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  1. This is hilarious, especially since I debated what to do with my animals and crew too. Sitting here now picturing them taking turns playing Thanos is just great though.
  2. Right?! I even if I can only scuttle it, just let me do it seeing as I am supposed to own it now.
  3. Yeah, not sure why you can't even at least scuttle it...
  4. So, I had some friends that stopped playing and were in a different company. After a while, their ship was claimable because they hadn't been on for a while, so I went and claimed it so we could keep it and in case they came back, but unfortunately I cannot do anything with it except access it's properties after claiming it... My question is...why can I even claim it if I'm not gonna be able to then use it?
  5. Yeah...with PVE claiming making it impossible to get land, we need to be able to stay in lawless for those who couldn't play in the first week all that well in order to get some land immediately. Help us on the PVE front so we can actually play the game! I went to PVE so I wouldn't have to deal with the land grabbing and stealing...now I cannot get any space because one person can claim an entire island and you cannot do anything about it.
  6. Exactly. I am in a two person company...and any other MMO I play, that is fine to do. You can play and do well for all but the end stuff, like fighting the end boss, either solo or in small groups. I should not have to join a 50 person company in order to do things in this game unless I wanna do the final boss.
  7. The problem is, the amount of people who spam foundations around the island. And with not being able to steal anyone's land near me that is claimed, I have no choice but to remain on lawless. With the claim system as broken as it is, I do not see why they need to nerf lawless livers like this. If I wanna remain in a lawless zone, then I should be able to just fine...I mean, it isn't like I can put a bed down and respawn, so I gotta make sure I keep boats outside with beds on. That should be trade off enough with people weight glitching to sink boats.
  8. Yeah...this game need to be made for people who have lives! Like, I would love to play it 24/7, but I'm not a streamer that gets paid for it or have a huge company. I don't want the answer to be, well go be in a big company then... I don't play games like this to be forced to play with others...even in MMO's you can still get by in small groups or by yourself for the most part, but not in this game if they keep these spawns broken on lawless.
  9. NA PVE Hydra's Den in K12 is having same issue. Seems like all lawless is having a hard time with respawns, which is funny seeing as they had fixed this in a previous patch and now seem to have rebroken it. Like, I cannot go find any place to take over in non lawless seeing as it is all owned, so don't break my spawns on my lawless!
  10. I agree and like this idea. I mean, on my Schooner atm, I have a cow on deck and hired a bunch of crew to work my ship - 2 on sails, 6 for cannons and then I got three others that just stand there and sweep so when I dock they can repair my ship. With my fiance and I on the ship, that brings us to the crew limit...but I wanted to add a chicken on board so I can also get eggs as well, so then I have animals that provide 2 vitamins out of the four, but of course, I would need to get rid of a crew member for this... Chickens are not good in combat, don't have much health, so they definitely should not count as a crew or I should be allowed as you said to have so many livestock on board that do not count as crew, but still add their weight to the ship.
  11. I wound up having to reset my skills and pump everything into weight because I needed about 2k wood, 256 ish stones, a bunch of thatch and a bunch of fiber...barely was able to carry it all with 630 carry limit haha but I did it!
  12. I tamed a cow that has the saddle slot, but I cannot equip a saddle to it...
  13. I managed to kill the one going after my shipyard...but now my shipyard has only 2,813.6 hp and I cannot carry the required materials to fix it because it requires almost 2k wood and I just cannot carry that much weight, plus all the other mats to repair it.
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