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  1. just take your sarcasm somewhere else . Is there a sign on your boat that say " hey stand on me cus i am about to be demolished " or a timer show up when i look at my ship ? those galley literally right next to me and 4 days ago i did checked if my gold still there . Uninstall this for good , sooner or later there will be another wipe and nothing to do .
  2. My ship docked at my base , haven't traveled recently , still have food and gold and then the next day suddenly they were all removed from the company right in front of my house . Is there some sort of hidden timer ? I don't have time keep jumping on ship to reset them , especially when it just dock next to me .
  3. i need to be able to grow more stuffs , as of now can only farm veggies and not cooking herds / medical herds / fruits / berry is bad .
  4. Please do another wipe ! I need to clean up my disk space , with both ark and atlas installed it already took more than 300+ GB . That 's way more than my hidden !@#$ collection
  5. Was hoping it looks like a tavern but oh well this will do .
  6. They threw in many armor skins already but need time to adjust a hat skin ?????
  7. I think the Ghost ship icon is bugged , when i click on the quest , it show the ship is in G13 but it been 2 days and the ship didn't move from G13 and stood still . So much for the clicking on the quest tip .
  8. You don't care about the problem , until the problem come right at your face , that is what happened when we protest for large cannon on desk being removed . They cut down options until everyone can only make the same build instead of having the option to try a build .
  9. Actually the cannon have chance to hit the sub if you are not careful , and the sub don't last long .
  10. Yeah that what happened to me , the fire ball travel fast and roast my crew , or i travel too fast and it lose interest . Also , they fly above the sea level , how do you get them underwater while you shoot from the ship ? The only way to get them underwater is actually having a bait .
  11. I have conducted some limited testing due to the nature of official server , as of now the stun mechanic not work reliably . Tried stone arrows , carbine , balista , grape shot , canister shot , boulder , not work , even when i tried to attack when it was casting fireball . Canister shot and boulder have hard time hitting it cus both travel slow and in arc . When it rain and Fire ele got soaked , it take a little more damage than usual . I wish have single player so can do more testing in a secure environment .
  12. Have you guys done the polar dungeon before ?
  13. kampfer91

    Cats :)

    I am disappointed that cat is a tool for PVP , hopefully the rat does something in PVE...
  14. Need a bigger net that let us catch big fishes and collect crate on water while sailing....
  15. The fire elemental is everything wrong when it comes to design a monster . It can fly , very large agro range , have 40K hp , have super armor that reduced both piercing and explosion attack along with a homing waterproof fireball AOE attack that burn through 20% HP regardless of armor and will kill 1k HP animal within 6-7 hits . The stun mechanic that supposed to help when fighting it won't work most the time , tried spam arrows , canister shot ,balista , boulder but it won't get stun and you usually can't outrun its homing fireball , also you only deal a little more damage during rain which is nothing cus his HP pool just so large . If you ever want an impossible boss fight , throw all player inside a room with a single Fire elemental and watch it roast the entire crew . Most people just opt for luring it away instead of fighting head on but Fire elemental have fixed patrol route and will always try to fly back to where it was . Compare to other minor monster on Power Stone island : +Cyclop : can hit its eye easily and actually killable with some coordinate along with balista if you are near shore . +Gorgon : killable . +Rock elemental : Armor that resistance even to explosives but at least can kite away so you won't have to deal with it . Fire elemental is just in the league of its own . Suggestion : make stun more consistent , for example when it forms the fireball and you shoot at it , it will be stunned and cancel its attack . Remove the homing fire ball , replace with a fireball that travel faster . Remove the super armor because it already have such large HP pool . Thank you for taking your time reading through this whining drunkard feedback .
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