitamins

    Whelp, thanks for the advise. Never thought of feeding it to tames.
  8. My level cap raised to 56 on 171 points confirmed by another member of our company as well. This was when discoveries were worth 1 dp.
  9. S backup is a bugged feature. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't. Try to relogin and if you still can't ask other members from your company. It works for some but not others.
  10. Don't use pen for taming animals, use bear mount. When I tried taming a giraffe in a pen it just totated 360┬░, only use pens for tigers, lions, razors. Use accordian to have the taming affinity buff and make sure to have the taming affinity skill unlocked which you get after killing the Monstrous Sperm Whale. If your character is really small, you'll get hit by elephant due to the dumb mechanics. Taming is easy once you know the sweetspots for each animal but I feel bad for hurting the bears.
  11. Vegetto

    Razortooth underpowered?

    Finding high level ones is really difficult though.
  12. @Jatheish It still works though, if you run out in sea, logout and then login again, it gives discovery points. Same for fast travelling to beds.
  13. Vegetto

    GangPlank Dance (WHERE IS IT)

    Gangplank is in F8.
  14. Vegetto

    Blueprint: Fur Pants

    Fur pants are more rare than other stuff, because we have a lot of fur sets but have very few pants and most of the fur pant bps are legendary and jm. Was same case before wipe as well.
  15. Vegetto

    So now what?