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  1. I agree with you Tiberius. Also good luck dealing with this asshat. These fucking die hard fan boys are killing the game. Just ignore the moron and report him.
  2. Good luck telling this community of die-hard EA Fan boys this...LOL
  3. Same to you. If he can't handle angry feedback from the internet, he doesn't need to be in the position. Customers can say whatever they wish, it's his job to not respond in kind. Hence me telling him to eat a bag of dicks. I stand by it too.
  4. Ok, first I am a 51-year-old Office Administrator. I am not a "kid". Secondly, those kids you think need to grow up, are the solution to long-standing problems around the world that our generation caused, and keeps trying to drag out of the shadows of history. Secondly, had ANYONE of my employees posted this on ANY media, they'd be terminated on the spot. It looks terrible from a business point of view and is bad for business. If you can't handle feedback from customers, you don't need to be in that role. Third, this game is not listed for 16 years of age or older. Therefore, they are mass marketing the game. You need to lay off the Fox Fake News and get back to the real world.
  5. The point is our community manager has labeled someone literally "shit", because of a difference of opinion, and inability to professionally response to angry players. It's pretty immature. This basically means anyone Jat disagrees's with is being labeled "shit" and dismissed. Which is probably why the game is in such a shit state.
  6. So here I am twitter stalking and run into this little piece of gold. Apparently, @Jatheish called an unhappy player shit via emoji. Then thought it was funny to then cyberbully said player on Twitter in 2019. Grapeshot just FYI this is unacceptable behavior, and @Jatheish should be terminated. Jatheish if you can't put on your big boy pants and handle the blowback from your poor decisions from the player base...frankly you don't need to be a company manager. I would encourage all players to report this to Grapeshot personally. We don't need this type of behavior from our Devs or Community team. https://twitter.com/Jatheish/status/1101288424516988928
  7. So the fix for the PvE claim system is to remove it completely and have a lawless system all over the map. Which leads to pillar and foundation spamming. And base griefing. How to fix the Problem Right 1. Sea Claims Removed 2. 2 Claims per ACTIVE player in Company. 3. Extra Islands 4. Bans for players spamming pillars, foundations, and blocking resources. 5. Lawless Zones COMPLETELY unbuildable except for dry docks.
  8. So after the wipe, PVE is all just one big lawless zone with pillar spam everywhere. No fucking thank you. I'd rather take my free hat and shove it down Grapeshots collective throats.
  9. @Abysian Ya I have not seen them all. I've visited about 280 different islands atm. Sadly 2 out of 5 are just copy pasted.
  10. Snail Games is really beating this horse to death after Ark's dino craze. Pirates failed, so now they are gonna try Cowboys...... Sigh. Fucking STOP!
  11. While I understand the game is EA. The game is also mind-numbingly boring. Since launch, no content depth has been added to the game at all. The only thing the game offers over Ark is Shipping. That's it. You build, tame, eat, drink, and that's basically it. Exploration is boring as all the islands are copy-pasted and tiny. Discovery system nothing more than a tactic to gate content and prevent players from reacting max level at their own pace, not to mention a joke. The world bosses are honestly a joke as well and basically give you nothing. On top of all this, the game goes out of its way to PUNISH you for sailing. SOD, Storms, whales, etc. The game feels and is boring, tedious, and grindy. And don't get me started on the GD RNG! RNG for ALL Blueprints in the game is complete BS! The needs more content as soon as possible. The making your own journey BS has gotten old. Regardless the game is basically dead in the water.
  12. 1. Monster Sperm Whales damage is currently too high. Needs to be reduced by at least half of the current. 2. Whales need to give WAY more blubber. It's kinda silly the amount they give.
  13. If claim flag maintenance is going to be put into effect, it needs to come directly out of the bank only. Individual claim flag maintenance will only further RUIN the system for small companies and solo players. claim flag maintenance directly at the flag makes the game even more tedious than it already is currently. Running around, and sailing around to each flag to do maintenance is simply a tedious mechanic and completely unfun.
  14. I generally never post on game forums but screw it. I was reading through forums since I am a new player and frankly couldn't believe my eyes when I read this response from Jat. So I understand the game is in fact in EA. I knew that when it was purchased. But telling upset players to quit the game if they don't have the patience to deal with game breaking bugs? Really? That's not professional, and yes you should be called out on it. Is the poster he responded to being a crybaby...yes of course. Their most likely a young kid who simply doesn't understand the depth of development involved. However valid points were made. From reading over recent posts it's been made very clear that GrapeCard has no intentions of taking on extra customer service support. While as a new player I completely disagree, I understand. But telling your customers if they don't like your buggy EA game to quit is about as ignorant as it comes. This statement is on the level that caused the Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Bethesda fan backlashes, and frankly needs to stop. Attempting to shame your fans for being passionate about your game's success if ignorant and off base. GrapeCard cannot plead poverty the way many independent studios can when trying to get their new game off the ground. They are sitting on a rather sizeable pile of cash generated from Ark's out of nowhere runaway success can afford greater customer service staffing. Wildcard nor Grapeshot are Indie title developers as they so proclaim to be. You don't make hundreds of millions and still try to cling to "we're a small indie team". Especially, after being purchased by Snailgames. The minute someone pays for a product, they have the right to expect to be treated like a customer. Testers in free alpha and beta trials earlier times could not reasonably expect support. In a paid EA, everyone should certainly expect to encounter bugs and glitches, but to say that one should expect unprofessional levels of CS response times just because it is EA is ignoring the difference between free trials and paid. If GrapeCard does not want to provide reasonable levels of CS support during EA, let them make EA-free. They are not broke, sitting on 3 years of Top 10 steam levels of revenue from Ark. Failing to provide professional levels of CS in a paid product, EA or no, is not excusable. If this was a free EA, I'd give the following statement a break. However, it is, in fact, a paid EA. Therefore this would be the same as if I told one of my clients that encountered issues with my software to come back later, knowing full well, I didn't plan on hiring any additional staff to properly handle the issue. So while the following statement is worded professionally, it is clearly shitting on the customer.
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