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  1. There is no way to teleport, or ressurect on the bed in another locations All beds in another locations is grey, and have a PostScript: bed is no longer in a claimed area
  2. For an average shipyard, there is a protection against this problem - to install a huge gate. For a large shipyard, this is not possible - only block access to the shipyard with a huge wall, and remove it as needed. Such a simple thing as a gate, or a protective chain, is probably extremely difficult to implement, so they have not yet been introduced If the blocking has already occurred, and it is deliberate, then you can only remove this vessel through a letter, and it is very doubtful that someone will want to deal with you. Eternal beta testing is very convenient for ignoring player complaints.
  3. I didn't mean the PVP server, because there the methods of dealing with other people's buildings are quite obvious By the way about pvp-a large number of players treat their private property carefully, and do not want to fight in a senseless struggle with Chinese cheat programs and hordes of locusts repulsed on heads.You are really at risk of losing the fruits of long-term labor at one moment. At the same time, the elements of pvp are quite attractive, especially in terms of sea battles. And I believe that it would be quite possible to make pvp regions on pve servers, such as Golden ruins. This in my opinion would significantly enliven the gameplay
  4. After another wipe, I went to see what we have new in this world. And I saw that one of the main problems (spam building) developers did not deal with at all - again there are straw wars, all the Islands are polluted with garbage, which completely reflects the garbage in the minds of builders. And if on private Islands the owners have the opportunity to somehow influence the construction maniacs, then in lawless territories only some global restrictions have been made in this regard, which do not remove the severity of the problem. At the same time, if developers follow the lead of the lazy and crooked, who are too lazy to explore a huge world, and reduce the territory, they completely lose sight of those who deliberately interfere with the development of other players, blocking the possibility of movement and construction. What is difficult to introduce a limit on the number of large buildings of the same type, for example shipyards? After all, it is absolutely clear that if a person puts more than 2 shipyards of the same type, it is solely for the purpose of blocking the coast. What about these new mills? Most of them just stand still, as the owners are too lazy to keep them in working order. If one warehouse can automatically collect resources from three mills, why allow any number to be placed on one island? Restrictions will be introduced-there will be more opportunities for other players, interest in taming giraffes, elephants and rhinos will return. This was one of the interesting aspects of the game. Why increase the number of useless animals? Developers traditionally listen to the cries of those who do not want to do anything, making their lives easier and simplifying games. For a change, why not listen to the opinions of those who are interested in different aspects of the game, and not just kayaking and canoe?
  5. Got kicked out of the game twice last night for no reason, and my friend got kicked out of the game too. Now I went into the game - in 5 minutes I was thrown out twice.
  6. Who here offers to pay more money? It was written that, in my opinion, the developers noticeably slowed down on working with the game. That for a long time (almost from the moment of launch) can not fix some bugs (including the loss of animals from ships, and the spontaneous destruction of the base structures). And this, for a moment, is the private property of players, which should be protected in the first place (of course not during the beta testing period, but we all hope that this period will end, after ten years)
  7. Anyone can use any item if it is of Basic quality. If the item is of a higher quality, then you need a skill to use it.
  8. pm if you have questions or offers
  9. Friend, if you nothing change, nothing will be changed. I wrote that I personally am currently not satisfied with this game, and why, of course it is a personal matter for developers to listen to the players, or not. In my opinion, everything that I wrote above is quite correct, I did not embellish anything.
  10. My friend, I did not call for introducing a subscription fee in this game, I just wrote that it is difficult to require constant development in a situation when developers are not particularly interested in it. Now they are apparently busy with other problems, while the ATLAS problems are not being solved. For example, I am extremely annoyed that the sailors only repair the skin of ships, and do not repair superstructures, decks and sails. I can't explain this decision logically. I am also annoyed by the crooked construction system. While in ARK construction works clearly, here they managed to make it so that the put construction can stick anywhere, while it is displayed in the right place. I'm not even talking about the periodic disappearance of previously established structures that have been and continue to appear periodically. Such things do not make the game enjoyable, and this is against the background of primitive pve game mechanics. In pvp, I tried to start several times, but all these headshots through third-party programs, and 8-hour protection of Islands... it's not worth my nerves
  11. And this is very unfortunate Filling the PvE world does not imply any difficulties in the high-end contents The Kraken and the Snowman... At the same time, their destruction does not imply any valuable loot. Everything else does not require any complex crafting, or taming.. You can run in "gray" clothes, and use "gray" weapons is absolutely normal The game becomes boring and uninteresting
  12. Thank you for quickly solving our problems!
  13. The game's gods have cursed sector N12! Yesterday, my main character, after switching from M12 to sector N12, crashed the game with the error Network False Message/Unable to query server info for invite. I checked the integrity of files, rebooted the computer, nothing helped. When trying to log in to the EU-PvE server, this error constantly appeared. At the same time, I can safely go to play on any other server. A member of my Guild who teleported to sector N12 today to retrieve my Galleon is also out of the game with this error, and can no longer log in . I asked another member of my Guild to log in from my account, giving them access. When trying to upload to the EU-PvE server from my account, it received a similar error, that is, it is not about the local files of my computer. I have two more separate accounts , for crafting, now I went to one of them , and teleported to N12, as soon as I took the Galleon off the anchor and swam along the coast a little, as the character flew out of the game with a similar error, and can no longer enter the game. The third account teleported to N12, made sure that the Galleon was anchored , and teleported to another sector, the error did not have time to appear. On this forum, in the PvE section there is a topic with a similar name , after reading it, I realized that this problem from yesterday arose not only for us. I would like to get useful comments from developers on how to solve this problem and resume normal access to the game.
  14. The third character teleported to the Galleon in N12, took a screenshot of the previous character sleeping, and teleported to another sector, the error has not yet appeared. But the previous two characters can't enter the game.
  15. I have a third account, and now I will send it there I still plan to play only the main character, which is almost the hundredth level, and not level 50 crafters, which were useful to us only at the beginning of the game.
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