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  1. Admins, we are waiting for that yet.
  2. Guys, this is a pirate theme game, if you dont like sail go ark or minecraft. NPC factions would be great! If you make 2 or 3 different armies that can be attacked and you can get a reputation it would be more fun to navigate. If you help them, they may help you if they see you in troubles; if you attack them, they will come looking for you when you navigate in their area of influence and they will attack you.
  3. I gained a new level for maxlevel but the xp required to reach the next one is the same
  4. I'm not able to lvl up properly, my char has the next level cap close to the MaxXP number. Currently, I have 62530XP, I need 143497XP to reach the next level and my MaxXP is 143775. My level is 60 and my max level is 64. Do someone have this issue too?
  5. There isnt a hat but i cant see any riot
  6. Maybe the apocalypse comes tonight and tomorrow doesnt exist
  7. Easy question, news about tomorrow?
  8. You are able to get fresh water digging in the sea
  9. Yes, I think a hat is not enough so there are some extra suggestions for all that still playing until wipe and after then: An optional tatoo: I survived the first wipe. An optional full-dress custom for naked. A tamed pet: monkey or parrot(it dont give a great advantage vs new players). A special skin for cloth armour. ... I don't mean all of them, maybe a combination of some. Add more ideas please!!
  10. One guy on my guild had a really good idea to avoid the division into Colonies and Empires. You're company could be on colonies style until you reach the top 10, if you reach the top ten the current rules are applied. You dont divide the people into two different worlds and the people who like hardcoremode will have it when they reach top 10. This could be one step to get people from PvE world into PvP because they could have the best of both sides. What do you think about?
  11. It could be nice stop metagame, removing the info when people enter in the grid and avoiding the snipping from pages like battlemetrics. You could add new features like informers that you could pay for some extra info sometimes usaful sometimes no, depending on size of company, etc... Another thing would be increasing the log size with some filters(kills, demolishes, attacks)...
  12. - Add ships of an armada and be able to attack them, that the attack puts a price to your head and your company and that both npcs and players can go to collect the reward. - Add kidnapping missions, take one alive objective and bring him to an island
  13. Think on a shark, a mutinied crew and a plank, too
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