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  1. TheCoolGuy

    Twitch and YouTube is dead for Atlas.

    can you stop posting low iq trash? atlas is dead on twitch since january
  2. TheCoolGuy

    In Loving Memory of EU Pve v. 1.0. (post pics)

    for the looks? i think
  3. TheCoolGuy

    Get rid of megas

    hello cancer. how is your day?
  4. TheCoolGuy

    It’s time for a reality check

    still not a mmo and probably never will be.
  5. TheCoolGuy

    It’s time for a reality check

    its survival sandbox like rust or ark but with focus on sea combat (well atleast that is the vision). atlas is NOT an mmo atm. MMO = Massive Multiplayer Online. 150 Players per server IS NOT MASSIVE.
  6. thats pretty toxic and just proofs the "crybaby"s argument. fuck your mega company. selfowned. loser
  7. the fact that the landowner can demolish your stuff whenever he wants is a huge motivation problem for me and probably many others. we know this community is extremely toxic and so will be most of the landowners. lets face it, the toxic nolife nerd kids will be the first on the island and claim it. how many islands are on the map right now? i have no clue but lets say its 1000 islands. we know they will add new islands/biomes with the patch so we get probably a few hundred more. lets say we will have 1200 islands. on patchday alot of players will try atlas again and we will probably see 50k+ people online. 1200 landowners and 48800 taxslaves. GREAT CONCEPT! *facepalm* ANSWER ME THIS QUESTION: WHY SHOULD I INVEST ALL MY TIME TO BUILD SOMETHING NICE ON A PIECE OF LAND THATS NOT MINE AND COULD BE DEMOLISHED ANYTIME JUST BECAUSE THE LANDOWNER GETS JEALOUS, IS A TOXIC KID OR SIMPLY DOESNT LIKE ME? even if the landowner is a friendly person at the beginning. he could just wake up one morning and say "haha fuck this game i quit but before that lets drop all others on my island and demolish everything hahaha". YOU KNOW THIS SHIT IS GONNA HAPPEN
  8. im talking about reallife not atlas. fool. never watched matrix hmm? never heard of the criminal elite that owns and controls everything? yeah you are a fool
  9. im sorry but yes you are a slave.
  10. TheCoolGuy

    Submarine only for mega companies

    hahahahahahahahha this game doesnt come close to any mmo type.
  11. TheCoolGuy

    Submarine only for mega companies

    without giant under water cave systems to explore the sub is almost useless. so much potential but no its not gonna happen its oceanic ark after all. imagine the under water world of subnautica in atlas, dreams that will never come true
  12. TheCoolGuy

    March update: concerns

    the new claim system will be worse than the old one. every island will be controlled by big companys. all small companys and solo players will be killed on sight.
  13. they should change the whole company crap into a faction system. something like planetside factions.
  14. TheCoolGuy

    March update, does it involve in new Servers?

    yeah server for asia is needed.
  15. to make some screenshots yeah but other than that its pointless. i think i will troll my neighbour one last time