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  1. kolonelu

    Whats the problem with new decay system ?

    Thanks for answer man !!!! Really amazing ! Keep up the good work !
  2. What is the problem with the new decay system? I found today on our island a foundation with a bed over it, the foundation is marked demolish allowed, but when I try to demolish it, nothing happens! Is this a bug? is it a feature? can anyone explain me? someone say a single foundation is demolished in 12 hours ,,,
  3. kolonelu

    Non-Dedicated Mode is now available

    I try to host an non dedicated server for test purpose, but after i choose server password admin password and session name i receive the error "only number and character are allowed" whats the problem ? I choose easy pasword for test jim456 or joe 7192, but im unable to start the host session, whats wrong?
  4. Confirm, i found foundations with one bed, bed have 6 days decay timer and foundations say demolish, or something like this, but i was unable to demolish the foundation
  5. I am an island owner, with my friends of course, but im the admin, and im courious, where u see that feature to wipe all island structures? Im looking at the flag, im looking in the company tab, but i cant find that raze, where is the raze ? I understand the raze is available on an window of 24 hours after claiming the island, and thats is, no more raze after this window, am i right ?
  6. kolonelu

    So you can board anyone's boat again?

    Isnt`t 7 days claim time for animals, i pressume all active players go to ship at max 2 days to feed the animals ,,is right >?
  7. kolonelu

    Public Test Realm 5/29

    No sessions found !!! The public test server is up ? Or whats wrong ?
  8. kolonelu

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    Isn`t max level 100?
  9. kolonelu

    Latency problem !?

    We are in the L11 quadrant 21 players online but can not play at all, the characters move chaotically, we found that would be ip of this server, I do not know if anyone can confirm this, but at a simple ping are losses massive packets, and sometimes connection to the server falls
  10. kolonelu

    Latency problem !?

    From the very first hours of the day, after the last update, you can not play on the EU PVE server, it's a lot of lag, from time to time the character stops, can not ride, nothing can be done, the characters make a step before and one back, the animals do not react when attacked, does anyone have this problem on the EU PVE server? Where to check server latency? NOT SERVER PING, it's normal, 45-65 ms, but the character moves chaotically back and forth, any ideea?
  11. kolonelu

    I'm I the first with the elephant breeding?

    We try again breeding, i can tell you all DONT DO IT !, u lose time, u lose plenty of time, instead of breeding do other things, explore, tame, play chess, read a book, breeding is a pain in the ass, is a part of social experiment named ATLAS !
  12. I agree with Stefan, this is not a game, is social experiment, power stones islands ? FULL OF SHIT, full of pain, devs without imagination, spawn random creatures who kill you one shoot and thats all.no lore, no story, no nothing,just run and die, and if they dont change something in this game, more people will leave it
  13. kolonelu

    I'm I the first with the elephant breeding?

    HOW? More details please, wich biome you breed, how u manage to keep baby alive, and more details, some people report breeding is still bugged
  14. While we were thinking about making bigger companies, getting more points, claiming more resources on the islands,gathering gold from the sea, 2 gold, and counting 6 hours to gather 130 gold, smart boys went straight to the lawless islands, and took a quarter or a half of the island, have mounted hundreds of foundations, and now they are quiet on islands with full resources, do not pay any taxes, they have huge constructions without fear of being demolished, have decay time 10 days, TEN DAYS, without fear of not having gold to pay the taxes, and we beat each other for small islands and little resources,,,, WHERE IS THE DAMAGE OF STRUCTURES ON LAWLESS ISLANDS? WHY THEY DONT SOLVE THE SPAM FOUNDATIONS? WHY TO LIVE ON A STUPID ISLAND TO PAY GOLD EVERY 12 HOURS? Images from K9, i have a lot of pictures but system dont allow more than 200 kb STUPID ! better 2 MB
  15. kolonelu


    The Rates are not fine, they are extreme low, they need to push a little bit the gathering rate, we are not living in this game, with this attitude players will leave the game