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  1. Winter Thorne

    Well Is time to honor your promises/statements!!!!

    Well, the game mechanics are just bad. But in defense of the landowners (who may or may not be nasty), you said you were going to build a taming pen and tame and then you disappeared. Did you tell them you'd be back in the morning? Maybe the landowner knew he wasn't able to be in the game in enough time to dismantle it if you didn't. Who knows? If I had been the landowner, depending on what you told me, I might have done the same thing.
  2. Winter Thorne


    It's even weirder because the devs have said more than once that it's a play style they support. Just because you're a solo player doesn't mean you don't play in groups. Solo players want the ability to own a piece of land. They want to be able to share resources and crafted items with their friends. They want to be able to communicate with each other so they can group up and do things. The game hasn't made any of those things very easy.
  3. Winter Thorne


    The first notice said a couple weeks. The second said a few weeks.
  4. Winter Thorne


    That's not "what I want to do". That's is how I'm telling you solo players play. We go along doing our thing, and run into people we like, and a group forms and we hang out together in the game. You seem to think people who aren't in companies never group up to do anything, can't do this content or that content. That they play all alone never speaking to anyone. All the solos in the forums keep telling everyone that's not how it works, but nobody listens. It's got nothing to do with hick towns and not getting out enough. Everything to do with game mechanics that don't support groups. There are many problems with trying to do this in the game. Until recently, you couldn't board each other's boats, for example. The alliance system provides you all a way to communicate with each other, but it also needs to allow a much wider range of permissions for anything lockable. How do you all get together to build some big building when only one of you has access to the storage cabinet. (Without having to risk the pin code hackers). Having the alliance chat works again for pve now, but damn, it's a struggle trying to get even the devs to understand how that's used and why it's needed. It just shows that nobody really understands or considers solo or small group play, even when they say they want to.
  5. Winter Thorne

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    The funny thing about gold upkeep for claims is that the only reason it's needed is because everyone doesn't get a claim, so it's for balance. You get a claim, he doesn't, you have to do upkeep, he doesn't, etc. If they used a claim system where everybody was expected to be able to have a claim, you wouldn't need upkeep. Everyone just gets one by virtue of paying for the game and playing it. The only real purpose of upkeep and decay in a game like this is to make sure that once people are gone from the game, their stuff gets removed. All that takes is a simple rendering timer like we have now for ships. You don't log in and visit your stuff in X days, it goes away. No need to reinforce that with upkeep and decay, it works all on its own. Yet another reason to go back to claims with limits: Everyone gets to own land No upkeep or decay needed on claims More frequent turnover of land so new people can find a claim easier No trying to balance ways the haves and have-nots can grief each other. He can delete your stuff, but you can spam pillars, etc. (Who the hell invents a system where you have to balance griefing anyway?) People get to concentrate on having adventures rather than fighting passive-aggressive pve battles over land and pillars, and worrying about having their stuff destroyed.
  6. Winter Thorne

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    Solo players do play in groups. They just don't join companies. (said for the 50th time) Here's another guy with a private hotline to the devs apparently. (After they said they were making changes to make the game more friendly to solos and small groups) It doesn't make things more true the more you repeat them. Otherwise I'd be rich now.
  7. Winter Thorne


    I think you've mistaken solo players for "players who want to play alone". Most of the solo players will tell you that they enjoy making friends as they go along and working with them to do things in the game. Just because a person doesn't want to join a company doesn't mean they are not playing the game with other players. Half the things solos have complained about with this game have to do with the game mechanics making that very difficult to do.
  8. Winter Thorne


    Yeah, but that's 24 hours for each storage, each piece of each building, etc. People keep talking about it like once they've been on the island for 24 hours, everything's good, but that's not how it works. You could be there a month, go to build a taming pen, and the landlord decides you're taking up too much area, and it's gone. Not might be a big deal to some people, I guess, but it would bug me having to wait out a timer every time I built something new. I like the idea of basing claims partly on activity, but you need to be careful with that other idea. There are really good reasons for running some tenants off the island, and people may get pretty unhappy with a ruler who lets anybody at all set up a base there. Individual claims with limits are just a much better idea. They foster more frequent land turnover for one thing, they remove the threat of what landlords might do, and if they're done right, they prevent people from blocking you in and building too close to you. Just look at all the work-arounds people are trying to come up with to make the island claim thing work, complicating things to the point where it becomes some sort of Rube Goldberg construction, when all anybody wants is just a big enough piece of land to do their stuff, without interference from players who may or may not be jerks.
  9. Winter Thorne

    Interesting take on the issue of EA and Atlas specifically

    Game developers used to have to get financial backing to develop a game through to release. The backers would need them to prove their idea was good and thought through completely, that it was marketable, they had the skills to do the work, and that they were reasonably controlled by business, marketing, and project plans. In other words, they had to prove they were grownups who knew their business. Now, any group of wild-eyed goobers can get together, decide something's a cool idea, scratch out a few graphics , and throw the whole thing up as a crowd funded EA. And people pay them money without knowing if they are 3 guys hitting the bong in the garage, or some unknown genius about to produce the new greatest thing. If there are no finance guys willing to plop down some cash based on a real assessment, you're taking your chances just as much as playing roulette in Vegas. Doesn't mean you can't complain if you don't like it, just the same as those finance guys could. But it does mean there's no standard and not even a guarantee you haven't just bought a pig in a poke.
  10. Winter Thorne


    What if that happened again on the next island you tried? And the one after that? Would you still just want a few tweaks? I'd want to toss that system in the trash, maybe even after the first time.
  11. Winter Thorne


    None of that requires an owner. We had a lot of that happening, among equals sharing an island with claims.
  12. That wasn't the only problem we had with the old pve. Most of the people I knew on lawless were there because they couldn't find a claim. That wasn't even the only problem in lawless. At my location, people weren't trying to take a massive part for themselves, they were just trying to be nasty to other players and grief them by blocking their ships, spamming around them or building over key resources. People wanted a claim, they didn't want to just build on some other random person's claim. Why do you think island owners are begging people to come live there? Nobody wants to do that. It's also wrong to say after 24 hours no one can do shit to you. They can destroy each thing you build 24 hours after you build it. I don't think there are many people who build everything in one day and then just never change it. Every single time you spend the time to gather mats at 1x, and spend all day trying to put up a dock or an animal barn, or anything at all, that's another 24 hours the landlord can decide to wreck your stuff. Even after you have everything built, the landlord or one of the other tenants can build right up next to you or block your ships or or otherwise wreck your spot. Nobody wants it. Nobody wants to be at the mercy of some unknown player on a pve server. Everybody just wants a claim.
  13. Winter Thorne

    NA PVE Disgrace

    I think they needed 2 kinds of pve servers a lot more than they needed 2 kinds of pvp servers. That system isn't very good for small companies and solos, and there are a lot of us that still just want claims without having to own and police a whole island and pay a big gold cost. We just want a non-griefed place to get set up so we can go be pirates or whatever else we want to do.
  14. Winter Thorne

    NA PVE Disgrace

    Lotus! I wondered where you'd been. No way I'm going to colonies on EU Pve. I especially don't want to play the role of "Here's what it's like to start the game months after everyone else and find all the claims gone and the place spammed all to hell." I keep wondering when people will stop evaluating the system like everyone starts at zero hour and consider what it will be like for new players. Colonies does seem a nice deal for megas. The only problem is that the claim changes were supposed to help small companies and solos.