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  1. I've played a ton of games in the XB1 GPP and this is by far the biggest less of them all. I expect bugs. But I don't expect game crashing bugs happening CONSTANTLY. Yesterday, every time I approached my home island, the game would crash to the XB1 dashboard. I tried 6x. Today, after trying again the game crashed and this time the game resynched my save data which wiped various things in my game. All the materials in all of my workstations are just gone. Thousands of mats. And the lag is the worst its ever been. I can't take 3 steps without the game coming to a total stop for 30 seconds. Same thing every time I just hit the B button to open my inventory. All of my crew members are just gone. And I'm still having the issue where the top of my HUD is cut off so I can't see the pirate camp info. And the status icons on the bottom are all overlapped in 1 spot. I can't uninstall / reinstall because these dumb devs don't have my save data stored on the server side, like every other MMO in existence, so if I reinstall I lose everything and have to start over. Reached out to the devs onTwitter but of course, they ignored me. They already have my money so why respond to me.
  2. My base is on D5. I've looked all over this tile and have gone south to the tropics at D6-7, but I can't find any sap or sugar anyplace. Is there a biome in which its more prevalent? Its driving me crazy. Thanks
  3. Lol Once again, total silence from any dev or Grapeshot rep. Great company.
  4. Then why was my game save wiped when I reinstalled? I lost my entire character and had to create a new character.
  5. When I started the game today, after about 2 minutes of loading, the game just quits to the XB1 dashboard. Its happened 6x in a row now. I checked to make sure there were no upgrades, and there were not. Tried restarting the XB1. I'm playing single player. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. I made an elevator with a "shaft" going all the way up. The back side is stone foundations and opposite those are stone walls that the elevator tracks are attached to. I want to place stone walls on both sides to enclose it. I need to have the 3 bottom rows empty in order to get my bear tame into and out of the elevator. I can't get the stone walls to attach to the sides, starting 3 rows up. I could do this if the stone walls went all the way to the ground, but If I do that, I can't delete the walls 3 rows up or else they all disappear. I hope I'm making sense. Lol
  7. Um, that doesn't do anything. I have a bed on a, beach and on my schooner 20' away. I died on purpose to test your theory and you can't zoom in enough to see individual items like beds or boats. Even if I move the cursor right over where I know the schooner is, it doesn't recognize it as a spawn point. The only spawn I have available is the last one I created. And why is there an icon for the HOME button there if its not used?
  8. When I die I see the spawn option at the bottom of the screen, but it only shows 1 spawn option. I have 4 beds. It has a HOME button icon next to the box that shows the spawn option. I thought that if you pressed the HOME button it would list all of my spawn points, but it doesn't, it just activates the listed spawn option. Is this a bug? Surely, we can choose from our various spawn points, right?
  9. No. EVERY pirate camp starts firing their cannons at you when you get within 300 yards of their camps. And why isn't the pirate camp info appearing on my HUD in the upper right corner.? Great game. Lol
  10. For the past few days all the pirate camps in my single player game are 100% passive. I walk right in and they just stand there. On every island. And, on my HUD, where it usually shows the pirate camp info, there's nothing at all. I'm on XB1. Have they made a change to the pirate camps in single player? And why am I not getting the pirate camp info on my HUD? THANKS.
  11. When I recrntly reinstalled my game due to isdues, my saved character was wiped. I was pissed to say the least. Every MMO I've played had the save Giles stored on the sever side, not locally. Is this gsme different?
  12. Is there a setting I might have changed, because I don't see the prate camp info in the top right corner of the HUD today. Also, the status icons on the bottom right of the HUD are cut in half, like they're down too low. Nothing has changed on my TV and I even went into 4:3 resolution to see if it was cut off and the pirate camp info is missing. The rest of the HUD elements are fine. I've tried adjust the size of all the HUD elements and it didn't help. I'm on XB1.
  13. I reinstalled the game hoping to fix all of my issues. When I started the game, it had deleted my save file! I had to create a brand new character and start completely over. Then, once in the game, NO items Appeared in the dragging at all! And, yes, I have reached lvl 2 and learned "The basics". So now I can't make anything. Great game.
  14. OK. Did you see my earlier post about spawn problems I'm having? I really don't want to start over.
  15. If you saw my post about the spawn problems, the only answer I can come up with is to build a new Schooner and hope my original Schooner is still there. So, I'm crafting my metal implants, but the metal pickaxe isn't appearing in the smithy. If I search for METAL in the smithy, only the hatchett and sickle appear. Is this a known bug? I'm on XB1.
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