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  1. Winter Thorne

    So we actually found an island on H9

    Maybe I'll make a grand voyage over there someday. At some point I'll be needing a giraffe and an ele. There's no way I'll be taming them myself with everything else I've got to do.
  2. Winter Thorne

    Taming a joke?

  3. Winter Thorne

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    I vote for Sharkbite plumbing connectors.
  4. Winter Thorne

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    I ended up running the pipe along the wall, and the grill snapped to it somewhere in the back. There are just a lot of oddities about what's around it at the time you're trying to do that.
  5. Winter Thorne

    Stuck Bear any help

    See if there's anywhere at all you can place a wooden ramp somewhere around the bear. That will sometimes get them out. Also, try leaving the area and coming back in. And after watching the video, try taking him off follow, ad see if you can ride..if so, try turning him in different directions than the one he was going (where he keeps sinking into the ground) Had to offer at least a few suggestions for a character called Crosseyed Mary.
  6. Winter Thorne

    Don't see items in campfire inventory

    I don't know the xbox UI, but if there's a search box, make sure there's nothing in there.
  7. Winter Thorne

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    Removing the ramps did the trick! Thanks very much. I could have been there for days trying to get that working. Kicking Winter is not allowed. Yes, I'm still around. I managed to get my island back after a Series of Unfortunate Events, so I'm still here.
  8. Winter Thorne

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    Aha. I've been trying to place the grill under a ramp, and it does keep wanting to pop up and place through the ramp floor. But I'm also having an issue where the grill will not place on any floor tile that has a straight water pipe on it. It keeps saying it's obstructed. Did you see that too before you removed the ceiling?
  9. I've tried everything that used to work the last time I did it (long time ago...so could be remembering wrong), and I can't get the darn thing hooked up. It's driving me nuts.
  10. Winter Thorne

    Q about moving between islands.

    You own the entire island. Anyone can build there. Within 24 hours you can demolish anything built on your claimed island. After that, you can't.
  11. Winter Thorne

    Can I evict tenants

    Ignore Udo's response. The claim system is bad in that there are major drawbacks for both the landlord and the tenants, and on a fully loaded server there aren't enough claims for everyone. People, especially large groups can claim multiple islands and large groups have been known to claim up all the smaller islands, shutting out the smaller groups. As the landlord, you have to pay for the place, and you can demolish anything anyone builds within 24 hrs of it being built. If it's older than 24 hours, than you can't do anything to it, however you can demolish anything new they build. As a tenant, the landlord can demolish anything you build within 24 hrs. On the other hand, it doesn't cost you anything to live there. If you get into a pissing contest with your landlord or your tenants, you may find that you can't play the game you bought (Atlas) because you are too busy playing a build/demolish pissing contest. Not a good situation. I've put up a settlement message saying "Claims with owner's permission", and hope that gives people some warning that building there without arranging it first will just result in a demolish.
  12. Winter Thorne

    map Island numbers

    Those numbers indicate how many island points it takes to claim the island. The higher the island points, the more it's going to cost to claim it and keep it.
  13. Winter Thorne

    Can't progress at all. Stuck at lvl 6.

    You don't have to respawn at lawless. Build a sloop in Freeport, get out of there and go anywhere you like. You should start gaining exp again as soon as you leave the zone.
  14. Someone didn't read the roadmap.
  15. Winter Thorne


    Jat posted that it would be fixed in an update.