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  1. This issue can be found on the EU - PVE server named The Whale's Solitude in Region J5 at coords. > cheat TP J5 130460 224528 3487. The entire island has Herkimer Crystal resource and the texture is missing ! The issue can be seen here > https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905679496
  2. WARNING : Before getting triggered like stupid kids which don't read and understand the statements and prefer to start the war of stupidity, try to analyze my statement then let's discuss ! It's all about PVE servers feeling on what i will tell you below !!! Why I say it's no fun at all !? 1) The Ships of the Damned on sea : they DO NOT respect the wind given by the sector/region (cluster server) while the players have to get that bloody wind which many times has lowest intensity and other times goes round and round while you are chased by the damned ships which has cannons placed 360 (Yeah ! You haven't implemented the same to the players ships, UNFORTUNATELY !) and can move anytime to you without being conditioned by the sector wind !!! It's like being chased by the Alien ship while you don't have fuel for your engine. 2) Power Stone Island - I guess developers have thrown all the in-game creatures here and without conditions. I really don't see a challenge here ! It's more like a frustrating try to get (Boss/the Stone) in a stupid and filthy way due to many aspects. Yeah ! spawn every second many mega powerful and tall creatures into a small room and let the players get the stone from the middle room ! Very "challenging" ! 3) The power Stone > you get it from the Boss, then travel to the place where you activate it (the cave full of creature that most of the time have infinite respawn time and most of the time it's very impossible to activate your stone) ! Secondly, some players that don't have the stone wait you in cave to die and steal your stone which you got it, sometimes, very hard to get it ! The PVE rules are very misunderstood by many players that came here not to have fun but destroy the feeling that remained after you got frustrated by getting things in this game and are not delivered be the Devs as they, maybe, wanted to !!! 4) How about making pace white flags for players ships that do not want to fight all day with the region galleons and brigantines that spawn into your face instantly when bypassing regions and sometimes you don't have a fair fight against them due to the wind and many other things !? Where's the story ??? You start with nothing (no intro, no nothing) -> advance through levels and kill some pirates and creatures that most of the time have no rules then what !? Please, put some stories, some loot boxes with stories into them like in ARK OR the temples as they get discovered ! - Make the artifacts that trigger the power stones to be bounded on the player's ID name ! (if the server drops or you lose connection while in a fight, you lose EVERYTHING and players will drop this game for something more fun and relaxing than THIS ! ) - Implement some new thing in your game like mines with resources, carts, land pirates AI that wait you by the entrance/exit to steal the gold/resources from you, make more interesting assets for farmers (crops/resources) like new rusty land/sea oil rigs, maybe i want a land train on our islands !? Make your game to shine, not be a same shit but different but still the same as ARK ! PVE life should be fun, exploring while the PVP is for those who like to fight while the masters are not home and fill their ego with another victorious BS !
  3. Today we started to do some changes to the house and we found that IF you destroy a ceiling OR a floor near water, the already build pillars along with all connected structures to it disappear like before the WIPE ! ALSO, - the treasures spawns on cliffs, top mountains are still bugged - enemies are falling into the map making the treasure being impossible to be looted; - while gameplay we receive since this morning Eastern Europe Clock, Json 1 errors ! Thank you for making this BS crossplay with the xbox instead ! We really needed more problems that already are since these xbox which is a worse console than PS4 and has many issues over networking POV ! What did you fixed so far after the wipe if these issues are still there ?!?!
  4. Hello Devs, If you change the entire ATLA's Worlds Map please change the building system to a new one like in Conan Exiles or other interesting building survival games. DO NOT follow the same building system like in ARK with theirs known issues ! The building parts memory cache should be taken also in account as if there are lots of buildings the area loading will become buggy, at login in game people will fall into the map a.s.o ! Change the building system as all people need also put their creativity into their new houses and also more than that, SHIPS (+ steam workshop ) ! Thanks and I hope you make a new game for good now !
  5. The issue started to happen when you fixed that so called structure in the air or without foundation (even there was a foundation coz otherwise it wouldn't be built)! I really don't understand why you had to "fix" (=broke) that stupid small and unsignifying element in this game when there were much more serious bugs in your game to fix ?!?! This game will die for good very soon like REND and that garbage of Dark and Light that looks similar to ATLAS from how things gone in the end on development !!! This real mess was also caused by the stupid people of the PVP mode and all issues of their retard gameplay because PVP culture is no more in worldwide gaming industry … just RUST / PUBG like PVP. SUGESTION : Make ATLAS ONLY PVE and maybe then this will be a real masterpiece … until then RIP !!!
  6. This happens when you try to nerf something that you cannot fix from Programming POV !!! When you eliminate that no structure to be ever built in air (even there was a foundation many block behind) the entire code got fucked and now you do not even know how to fix this, FFS !!! Revert that thing or never nerf something in programming if you cannot fix or not even know how to fix it from coding POV !!! My entire company tried so far many building strategies to bypass this issue and none worked !!! Fix the god damn codding issue !!! People are getting their designed houses crippled with this bug !
  7. Removing any ceiling or wall or anything from your house will result in disappearing of already built structure items. Network: EU PVE Screenshots: [Removing an item from your structure | https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TR2vg35FL_4KydKsveO9dcc0Hpp7cleS] and the result here [Disappearing of already built items of your house in other part of your house |https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TxmAg7QMbmtPaVvGj1zAhL50hhVSWYgW] Repro steps: Construct any higher structure/house above water level on pillars (as foundation) and try to destroy one of the walls or ceilings. Any removed item (ceiling/wall) from the structure will result in far away disappearing structure items already built few days ago. (please see the pictures for more info) CCC: cheat TP C4 -158265 6512 243 As a mention : The entire Island named "The Colossal Atoll" from C4 is affected by this issue !!! Wherever you try to build a higher base or a pontoon or a bridge (based on foundations or pillars) by removing a mistaken already placed celling or wall will result in a far away missing from the structure or house !!!
  8. This cooldown system is a very illogic stupid system ! if a player on PVE wants to shoot at a lion on Powerisland gets killed and leave the area with a lot of nerves because many other things ! Any player, after equipped his weapon on any slot, it has 25 seconds until the weapon is AVAILABLE AND AGAIN ! that stupid minigame along with the slow-motion animation of reloading. FFS, REALLY ??? Until you reload your weapon and do those stupid slow motion animated minigames of reloading any creature eats you alive !!! This cooldown systems is also on tools after you equip them on player slots ! Why can be this simple like in any other game and has to be these minigames and cooldowns ???
  9. @KUMMBA They bash my attitude because they agree with these thefts and like this idea. These are the people nowadays, they throw stones at you if you break their tricks done to other people on which earn "free money" but otherwise if the wheel goes against them they yell and give negative reviews => shitty people. Yes, the non bounding Artifacts stones are a real problem on PVE servers and this has to be fixed by the Devs otherwise this is no PVE gameplay but RUST gameplay,! When people capture lots of flags based on thefts, when Devs warn all about wipe, this shitty people yell at the Devs that the idea is wrong because after the wipe they wouldn't have been so "Conquerors" over all players. Again the community of griefers and shit people couldn't agree with the changes due to the much more fair system. I care less about these kind of people on forums so my statement stays regarding their specimens.
  10. Today we wasted at least 2 bloody hours to beat the god damn Dragon on H11 and we went back to the cave to get the powerstone. After we've been killed so many bloody times by these creatures inside that f**** cave (where entire island's creature are gathering there to kill you and also the road to the cave which is same or worse than inside, where creatures are see you from miles away - this is a real madness made by the grapeshot Devs!!!) some player, while we were running back to get our stones, stolen our loot boxes and all our effort to get the powerstone for today was a real f***** waste of TIME made by you, DEVS of Grapesgot which camed with the idea of losing the stone from you after you die !!!! Thank you Grapeshot devs for this "ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME" !!!! I will uninstall this MOCKERY made by YOU to the PLAYERS / TESTERS of your EARLY ACCESS !!! You nerfed so fast tiny things like killing a stone/fire golem with ballista and cannons BUT you never tried to lower the NIGHTMARE from POWER STONES ISLANDS !!! You nerfed so many useless things on this game because of this toxic community of kids with no games culture ("the game is too easy, please nerf it more!" <-> thanks for listening so fast these ret**** ) BUT you broke the constructions and many other major things that were working before all these nerfs. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR WASTING OUR NERVES AND BRING TO US THE MOST "ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME" !!! A REAL ADVENTURE OF MAKING NERVES WITHIN THIS MOCKERY YOU BROUGHT TO US !!! A GAME MUST BE FUN, ENJOYABLE, RELAXING AND CHALLEGING !!! THIS IS A MOCKERY, NOT A CHALLENGE !!!
  11. Let's get fun a bit Here's a meme about big patches delay > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UEbqu9KvEjq9VKxvMHGcLtgWh6vP1TDM/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hello Devs, It would be nice to add a processing station that would transform salt water into freshwater and fueled with coal or oil from fish. This station could be good at houses or on ships. That would be an interesting tool on PVE servers, don't you think ? Thank you.
  13. Razortooth taming requirements are not valid with the in game items. Today we tried to tame a Razortooth and at that moment when it asked "Put Meat in the last item slot to tame" , any meat we tried to feed him, wasn't take it or want it ! (we tried any kind of meat, raw/cooked and nothing). At this moment the diversity of food required during this taming is not fixed and even you have the required item on the last bar slot, sometimes, it doesn't load into the creature within feeding option while the creature is down with bola. Razortooth taken down with bola doesn't want any meat required > https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GDBQoAyq-4Mc-ibVFtuyVONK2RUzmLz_
  14. Please understand the meme before having an opinion. It's not about any rate taxation but the purpose in a PVE game. Any offline player that have a bank with the greedy tax rate 30%, can stay offline and have a real time life with his family and can enter back online, from time to time just to collect (without pay anything in/to nature/game system) the resources from his bank from the hard working players who spent lots of hours in game and want to evolve. While other just like to collect free and un worked resources from others, ONLINe players who like to build lots of things and discover this new game, have to pay taxes to these scallywags, lazy bastards who claimed at the beginning of this un patched game (that time) entire clustered map and now they are ok with taxation as long as they have the big land and resources are coming for free (without working to get them by themselves) from others just like that within the Taxation bank ! This game is definitely a Communist game where the Government ask for taxes unjustified and have all land in their administration in order to collect more taxes from slaves while they don't do nothing for the people and besides all, they go in exotic vacations on the people's money taken from taxation. How is that ?
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