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Suggestions about Weather.

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Everytime that it rains, it always brings Typhoons, which i think is excessive. I think it shouldnt happen EVERYTIME that it rains. Its hard to navigate, and the boats take a ton of damage if you dont have tons of Handling Sails to navigate out of the Typhoons. 


I think that the Typhoons should only happen every now and again, and just let it rain sometimes. 


Ive also noticed that when it isnt raining, its either Foggy/Cold/Heatwave. 


All of the Weather events happen too often, and are kind of annoying. It feels like every zone that isnt a Freeport we will get hit with a Storm. 


is there any way you guys could reduce the amount of Weather Events, and just let it rain without it Typhooning all the time, and reduce the amount of times Fog/Cold/Heatwaves happen. 

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