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  1. Winter Thorne

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    They haven't been able to get the collision detection right with them. I'm sure hunting them is fun, but repairing the hell out of everything they chew up all the time is really boring. People are sick of them eating all their tames. Yesterday I put a sign on my boathouse saying, "No Snakes Allowed". This morning I watched an alpha cobra eat the sign. For no earthly reason at all. Let the devs give you some other nice big mob to hunt that doesn't glitch through walls.
  2. Winter Thorne

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    They're broken as anything, and warp through any amount of structures. Why not just remove them until (if) you can get them working right? They're just a mob...not critical to any element of gameplay. Replace them with more spawns of existing creatures that don't have the problem so badly, or put something new in that doesn't warp through objects. They're needlessly annoying with no redeeming game features.
  3. Winter Thorne

    griefing is a major issue on pve

    Your comment shows that you don't have a good understanding of what pve content is. What's your idea of pve content, anyway?
  4. Winter Thorne

    My experience of Atlas

    Do crazy stuff. I think it's a mistake to play an EA game seriously, spending a ton of time creating and building things and expecting them to persist. When you read on the forums that people are having a terrible time trying to breed animals, keep their tames, hang onto huge ships if they have griefing neighbors, why bother dedicating yourself to that before it's fixed? You'll only drive yourself crazy. Do it casually if you like, with an attitude of, "Oh, I guess I'll try this today". If it's still there in a week, that's great! If not, then do something else. Take a long sail (on a raft ), have a flotsam collecting contest with bonus points for who gets popped most by SOTDs. Sail through some zone where everybody is heads down slaving away at building something like it's their job, and sing a song in general chat. Collect 10 other silly people, put them all in armor painted pink and go visit other islands, telling them you're from Mary Kay and they've won a free makeover. If you've already built all the big ships and bases, tamed all the animals and got all the powerstones, what is there left to do when things are finally fixed and actually fun to accomplish? Remember, nobody expects a Spanish Inquisition...so show up uninvited and unexpected and give them one.
  5. Winter Thorne

    Can't get to any Freeport

    Every single one is showing Lost Connection Time Out. There seem to be tons of timeout issues reported in the bugs forum, but no answers for any of them yet. I didn't see any where someone couldn't get to any of the Freeports though. The reason I'm posting it in here is because we're supposed to be getting a big new feature of player merchants in Freeports soon. How many other people are having this problem who will be locked out of the new feature? (It's deja vu all over again on the great EA land rush) It's also a PITA with the FOY mechanic.
  6. Winter Thorne

    Atlas for crybabies

    All just to say -
  7. Winter Thorne

    SotD and windspeed/render distance (yes, again)

    I always plan for bigger stuff to be a multi day adventure, having probably even less time all in one lump to play. I didn't start out that way, but now that I've changed my expectations for sailing trips it makes them less aggravating. There's been a forum thread lately on doing away with fast travel, which would kill that whole approach. I hope nobody takes that idea seriously.
  8. And for the players that start in May or June? Are they required to read through 6 or 8 months of patch notes, forums, discord and twitter before they start playing?
  9. I agree with the OP. You know, some people just want to play the game, and not be all involved in all the meta on the forums, discord, twitter, etc. I've looked for stuff in the patch notes before and not been able to find it too. I read the forums a lot, and there's plenty of stuff I've missed too. Even if you think it's his fault for not knowing, piling on somebody who's just lost a ton of stuff is kind of a rotten thing to do. But here's the real reason this pisses me off and why the OP is right - games get new players. Can we all stop thinking about the game as though everyone who will ever play it started on day 1? Somebody who buys this game in May is not going to have all this history of forum discussion to know what everyone else knows. Treating them as though they're stupid for not knowing all this is a weird thing to do. If there's a game mechanic that's going to seriously impact players like that, there needs to be some sort of notice in the game.
  10. Some players have never been in a Freeport, since they didn't start there.
  11. Winter Thorne

    No Captain's Log today?

    On twitter, Jat said - Contemplating whether to do a Captain's Log tomorrow (Weds). Don't really have much to share in terms of future plans yet as we're still figuring things out. It would just be another filler one sharing the recent notes and the show n tell. Not keen on those.Would rather post one where we've got something more concrete in terms of our upcoming direction and how we're going to be addressing concerns brought up by the community. As we're still figuring it out, seems appropriate to hold the current one. Jat, your Captain's Log idea is contained right in your post. You don't need to wait until you've got all the concerns solved. Why not publish the list of concerns you're all discussing, along with whatever bits of the back and forth you think are appropriate? There's a huge difference in perspective from your view of being immersed in that design discussion every day, to the players' view of seeing chaotic bits of issues big and small flooding the forums. I think people would enjoy an overview of the discussions of our concerns at a high level , say 35,000 ft.
  12. Winter Thorne

    This game is not for the new gamer

    or beans.
  13. Winter Thorne

    Is kiting SOTD even griefing. Devil's Advocate

    You seem to be talking about pve, so yes, it's griefing there. Although the game uses the word "enemy" talking about other players' territories, pve is supposed to be an environment where you cannot attack other players or their belongings and destroy them. Deliberately attacking and destroying the property of other players in pve is griefing. The claim system is awful. The devs know that. They say they are going to rework the entire thing. Using griefing as your own personal way to change the claim system is a stupid and selfish idea. It will get you reported and it may get you banned.
  14. Winter Thorne

    Just remove fast travel

    Pvp and Pve are two entirely different games. Pve is not a territorial game all about claiming land.
  15. I gave you a like, not because I agree with all you said, but because they're reasonable criticisms and the phrase "loveless mechanics", which seems spot on. There's nothing that generates awe or surprise or humor in it. To be fair, that's the same for all the new games lately, so Atlas isn't alone. Well, hope springs eternal.