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  1. RyuujinZERO

    "Singleplayer Setting" on singleplayer

    You'd be correct, difficulty strictly effects the level of creatures* spawned (And subsequently the quality of the loot, since level of stuff like SotDs directly correlate with quality of loot dropped), not the number or type of creature spawned. * SotD's count as 'creatures' for these purposes too
  2. Problem: 'Enable VR HMD' in settings menu is greyed out and unclickable Reproduction: 1. Attach a VR HMD and set it up, confirm it works 2. Boot ATLAS with or without VR enabled. 3. Attempt to click 'Enable VR HMD' in graphics settings Expectation: VR HMD displays stereo rendering and enables head-tracking, like it does in ARK. Notes: - Tested with and without SteamVR initialised beforehand. - If SteamVR is enabled, ATLAS recognises that VR is enabled in a popup when booted, but will only display in theatre mode. - Tested with Valve Index HMD
  3. For the people making the wow progression comparrisons earlier, I feel I should point out that they don't lock that sort of content behind raiding. Raiding and high end content is used to lock the best and most desirable gear; in atlas terms mythics and mythos. Submarines are more akin to flying or diving mounts or airship travel, tools that expand and change the ways you can interact with the world. Very few mmos lock stuff like travel methods behind the ultimate raid. Even ff14 only requires you to fully explore a zone on foot, before you can fly there and many consider that unreasonable. The Kraken isn't exploration, its not even a story boss; its a raid
  4. Correct, destroying the settler's structures re-enabled building in the water. Specifically it was preventing construction in water. Even though the settler's thatch floor itself was on land. I feel bad for all those settlers who claim that land-owners are abusive and waiting for an excuse to demolish their stuff... this is a legitimate reason to evict people
  5. Eventually after scouring our island, we located the problem. A single thatch floor the other side of the island built by a settler. To help illustrate the scale of things, I drew a red circle, that entire region was giving the 'Nearby enemy foundation' message because of that one thatch floor. The griefing potential for this is absurd! - A few well hidden pillars could prevent a company from building any shipyards.
  6. RyuujinZERO

    Tames SINK when they run out of stamina and drown.

    Historically swimming tames did not consume or need stamina to swim, only if they were mounted. So I can see how if you were expecting them to tread water indefinitly, this might catch you off-guard. The infinite swimming thing was really just a holdover from ARK anyway, where griefers would try lure people's animals into water so they'd drown. But the seas in ATLAS are so different to ARK it seemed like it was about due a rethink on the logic of that.
  7. RyuujinZERO

    Issue with building

    Likely related to same issue many people are having where structures placed in water report (erroneously?) 'Too close to enemy foundation'
  8. I'm having the same problem. ANYTHING you try build in the water says 'Too close to enemy foundation', but if you scoot it up out the water it's fine. This obviously means I can't build shipyards at all. It has nothing to do with ACTUAL proximity to enemy foundations, it's all to do with whether it's touching water. I have tried everywhere on my island and unless someone pillared every inch of water on my island and was mteiculous to make sure it didn't overlap land, this is a bug.
  9. RyuujinZERO

    galleon in shallow shipyard

    Open the sails to full before you release it. Often if a ship is built too shallow, the sails will pull it clear before it suffers catastrophic hull damage. It'll definitly take a dink at the back when it drops, but you should be able to get it out of there. Galleons don't ride all that much lower in the water than a brig, if you've had a brig out of that yard it'll probably be fine. Remember though, at the end of the day the price of a new shipyard and galleon skeleton is the tiniest fraction of the price of a sea-ready galleon. If in serious doubt, build a new yard and galleon frame and start over before you plank it up and commit more resources. If you think the yard and skeleton is expensive, you havn't seen the price of the planks; or how many you need.
  10. RyuujinZERO

    Unable to craft Smithy

    Go kill yourself. ...no, really. That also fixes this bug - As others have observed reinitialising your character fixes it, this solution may be more expedient in some scenarios. It's possibly teleporting between beds may have a similar result.
  11. RyuujinZERO

    Claim vs Lawless

    When you join a party in an MMO, or shooter looter, how do you feel that a random party member (Usually the party creator) is arbitrarily designated as 'Team leader', and has the power to do certain administrative functions? Does it make you seethe that they are YOUR LORD, and YOUR OWNER, that you are THEIR PROPERTY? Or do you just politely (or impolitely) ask them to do something if those administrative rights need exercising? (Hey, SSJDouchenozzle69 is griefing, kick them from party plox!). That is basically the function of a landlord in ATLAS PvE. Someone with Administrative control of the island; if someone tries pillar the resources? - They can remove them, which you can't on lawless. A good landowner can still feel a little like a homeowners association, true; like perhaps the landowner has decreed that a certain patch of nodes be left open and unobstructed to serve as a resource hub for the local community, and you really wanted to build there, and have certain planning stipulations on where you can build. The 'bad landowners' you are concerned about are, true, a problem. But they are in this context no different to SSJDouchenozzle69 getting assigned party lead in some other game and proceeding to have his buddies vote-kick you for the lulz. However, they are the exception and not the rule. Most landowners I've met have been quite reasonable, some even make the 20% bonus produce available to the island community, effectively turning the 20% 'landowner bonus' into social welfare. On my island I even hire NPCs to man turrets to provide defence against Alphas, and run anti-SotD operations, thanks to ammo provided by the 'anti-tax' funds. If we were to flip the switch and go back to something like the old system, but everyone has 1 old-size flag; I'd be quite content in terms of the land i could own and house I could build on it. But with no central planning and organisation for the region, SoTDs will run rampant as it's unlikely anyone will want to stump up the resources to go kill them, and most the resources will get built over or blocked off as everyone makes the best use they can of their tiny spot of land, essentially resulting in a tragedy of the commons. (As tends to happen on lawless, hence the increased respawn rate of materials to compensate) Of course, I can understand why people who fancy themselves 'Free people' or 'pirates' would chafe at the notion of living in a micro state that has things like town planning, social welfare and organised militia, but let's not kid ourselves. Your problem isn't with 'bad landowners', it's because you have a libertarian freedom fantasy you want to act out in ATLAS (And like many people), overlook that ATLAS is a game about the age of sail; colonialism, merchant empires and yes, pirates. By all means, enjoy your lawless lifestyle. I salute it, but let's not try and pretend it's 'better' place to live than a well managed microstate.
  12. RyuujinZERO

    Ships of the damned and wreck diving

    It's kind of silly when you consider that (IMHO) it's easier to fight whales than SotDs; probably cheaper too, and whales give exponentially more gold. A red Lv30 SotD galleon gives around 150g and will likely need around 80-90 large cannonballs to sink, a whale, even post nerf is around the 1,000g mark and will need around 30-40 harpoons to kill. Now, SotDs can give you some sweet ass crew (That level 30 galleon will likely drop 4 or 5 level 60+ NPCs), and it drops high end ship component blueprints, so it's not ALL downsides. But those benefits are far less significant on PvE than PvP since most the stuff you'll be fighting are... *drumroll*... SotD's, making the loop entirely circular and self contained and irrelevant if you arn't fighting SotD's to begin with. Gold is the universally valuable commodity to PvE play.
  13. By definition would a PvE player not naturally be unhappy being in PvP at all? However, I'll give it a shot. My friends can certainly attest, i have a HUGE hangup with PvP, i will go to huge lengths to avoid it, there have however over the years been a few scenarios in which I was ok with PvP: 1) Ultra-large scale, tactics driven PvP: WvWvW in Guild Wars 2, Auroria in Archeage for example. This isn't PvP for PvP's sake, it isn't 'some guy getting his jollies trying to kill me', it's a war with a goal and I'm just a cog in that, and, apparently I'm ok with that. My dislike of PvP it seems largely comes down to an aversion of being part of someone else's dominance fetish. 2) PvPvE. ie. Asee-teph in Allods Online: For context this was a zone in a less played MMO, in which the player is essentially an officer in a larger force for their faction. Their goals are primarily PvE related, capturing locations with the assistance of an NPC force, moving the battle lines in the process. But other players are trying to carry out opposing goals to advance their lines. The combination of narrative, atmosphere and gameplay made this palatable to me, despite the small-scale PvP nature of it. Soldiers at war, not psychopaths rubbing one out over their opponents corpse. 3) Crew-level, personal goal based combat: ie. Star Citizen, Archeage, Allods Online: These encounters are way less structured and yet oddly, perfectly parallel what ATLAS should and could be; fleets of large ships with multiple crew-members, working together to carry out a goal; whether trading, piracy, escort. In Archeage I actually tended to serve on a combat escort ship! - Our ship was the one actively engaging in PvP on behalf of the convoy. This begs the question: Why does ATLAS PvP bother me then? Simply because not once did we ever end up in a scenario like that IN ATLAS. Every 'PvP encounter' we lost, was not 'my defeat at the hands of my better', it was someone taking a pick to the bottom of my boat at 3am! And don't try tell me it took my enemies 6 hours to destroy 6 hours of work, we both know that's total bollocks, a galleon can be defeated by a guy uninterrupted with patience and a bundle of flame arrows; or, it could, i dunno if that meta is still active
  14. Very much this. ATLAS chooses to make itself unfriendly to small groups of players with limited time; while offline everything you have built and own can and will be destroyed on PvP and you land taken, and the time invested into building anything is considerable. if you only have 2-4 hours after work every day in which to play, it could take you and your friends days to build a small ship, or reasonable base of operation and have it be gone by the next morning. If I were to play almost anything else; from Anthem to Factorio to Overwatch to Elder Scrolls Online to No Man's Sky, I could walk away and feel like I made some sort of progress, that I got both entertainment value and I have gained progress towards something more. in ATLAS your progress is ephemeral, cut down randomly, often while you're not even there to defend it. It doesn't have to be this way, this is a conscious decision on the part of the devs. Take Archeage for example, another high-seas-heavy sandbox; in that you can 'summon' your ship freely, and unsummon it when not in use, while the map going through a fixed cycle of peace and war, you can lose your land to PvP, and take other peoples. But it doesn't happen 'whenever they please' but at a fixed time every week where the PvP-claim region descends into company alliance warfare. I'm honestly not sure whether to chalk this up to incompetence, or malice; whether it simply never occured to Grapeshit that there was another way, or whether they knew they'd be creating a skinner box, in which players would be compelled to keep logging in, pulling their levers, simply to avoid the inevitable punishment. This is why me and my company stopped playing official, put simply, ATLAS is not a game that respects your time or you.
  15. You must have a different definition of 'small company'. Our 'small company' before we gave up, were too small to actually crew more than a single brig, let alone 3, and we were one of the larger companies in our zone (not withstanding the inevitable Chinese zerg presence). The player base has fallen off a cliff since then so...