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  1. So here is the gold required to claim island acc to points New gold cost to claim an island or upkeep is 2x of the listed gold cost. GL HF. 150p - 122p - 527 G 86p - 312 G 81p - 286 G 77p - 69p - 230 G 57p - 179 G 53p - 163 G 51p - 155 G 46p - 137 G 36p - 35p - 99 G 24p - 64 G 23p - 61 G 20p - 52 G 15p - 38 G Will update once I find more.
  2. Vegetto


    Armor skins have 10 uses so they will stay in your inventory until you use them all, but sail and wheel skins won't stick to your inventory, if you die then you'll have to recover them from your body.
  3. Vegetto

    Dealing with land squatters?

    1. Its your mistake that you failed to demo their structures within 24hr window, you thought they placed the foundations for settling there(NOPE), this is usually the case when someone can't claim island then they just spam it, I've seen this happening multiple times. 2. Flag decays in 10 days of inactivity even if it has a million gold. 3. You are stuck with those foundations until (a) they give up, (b) you leave the game, (c) some admin takes care of that(which seems unlikely now as we haven't heard from devs for a while now) There is no other way to get rid of structures except decaying. You'll have to live with the spammed foundations or submit a ticket in case an admin thinks of dealing with it.
  4. Vegetto

    Boat Decay!

    Nobody knows the exact interval, its like 2-3 weeks but if anyone gets on the boat then the timer resets.
  5. Vegetto


    There is no better way to explain weather system in this game than this.
  6. Vegetto

    good bear island?

    Eastern and Central tundra. Look for islands with less dense forest so you can easily spot bears.
  7. Vegetto

    Source of flint at sea?

    You can harvest Agate from trenches.
  8. Vegetto

    Claiming Ships In PVE

    Abondoned ships will vanish after 3 weeks on PvE, don't know the perfect time span. But don't step on it else the timer will reset.
  9. Vegetto

    Can't find sap, sugar etc. Where should I look?

    I'm 99.99% sure all islands in D6 have sugars as its Western Tropics some may also have honey. For finding resources use antihax.github.io or exploreatlas.co.uk Sugars can be harvested from tiny bushes usually hidden under some other bushes.
  10. Vegetto

    Powerstone Help - which stone is missing

    Click on Atlas tab in inventory, select voyage of power quest. Then check all Golden Age ruins regions on map, all the stones you have will have color on map and the stone you are missing will be black. Same for the essence but you'll have to select journey of the gods quest for that.
  11. Vegetto

    Question about merge companies !

    Claimed islands do not carry over when companies merge. If Company A invites Company B to merge then Company B will lose its claim, its an intended feature.
  12. Vegetto

    razortooth breeding

    Hot areas are preferred to breed razors, we did it in desert but can also be done in equatorial. You can do it in High and low desert F to J in grids 4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12.
  13. Only A1, H15 and M15 have ironwood and diamonds now.
  14. Vegetto

    pve EU PvE Tame Hub {breedable bears for sale}

    Added bears for very cheap. More bears coming soon including very high melee.
  15. Low Desert so you may find it in J10, look for green bushes on shore.
  16. It's a very old bug, rejoin and it should be fixed, happens due to network drops or sometimes when you fast travel to bed.
  17. Vegetto

    handeling sails

    Max speed stat has been removed from speed sails as per patch notes. only stat I know is turning effectiveness on speed sail. I might be wrong so feel free to correct me.
  18. As the title suggests the recent patch of dynamic nameplate size makes short names too big please make them so that they atleast stay in proportion and not look out of place. Hope I'm not the only one who thinks this looks really horrible.
  19. Vegetto

    Stuck Bear any help

    This has happened multiple times with my bears as well. keep the bear on follow and then hit it with a spyglass this will push the bear, keep pushing it towards the sea and it'll eventually get out.
  20. Vegetto

    Tames killed by AoD

    @Jatheish Someone had a map on our island which happened to be inside our pen where we keep animals and the lvl.94 AoD killed all of our animals, 700 hrs of progress of finding and breeding animals lost in a flash. 20+ animals including bears, lions and tigers were spread across the pen to guard all the tames but they died as well with all our animals only our razors survived as they were kept in a seperate part of the pen. Guess this is it for me but fix the treasure map spawning inside other people's bases so that they won't suffer through this. And the person who had the map could've just waited till someone comes online to gain access to that area but they just spawned army and let it wipe out our efforts of taming and breeding we've done post wipe.
  21. Vegetto

    Tames killed by AoD

    I agree with you that I had a choice to build there and the person with map didn't. But the person who had the map also had a choice at that situation 1. Wait until the owners come online, 2. Throw the map, 3. Spawn army and let it kill all the tames. So as much as its my fault to build there it doesn't make the person who spawned the army and dragged it around to kill tames innocent. Nobody sails 7 grids away for 1 map. Lets Consider that person sailed 7 grids away for only one map which was in my pen. In this situation anybody would just park their boat and tp to home for farming or doing other things. I've been in that situation. But map weilder decided to not wait and spawn army due to the frustration of not being able to do the map. Sailing back and forth without doing map costed him 4 hrs but that person's actions out of frustration costed us our 700 hrs of finding, taming and breeding animals.
  22. Vegetto

    Tames killed by AoD

    Toxic people and griefers defending griefers. If blocking off spawn is griefing then killing someones entire hardwork is also griefing. We haven't blocked any dp on our island and neither any resources. Its a 15 pt island which is the smallest on entire map. Only place to build on is mountain. In the past when someone needed access inside pen for treasure map we let them in and helped. Then made sure to build on that spot so treasure map should not generate for that spot but It still happened army spawned inside the hut(screenshot in 3rd post) and some crybaby was angry because he was unable to do 1 map out if his 20 maps due to it being in someones base and nobody was online because not all people like him are playing 24x7. I understand its early access and it has problems but you should also understand the same and not opt to grief others of their hardwork. And the person who spawned the army made sure to drag it all the way to other areas of our pen to make sure every animal will die just because they just love griefing. There's a dedicated server for griefing people which is PvP. Toxic people like you are the problem in this game. @Jatheish @Dollie this kind of toxic behaviour is responsible for player count in PvE along with content. Good luck @Kummba @user1 defending your griefer friends. GL HF with griefing. Peace Out.
  23. Vegetto

    Tames killed by AoD

    first of all calm down. you don't have to shout at him. You can grief if someone refused to let you inside the pen but you chose to grief instead of communicating. and nobody sails 7 grids away for 1 map so you probably have 10 other maps to do and you can do those as well. Not being able to do 1 map is not a big deal. You can just wait for the owners to come online as people have things to do and have jobs so can't be online 24x7. Our island is small and the only place to build a pen is on cliff. And yes your language shows your AGE.
  24. Vegetto

    Tames killed by AoD

    So it took you 4 hrs to sail ? even though you live in J11? I know you got that map 7-8 regions away but people usually wait in this kind of situations. I've met your company mates who are way better than you. such a shame you chose to grief on PvE because you are too scared to play PvP.
  25. Vegetto

    Tames killed by AoD

    direct, fair and honest? really? Killing someones hard work just because you can't wait for some time ? this is the most retarded thing I've heard. Sucks to suck mate. hope your 12 yo ass is happy doing that.