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  1. My levels are all over the place at the moment pre 1.5 it was a random level between the current level of parents. Now I'm getting lower levels than parents current levels which didn't happen before 1.5. something ive noticed while taming from a bear mount is looking at the damage they hit your bear with if its 13 or 14 they will have high 150% damage.
  2. Thanks for confirming mutations bred a couple of batches and didn't get any out of 14 baby bears but its good to know someone had some.
  3. Got some bears yesterday with 1000 base stamina. Also found a bear today female wild level 27 before tame 815 base health. Still trying to hunt down a bear with 160 or more melee to breed some good bears. 140 is average melee anything 113 is low melee. Highest I've seen "pre 1.5" base melee 175 in a non alpha bear which was 1 in 50 of all my friend's bears
  4. I'm losing tames on servers cause they get caught in the brush or whatever else. I would like minimap icons for tames on the current server so I can at least know where they are stuck on the map that I'm in. I'm usually running around with more than 4 tames at a time and when traveling all over the map they are getting caught by the time I notice and backtrack sometimes I get lucky other times I have no idea where they are.
  5. The best I've found is temperate cause it doesn't get hotter than 20c. High and Low and tropical and equatorial all swing from 5c to 47c and tropical 15c to 47c. The problem with the higher temp is if you have fires the animal will overheat. I use roughly 20 something fires and load them up. Breed the animal in high desert during the day and transport after breeding back to temperate. Load the fires get them to 10% and load the troughs and that's the way I've found that works for me. I've only done elephants so far but it seems giraffes and rhinos are near identical biome and heat wise from the mating testing I've done. I've updated gamepedia elephant section breeding with the temperature information.
  6. You could do tundra you would need about 7 fires. With one of the older patches, they made baby animals not affected by extreme weather. Experiment and see what works for you I found what works for me with bears and elephants. I did testing with bears pre 1.5 so I had them dialed in before this patch. My next tests are giraffes and rhinos. Remember you can only heat up at this time you cannot cool down. and ceilings have no effect so don't bother with a roof. Also, proximity to the fire makes a difference. In my early testing, only fires and torches worked. I still stick with fires cause they don't need repair.
  7. The temperate zone should only get as cold as 5c bears get cold at 6c so just have one to two fires loaded at all times to compensate. Once the animal gets to 10% it will eat out the trough move all other animals away and load it up with berries.
  8. Id say high or low desert would be the hardest cause the swing from 5c to 46c. Tropical and equatorial are 17c to 46c. I'm experimenting now with breeding them in the correct biome then transporting to a colder biome to see if I can load up fires and find a more automatic way of doing it like I have my bears setup for so I don't have to stay awake for 43 hours. Although I believe the coding is buggy cause I've had them get hot at 26c in equatorial.
  9. Not sure what's going on but goldilocks lowest temp zone is swinging from anything below 25c to 19c from what I can see in-game inside a building. Then it will be okay at 46c then overheat at 26c. needs serious work guys thanks.
  10. Fire juggling required. Correction temps are wildly erratic. Goldilocks zone swigs from 25c-46c to 25c-26c
  11. Okay, guys, I got the go-ahead thanks to Jerryn. There was a small chance pre 1.5 you could get an alpha animal. I'm here to tell you I was one of those people here's the proof.
  12. I don't think they were this bad pre-wipe and I think they were good pre-wipe. that's the main thing I'm saying. I played that a lot and never really had an issue cause I'm solo and don't farm gold I'm taming and breeding. I think the distance on SOTD sloops needs to be turned down a bit those are the ones that are chasing me and outrunning me in no wind. Here is the Sotd two hours later I arrived in time to see it sink my ship. It destroyed my bed so i couldn't spawn on it this was the sloop I built just to get my bear back. then I decided if I'm gonna lose something mine as well try a raft.