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  1. Biomes for breeding are correct the temperature can be different due to height or different sides of the same island. You the breeder has a couple of ways to achieve success. You can stay in the mating biome and raise the babies which could require A lot of iceboxes and fires or grills. Also, you need to know you cannot breed them on a boat in the correct biome it will say "not desirable biome for mating". You have to be on land in the correct biome. I will take animals on a boat put them on land breed them then ship them back to temperate this is easier with giraffes elephants and rhinos cause the gestation is 6 hours or thereabouts. I know some people who set up bases in the correct biomes and breed and raise them there although this is more hands-on until the animal gets 10%. I breed in the correct biome ship them back to temperate and use a raised floor with campfires underneath. This I found is easiest for me doing it solo one fire is give or take 1-1.5 C degree change. I just set the fires to load them with at least 1k wood and this will last for 8 hours which is what rhinos elephants giraffes razortooth tourtugars require to get to 10%. I know some people use torches. I found in tropical and desert the temp swing from day to night is so great its hands-on till you get to 10%. You can do veggies eaters with berries though they spoil fast. A good rule for the survival of your babies which is overkill but works is one trough per baby. Meat eaters Razortooth lions tigers etc should have cooked meat this last about 13 hours with one trough per baby full. Once they get past the first day they eat a lot less. One trough per baby first night is a good formula for success. Egg incubation I only do in temperate with grills and you have to find the mix right now in my egg incubator I have 13 grills arranged in a special pattern which I use for razor tooth and tortugar eggs it a set and forget configuration that incubates the 4-hour eggs. Once you can load the baby with 6 slots of 100% food they will live till they eat off the trough some animals only need 5 slots but each type of animal is different. Also, the time that the food expires is different a lot of breeders grow potatoes cause these are the best for veggie eaters. Your Welcome, Skeetathon skkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet PS. You guys are lucky that we that have been doing it from day one showed the devs, in the beginning, the temperature affected the animal for the whole time period so the only way we did it, in the beginning, was by smoking crack rocks.
  2. There is a bug I think if you do not go on your ship after a certain period of time it will despawn. It not enough to be close to it you have to get on it to reset the timer (not you cannot see the timer). Once a week you should get on every ship you have. No one can claim ships in PVE.
  3. I Rejoined game to do some things at my base and after i exit to menu rejoin game is not available. I then jump onto another computer and after I join game from that computer rejoin game is no longer available anymore. Some how you have patch the game to damage save game files.
  4. Just started to breed a new batch of bears in E11 after this patch today 7/9/2019. It says undesirable biome for mating breed bears here all the time you borked something in this patch today. ***************On Ceiling Tiles Over water*************
  5. This is an issue why no islands on egg and the most important information which is incubating and to hot or to cold is so small on the bottom.
  6. I was looking at some of my animals and all the sudden one of my high-level Grand Tortugar died with a full stomach on land no enemy animal was around im on EU Pve. i would attach a picture but I would have to downsize it so bad you could see it.
  7. It didnt say anything above them at all im a bear breeder so im looking for the islands or incorrect biome. My mistake it was two female LAWL
  8. I have them on wander and next to each other with following disable says ready to mate nothing is happening.
  9. I've went to all biomes one big island or two small islands per biome haven't found either of them. I have also been on powerstone in F8 and H6
  10. My levels are all over the place at the moment pre 1.5 it was a random level between the current level of parents. Now I'm getting lower levels than parents current levels which didn't happen before 1.5. something ive noticed while taming from a bear mount is looking at the damage they hit your bear with if its 13 or 14 they will have high 150% damage.
  11. Thanks for confirming mutations bred a couple of batches and didn't get any out of 14 baby bears but its good to know someone had some.
  12. Got some bears yesterday with 1000 base stamina. Also found a bear today female wild level 27 before tame 815 base health. Still trying to hunt down a bear with 160 or more melee to breed some good bears. 140 is average melee anything 113 is low melee. Highest I've seen "pre 1.5" base melee 175 in a non alpha bear which was 1 in 50 of all my friend's bears
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