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  1. Have logged in and out several times the last two days, foundations are sill up with decay timer expired. Went to a different island and back, still there. Clicked it and manually attempted to destroy, nothing happens. So yea, another broken mechanic
  2. Even with the notification that you can destroy foundations in Lawless, still cannot? If it's abandoned long enough for the timer to go down, we should be able to clear it out no matter what is built on it.
  3. lewy

    Unable to query server info for invite

    Same, I can even join EU PVE, just not US PVE
  4. In preface, I am a patient gamer, I don't complain about much at all and generally go with the flow and adjust my play style to the rule set and mechanics presented at the time... Hell, I've stuck around with my other game for the last 12 years through every expansion and the game changes every other year lol.... I have played many games over the years and I honestly cannot think of a single one that penalizes you for not doing end game content. Before the argument starts, there is a difference between getting the rewards for end game content, and actually punishing players for not participating in said content. A permanent debuff forced on players because they can't or don't want to do certain content is not very smart. Forcing every player to spend the time traveling to a FOY, and then basically zerging a cave a dozen times to click an item that we hope is still there is not fun. If you want this mechanic in the game it should be a choice. Those that choose to do it get rewarded, those that don't, don't get punished for it. That seems fair. At least give us viable alternatives, I don't want to have to go through this every month, it takes away time from doing things in game that I actually enjoy, or are useful in my own progression as I see fit. Please listen to your players, this is a bad mechanic of the game and should not be forced upon us. If I have to chose between playing a debuffed character that I have up to level 57 so far, and all content just got harder because I chose not to do some content, or starting a new character .... I will chose neither and move on to a different game.... I have a feeling I'm not the only one not willing to start all over every month.... I understand you already have my money and 400+hours of my time so far, so nothing I say about leaving the game matters, but I hope this mechanic is under consideration and at least being talked about.
  5. lewy

    Rubber Band GOTD Ship

    Just lost a ship and my cargo due to rubber banding... Either I was rubber banding back to the SOTD, or it was rubber banding to me.... Either way I lost everything, again... The other night I got blown up by two SOTD upon entering a new server... I know it's the nature of the game, and I am fully aware of the EA status of the game, but this does nothing but want people to give up.... And now I was going to try to recover anything but can't even get in the game.... Love the game, but it's getting frustrating.
  6. Happening in US PVE as well..... I can't do the workaround because I am planning on joining a friends company and don't want to lose everything... It was all working just fine last night.
  7. lewy

    Wrong spawn area

    Woke up this morning knowing I was about to die, cannot spawn on bed in lawless area... Started over at freeport, sailed back to my ships (with two beds)... Died to snake, cannot respawn on any of the THREE beds.... Was working just fine 7 hours ago.. This is a critical bug!!!!
  8. lewy

    Ramshackled Sloop self destructed

    Same here, three hours of farming down the drain, guess I'm sticking to rafts for my solo supply runs.
  9. So just when I was going to give up... I decided to research my crash one more time... And I think I found a fix... No promise that it works for everyone, but it worked for me Spent a couple hours, dc and crash free on the pve server.... I'll hop on the pvp server later, hopefully it works there too -Open your Steam/Library/Games. Right click to Atlas - Properties -General -Set Launch options - Copy -norhithread into it.
  10. Intermittent crash since 5.4 Happens about once an hour, cannot duplicate on demand, just happens randomly Playing on official NA PVP A-6 server