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  1. Winter Thorne

    Reproducible missing tiles bug

    If you're still trying to reproduce the bug of building tiles disappearing, I can do that nearly at will on NA pve, A3, Barracude Refuge.
  2. Winter Thorne

    Livestream Q&A

    What exactly does it mean when your company log says someone has "settled" on your island? Will there ever be an autorun?
  3. Winter Thorne

    Message in a bottle

    What if the letters are only in those bottles that were going to disappear when you picked them up anyway?
  4. Winter Thorne

    Atlas and steam charts

  5. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Well I wouldn't mind if they tossed it as us as a bauble to keep us happy, but still, it makes no sense given your argument that it requires a wipe. "Here you go, something fun to play with so you'll all stick around - WPE. But first we're going to destroy all your stuff for it. Hey, where's everybody going?"
  6. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    There may be sometimes and there may not be other times. Regarding discovery points, you can wipe all reference to dp that don't exist anymore. No "dangling references", no giving more DP than possible. Nobody expects rescue boats of admins, but allowing people to rescue themselves has been done before, and keeps people happy. Wipes for fairness? LOL. They shut down an entire pve server and gave it to pvp for over a week. There are no established "rules of fairness" happening here, and it's a bad argument. You might as well say existing players had to fight griefing players who kept sinking their ships, hacking their pin codes, and killing them with repair hammers, so we have to bring all that back too, because..fairness. Good arguments have to do with keeping the game moving forward and retaining the player base. But if you want to talk about fairness, first you have to remember that that means different things in pvp and pve. Second, WPE isn't a "new player" situation. Are you trying to say that if someone starts playing the game next November and WPE is on official, it's unfair to them to have to fight WPE, when the existing players didn't, so everyone has to get wiped for "fairness"? What happens if they have a big steam sale and 2000 people buy the game next Feb.? Wipe the servers for "fairness" again? I'm speaking mostly about pve here, and pvp has its own challenges for bringing in new players when the older ones can just flatten them. But this is something every game has to solve - how to prevent newbie ganking. So far, none of the other games have decided to wipe the servers when someone new joins to prevent this. As much as I'd like to see WPE on official, it's a silly idea anyway, because it's so temporary. Sure, there's empty islands they could go on right now, or you could wipe the place and it would be empty for them, but at some point, the servers will be fully loaded like they used to be, and all the islands will be claimed. New people will have to wait to get an island from someone who is leaving on pve or fight for it on pvp. If you've been playing since December, think back to how that was, and realize it will be like that again some day. There won't be any place for WPE, so the idea is all done at that point. It's a concept that needs a rethink. They need to be put on unbuildable adventure islands or something.
  7. Winter Thorne

    Atlas and steam charts

    I'm a fan of neither, so I had to look it up to remind myself who they were. And I remembered I thought they were creepy.
  8. Winter Thorne

    Atlas and steam charts

    Ewww. No.
  9. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Surprisingly, I agree with you on some of that. Truth 1 for sure. As far as truth 2 and truth 3 - sure. It's EA. There will be wipes. There shouldn't be wipes without a good reason for them, and most of the reasons people have been posting here are not good reasons. What's a good reason? Technical reasons cause wipes. If there's some major change being made to the hardware or OS or networks where it's impossible to overlay the saved data back down after the change you get a complete wipe. Nearly all the other (valid) reasons for wiping don't require a full wipe. If there's a massive change to the geography, you can wipe the geography and leave the character data intact. With some planning, you could also allow characters to save some possessions - ships, tames, mats, BPs, etc. If there's a huge new feature coming that changes characters so they must be started over - a completely different skillpoint/skilltree/leveling system, or something like that, you can preserve claims and possessions and just wipe the char data, leaving only the ID number. If you wanted to be nice about it, you could pre-load the new chars with the new skillpoints or level points. If they end up merging some servers, that may require a wipe. It may not. Almost all the other reasons people are giving for wipes aren't things you need to wipe for. Many of them boil down to - "I'm bored. We should wipe.", or "I want to start playing on a brand new server nobody else is playing on yet." Both are bad reasons for a wipe.
  10. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    If that's the point of the game, then you don't need a server wipe to be happy. There's plenty of trees. They even respawn. Or you could go play Farmville or something. You need to make better, more logical arguments.. You make so many contradictory ones that people can't possibly respond to them all to correct them, and I'm starting to think that it's done on purpose. Dawg made a comment assuming things about my personal life and history. I don't do that, because it's stupid. I make comments about what people say here in the forums. No hypocrisy there at all. Hypocrisy would be declaring that all existing players should get wiped because you are coming into the game, and then calling them selfish for not agreeing to it.
  11. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    A wipe is a good thing because....the private servers must also be wiped? Goofy reasoning. Because wipes get rid of bugs? No, they don't. Surely you can make up something better than that. Even Realist has made up a reason that millions of console players are ready to plunk down some cash if only they'd scrape us dirty PC players off the servers first. It's not a great reason, and it's not true, but he at least made an attempt. Yes, we all know it's EA. It's in the company's best interests to make sure they don't have to wipe everyone out without a good reason. Why? Because when the game stops being fun everyone leaves. It's no fun placing 5000 ceiling tiles over and over and over and over, although it does make a nice break from staying up for 3 days to attempt breeding tames and doing that over and over and over, or hitting a tree 5000 times to replace a ship which you have already replaced during the last wipe. So much fun. So much winning. People are here for fun. No fun=no people. You shouldn't make snarky assumptions about people you don't know.
  12. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Fixed that for ya
  13. Winter Thorne

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    If he turns out to be right that they wipe the servers for it, it would make Grapeshot look pretty dumb. Just consider this - he's stated that the current players aren't players but testers and have no right to any consideration at all, while at the same time, stating that console players are very special and deserve the right to a completely clean server with no existing characters or claims on it. I'm not sure how the same head can manage to hold both those thoughts at the same time.
  14. Winter Thorne

    Wipes are mostly unnecessary

    Everybody's talking about wipes lately because of the impending console release, the changed islands on the ptr, and the strange idea that server wipes would bring a crowd of people back to the game. Wipes without some amazing new features for the players do a lot of harm to the existing player base that's left. Maybe it's exciting starting all over again....the first couple times. After that it becomes an enormous chore of just replacing everything you've lost until you get back to where you were before the wipe and can do something new. If there is another complete server wipe without some great benefit and new feature coming, there will be another huge drop in players. We know this because we can look back to the last wipe and see the ghost towns that were left as soon as it was announced, and the continued drop in the numbers. And no, we are not "testers" who should expect no consideration at all. We are customers who have paid for the game, who understand that while bad things can happen in EA, we expect the company in charge to care about whether we're enjoying it. And really, there are very few reasons to conduct a complete server wipe. Players want to preserve their bases, their tames, their character levels and skills, and any rare inventory they might have. You can wipe landscape without wiping characters, and vice versa. You can wipe skills but leave the skillpoints intact. You can even preserve and restore possessions or claims or anything else you want to do. People assume that every landscape change demands a complete wipe. It doesn't. They could change every island in the game and still preserve the character data. They could set aside one unchanging zone for "refugees" and allow everyone to load up a galleon with whatever they want to save and park there while the change happens. Something similar was done before when new islands were added. The message went out to clear out of those areas ahead of time and people did. If they are only changing 10 islands in the game, they could give those island owners plenty of notice, allow them to get all their important stuff out of the way, and reset the claim for them after the change. They still have to rebuild, but it's much less painful to do that if the char data, the claim, and some possessions are retained. It's even less painful if there are good neighbors pitching in with mats to help. (And that's the sort of thing that builds community in games) NPC islands are a landscape change and don't demand a full server wipe in their own right. Any of the above can be done to bring in NPC islands. People also assume that crossplay would demand a wipe. That's pretty silly. The advent of crossplay is nothing more than an influx of new players. An influx of new players doesn't demand a wipe. Presumably that's going to happen over the entire lifespan of the game. Is it going to get wiped every time there's a Steam sale? Off the top of my head, I can't think of any single change significant enough to require an entire server wipe of the landscape, the character data, and all the possessions, except server mergers.
  15. Winter Thorne

    I do believe a wipe is incoming

    Realist is just trolling and showing so much projection he ought to open a movie theater.