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  1. So after our community attempted to try Atlas for a third time around, I now feel the same way about Atlas, as I do Dark and Light. Both games are Snail Games attempts to duplicate Ark's massive success in other gaming genera. And these attempts have failed. Atlas still feels like a really buggy mod for Ark. It suffers from a serious lack of content outside of pvp. What little content it does have is locked behind the Kraken, which is also a buggy hot mess. The taming system and breeding system are so disgustingly buggy/tedious it's frankly just not worth the time investment. The claim system in pvp/pve are both straight out of a Steve King novel. The only thing that could remotely save Atlas would be the ability for customers to host the whole map unofficially without having to spend thousands of dollars per server/map. And that's just never going to happen due to poor planning on the development teams part. With less than a 1,800 people world wide logging in during peak times total, Atlas is a Dark and Light 2.0. Atlas will stay in EA just like DnL permanently. The development will eventually be pulled away as well. Just like DnL. And Atlas will become another quick cash flow for Snail Games during Steam Sales. Atlas was a good idea in theory, but poorly put into practice. The development teams time would be better spent on better projects. Friends requested my thoughts here, these are my thought. Instead of WoW clones, we're now getting Ark clones. And until you stop trying to get your next fix, this shit will continue. Atlas is a failure, stop playing it, it's only fueling a slow painful death. Grapeshot (Snail Games) used bait and switch to take money and run. They took your money, stop letting them waste your time as well. Atlas has never and will never have the success of Ark. You continuing to play this sad corpse of a game, only furthers it toward zombie-hood. LET IT DIE! When it's truly dead, Grapeshot (Snail Games) may finally learn to stop trying to recreate Ark in other styles.
  2. PVE If I claim a unclaimed island with buildings on it, can I demo the buildings?
  3. What is non-dedicated multiplayer mode for up to 8 people? And is it the full map offline?
  4. @boomervoncannon Is the game worth coming back too? In your honest opinion? You are the only voice I trust on these forums.
  5. Is another wipe coming in the near future? Or was it simply the one wipe to stop the minority of vocal cry babies? We're considering returning soon, so need to know.
  6. Currently players who want to host must pick a set amount of maps or completely break their banks to get the whole map. If single player is able to play on the whole map, then it is 200% possible for the WHOLE MAP to be hosted on unofficial private servers without the current silly system. This needs to be implemented as soon as possible. My community would love to play Atlas again, but never again on toxic official servers, with no GM support.
  7. How much upkeep are we taking on a small island with a large base for all of us?
  8. BFE is an abbreviation for "Bum Fuck Egypt" or "Butt Fuck Egypt," which is used to denote "out in the middle of nowhere."
  9. Is Atlas worth returning too at this moment? Some friends and I are considering it. However it looks like the PVE land claiming system is now complete shit and may as well be lawless pillar spam. Am I wrong? Someone please correct the videos I've been seeing. There are about 22 of us looking to come back (MAYBE). We want a island in BFE with no one. If that's not possible now, we're not interested.
  10. So how does building and claiming actually work in PVE now? Is it really like lawless? This alone will determine whether or not my community returns.
  11. Players will come back to the game once Jat is gone. Dudes like universally hated, feel free to check steam communities and social media. Ark improved 120% once him and his band moved on. Same needs to happen with Ark. Every idea he puts in place is trash, and further ruins game play. Hence bubbled PVE ships. Now PVE gets lawless trash building EVERYWHERE.... Remove Jat and the game will succeed once again. #Wall Jat Out #Make Atlas Great Again
  12. Outlaws of the Old West is actually a good game...….Snail Games may have finally done something right. The best part, it's a completely new Development team, with zero ties to Wildcard or Grapeshot. Been playing single player till servers go live, so far it's great. Building system is WAY more polished, so is combat. The map is freaking massive, and being expanded every quarter. Also, it's got fucking Trains! I repeat....Trains!
  13. Take your trolling elsewhere, and learn how to read properly. I am referring to my private gaming community (clan). I've edited to reflect that, since I now see users such as yourself are too fucking retarded to read.
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