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  1. I'll answer your question with a question: What incentive do the developers have to keep you (or me) happy and playing the game? They already have our money. Atlas has no microtransactions so they're not going to get any more of our money. Making us happy and keeping us playing doesn't put any money in their pockets. So, it makes sense (financially) that they would ignore those who bought in early and focus their efforts on bringing in new players (console launch) who will give them more money. This is the fatal flaw with early access games which keeps most (if not all) EA games from ever reaching their potential.
  2. Ben Kor

    So you can board anyone's boat again?

    I forgot that they made ships unsinkable while anchored. Thanks.
  3. Does that mean that the griefing will be returning as well. Such as overloading people's ships in PVE so that it sinks? I didn't see anything in patch notes to prevent it. I mean, it says you can use the radial wheel to kick them off but that doesn't help me when I'm offline.
  4. Has there been any response from the developers on this issue? are they aware of it? Do they have any plans to fix it? Last night, someone kited a ship of the damned into my docks and, if I weren't online, it was in a position to sink all 6 of my ships. I was able to get to a ship and sink the Damned ship in time to save the ship it was working attacking. It only destroyed a sail and 1 plank which I was able to replace before it sank. It's only a matter of time until someone wipes out our entire fleet this way. I do have to sleep some time.
  5. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. I think those are great ideas but I doubt devs are reading these and taking these suggestions into consideration. I was hoping more for something I could do in the meantime while I wait for the problem to be fixed by the developers. Someone mentioned mortars with NPCs but I have never used them. Is it an effective defense against this type of griefing? I can't make them right now but I would respec if it works. What is the range? How many would I need to protect several ships? Would the NPCs fire at anything hostile in range or do they only attack if they're attacked? Are they very accurate without humans directing them where to fire? Could they accidentally hit my own ships or docks? Within how many degrees can a mortar fire? Sorry for all the questions but I am at my max level which means if I use my respec, I will have to gain discovery points to get another one. Here is a picture of the ships I am trying to protect. Note that I can not build out any farther into the water than I have due to building height limitations.
  7. Aside from everyone gating in entire sections of islands (ruining the game for everyone), what ways are there to protect our ships from people kiting Ships of the Damned into shore to sink them. Several ships have been lost on my island in this way over the last few days. If/when it happens to me, I will likely quit playing.
  8. Ben Kor

    Another Chinese Exploit?

    I agree that, in pve, we should have to worry about npcs destroying our stuff. But these tactics allow players to destroy my entire fleet while I am not even playing the game. I avoid pvp only because I want to be able to log off and sleep, spend time with family, work, run errands, etc. without constantly worrying about a video game. PVE in any game should allow for me to log off without the risk of losing everything I've built by anything except decay timers.
  9. Is there a way to fix this without making the resource despawn radius such that every tree on every island is gone? Despawn radius of 1 foot would be plenty. I don't mind trees adjacent or even touching my house. I just don't want them growing through it. Thank you.
  10. Ben Kor

    Cobra spawn in building.

    We built a barn to protect our tames. Yesterday, we lost our elephant, rhino, bears, chickens, horses, and tiger all to one cobra that spawned (or glitched) inside of our building while we were offline. The doors were closed. All animals were set to passive so they don't destroy walls/floors trying to attack a cobra outside.
  11. People are still able to kite ships of the damned into shore to destroy players' anchored ships while they are offline in PVE. My ally lost his galleon to this exploit 2 day ago while offline. Another on our island lost all 3 of his brigs while offline. I fear my ships may be next . People are now trying to gate in entire sections of the beach to protect their ships and just ruining the game . Please make fixing this exploit a priority over new content. Thank you.
  12. Ben Kor

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    I just got it at C6. Southern part of western peninsula (near what looks like a little lake on the map). Gives 10% increase to melee, health, stamina, health regen, and stamina regen if you're over 90. ^not a troll I made a ramshackle at A6 freeport in about 20 minutes, sailed straight east, and made it into and through the cave to fountain first attempt. I died almost immediately after from bat. Run in with a group of other players. Hug the wall to your right as you go through cave then over a bridge. click "e" on the glowy area that looks nothing like a "fountain".
  13. Ben Kor

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    someone said that earlier. Then someone else said they were still waiting and it wasn't there. Can anyone confirm c6?
  14. Ben Kor

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    can someone post the location of the cave at C6 please?
  15. Ben Kor

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    I don't believe it was ever at o14. I was there yesterday and the day before. Loads of people laying on the floor - all wondering why it wasn't there. I stayed about an hour before I gave up.