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  1. Bulldogg50

    Member points in Clan

    Looking to find out what the official point value is per person in PVE official. 1 person = 32 points and so on, what is the point value per clan member after the first person. thanks
  2. Well maybe not broken but its not the same as the old official server before the wipes. i made 60 ceilings and went up 2.9 pts in xp. this is not right and hand collecting with the bonuses is not giving very many points either. the Giraffe is not collecting like it did before the wipe. I put an entire brig together and only went up 6.7 points. this is unreal. something is wrong. Building used to give points, not so much anymore. the XP must be back to 1 to 1 instead of 1 to 2 as it was on the old official.
  3. Bulldogg50

    Quests and discovery points

    you dont happen to have the cheat codes for the Quests? looking for Blackwood map
  4. Hey Puppies, what do you want for the bear
  5. Bulldogg50

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    just wondering if the new system of 2points per discovery changed the number of discoveries you need to level up. So old atlas was 26, new atlas was 34, but is it tha same now? or did they increase it again. I just love it when they put out a patch and dont tell you that they nerfed the bear or elephant in gathering, or they leave out a little tid bit about something.
  6. what do you want for a 59/60 bear? and not neutered
  7. Bulldogg50

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    it was only between 26-27 discoveries on the old official, where did they post this information and why is there no chart for this. And we still cannot change the names of the ships.
  8. I have been looking for a New er chart that lists the levels you can obtain with the number of discovery points. If i go off the last one i would be close to lvl 57. However, i have 130 discovery points and have stalled at level 54.....can someone explain what the problem is? what do i need to do to move on. Thanks
  9. Bulldogg50


    No not yet and Jat has not been on to say anything
  10. Bulldogg50


    Im in D5 now and everything just disappeared, tames, wild, SOTD's, not sure what is going on
  11. Bulldogg50


    E4, all four islands are blocked of by 123 Atlas Test
  12. Bulldogg50


    Its not so funny that they get away with it though. If the Devs really gave a crap about this they would look into the matter and ban them, done. it happens on the PVE as well...and Nothing is done to the individual. On ARK they would ban a whole clan for crap like this and then they would have to make their case in order to get back on. Not that i want a Griefer Police but at least take the time to investigate crap like this and the individual or clan doing it. Ban them if its inappropriate for 30 days. and if they sign back on with another account and people find out ban both accounts. its not as if they dont have access to our steam accounts to check and see if this person/clan is doing this sort of thing on other game servers. Steam has a tracker for getting kicked of servers and its on your steam page for all to see.
  13. Bulldogg50


    I made a post about this as well its in F8 i believe, in that area. all four ports (Pathfinder (square)) has blocked in the NPC buyer. this guy needs to be banded, utterly ridiculous how this sort of thing can happen, NO building on the Freeports, NONE, even in test mode should you be allowed to build in a Freeport....its just that a FREEPORT. I just love how this guy can get away with it and will be allowed into the next game to screw everyone over again.
  14. Bulldogg50

    This is why I play Pve..

    Would it be possible for NO ONE to build in the G7 freeports, some Asshat built around all the Freeport guys you buy NPC's from and the GUY is Pathfinder (square).
  15. Bulldogg50

    Invisible animals

    I have two animals in my base and cannot access due to the fact that they are invisible, please fix issue