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  1. StefanKyle84

    Patching day (meme day)

    Let's get fun a bit Here's a meme about big patches delay > https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UEbqu9KvEjq9VKxvMHGcLtgWh6vP1TDM/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hello Devs, It would be nice to add a processing station that would transform salt water into freshwater and fueled with coal or oil from fish. This station could be good at houses or on ships. That would be an interesting tool on PVE servers, don't you think ? Thank you.
  3. Razortooth taming requirements are not valid with the in game items. Today we tried to tame a Razortooth and at that moment when it asked "Put Meat in the last item slot to tame" , any meat we tried to feed him, wasn't take it or want it ! (we tried any kind of meat, raw/cooked and nothing). At this moment the diversity of food required during this taming is not fixed and even you have the required item on the last bar slot, sometimes, it doesn't load into the creature within feeding option while the creature is down with bola. Razortooth taken down with bola doesn't want any meat required > https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GDBQoAyq-4Mc-ibVFtuyVONK2RUzmLz_
  4. Please understand the meme before having an opinion. It's not about any rate taxation but the purpose in a PVE game. Any offline player that have a bank with the greedy tax rate 30%, can stay offline and have a real time life with his family and can enter back online, from time to time just to collect (without pay anything in/to nature/game system) the resources from his bank from the hard working players who spent lots of hours in game and want to evolve. While other just like to collect free and un worked resources from others, ONLINe players who like to build lots of things and discover this new game, have to pay taxes to these scallywags, lazy bastards who claimed at the beginning of this un patched game (that time) entire clustered map and now they are ok with taxation as long as they have the big land and resources are coming for free (without working to get them by themselves) from others just like that within the Taxation bank ! This game is definitely a Communist game where the Government ask for taxes unjustified and have all land in their administration in order to collect more taxes from slaves while they don't do nothing for the people and besides all, they go in exotic vacations on the people's money taken from taxation. How is that ?
  5. StefanKyle84

    pve The Taxation Bank Real Truth on PVE Servers (Meme)

    Or it cannot exist on PVE server. This feature is more likely good on PVP for too many reasons.
  6. Let's admit the real truth about taxation bank in this ATLAS game on PVE servers. (hope you'll enjoy it) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yEPbu0dAT8koZm3exK6E1wOn1620u-3H
  7. Let's admit the real truth about taxation bank in this ATLAS game on PVE servers. (hope you'll enjoy it) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yEPbu0dAT8koZm3exK6E1wOn1620u-3H
  8. I can understand from your say that they troll you with your name (duplicating your Company name) and make bad things under your name. This is a serious bug or feature and must be taken out because many trolls and bad people can make miseries with such feature. Company names dupes shouldn't be allowed !
  9. After many from this sector had their ships sunk and their houses pin codes hacked by this Kzee Chinese Company, they recently changed their Company name from "Kzee" to "UnKnown1" but their Company ID is the same. We look into the Company panel to see if an Owner cand change their name and preserve their belongings and we found that's impossible. So they somehow changed their name, after we reported them lots of times for their behavior, in order to lose tracks on them and get away easily. Please do something about these YouTube streamers from Asia who try to destroy the game testing (any player who buys an EA game becomes a game tester to improve the game they bought) and use the exploits against players or have a worse behavior on a PVE server like Siren's Call. They do bad things in game and get lots of subscribers on YouTube based on their recorded actions !
  10. Server: EU PVE Sirens Call Region: N5 Lawless Region Today, while we were gathering resources on Lawless Region Whispering Island, on which we constantly have 20 Online players or few more, we saw 1 player with 20 bought sailor which was using them stacked and was gathering all iron spots resources from 1 Click and then run along with them causing lots of server ping ( from a normal and constantly 45 FPS and server ping of 60 all raised up very fast to server ping of 145 and because of that guy that were used to gather and carry lots of resources, were moving very bad because of the rubber branding !!!) . I really don't know if this normal but I believe they can also sink ships and got away very easily without getting recorded on server logs or company logs. Note: this guy also killed some sailors and spawned back what he shot and started to run from points to points and causing lots of ping !!! If its an exploit, please fix this misery as it will become another serious issue in this game. The sailors filled with resources that were causing a lot of higher ping on server and also rubber branding > https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m037cpXAwTHyZ1iJQvrXzWGKKZiztTAw These unbanned toxic players will always find exploits in game to use them against good players on PVE.
  11. 1h ago a tremendous ping and lag suddenly appeared when some Hong Kong Chinese come with their Galleon in M5 that created a lot of bloody ping. I was fuckin taming a bull of lvl 16 and started to rubber banding suddenly when they anchored their fuckin ship on the freeport shore and started to run to many points like crazy people. Is almost 1h30m and still fucking trying to connect to the server and I get all the bloody errors on screen with Host lost time connection and bloody stupid messages !!!! From my 50 FPS and low ping of 50~60 I reached at a ping of 150 suddenly when these fuckin Chinese came on this server !!! Restrict their bloody access to EU PVE Server !!! They cause a lot of server issues because of their far away Internet connection !!! It's impossible to play this game with so many off shore far away players who want to cause lot of ping and lag and so much shit that I have so much nerves right now because of your INDOLENCE regarding this performance serious issue !!! I bet I lost the taming and everything because of this stupid policy you have to protect some toxic players for benefits and much more. Sometimes before having lots of money you should also care about your customers not some retards who cannot understand that, IF they connect from Mars to Earth they cause a lot of performance issues to those from Earth (maybe you can understand this explained like this FFS !) Restrict the higher ping and low bandwidth connections outside Europe Server or these performance issues will be more and more a problem !!!
  12. Since the latest patches, the feeding after bola phase is VERY GLITCHY and there're many points were it shows the message "Feed ..." but even you press the button E (while the tamable item is on slot 0), it doesn't work and taming is useless because it will drop at tremendous speed compared with the taming feeding rates based on the character BeastMaster skills. At this moment, taming is messed up very bad ! Please rollback the taming system as it was before patches which was working from many sides after the wild taming goes down within bolas. Thx
  13. Hello, Can you provide some tools and template formats on which we can translate ATLAS in our language and also be very easy to adapt into your code from programming POV ? We made a new account on https://crowdin.com but no ATLAS Grapeshot Project can be found, only people who created ready-to-start project by themselves without templates, just empty spaces. Do you want just pictures taken from ATLAS skills tree re written or how ? We need some templates on which we can provide our full support for this game. Thank you.