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  1. Spanglyes

    We are PvE/Claim issues and solutions

    You must have found the 3 luckiest untouched lawless islands ever. I tried building a small dock on a lawless island i visited every day, i got the foundations down, and one layer of walls. Ran off to get more wood and thatch on the other side of the island and i came back to pillar spam completely around me, so close that i cant build the second layer of walls.
  2. Spanglyes

    PvE foundation spam and resource blocking

    In order for that to be viable, the upkeep would have to scaled ridiculously high to the point of legitimate builders not being able to create a structure to house tames or any sort of creative building.
  3. What happens when an islands resources are completely blocked in? Everyone stops living there and moves to the next, wait for buildings to decay then move back? We are nomads now? Cant wait to be griefed off an island by a big tribe that can wall me in. Claim flags would have been a completely fine mechanic had they just removed fast travel so people couldnt log in and refresh claims in a few minutes.
  4. Spanglyes

    Galleon turn radius is HORRIBLE!

    You're making the wrong post buddy, you have the right issue with the Sotd vrs galleon. You just have the wrong solution. Galleon turning radius is fine for the giant floating cork that it is, but the Sotd should not be able to turn on a dime. They can completely stay in a galleons blind spot if they smash straight into the rear side and keep you turning without presenting a shot while firing at you the whole time.
  5. Spanglyes

    FFS its a dumb idea

    They use both, easiest to see on brigs and galleon
  6. Spanglyes

    Sending bear to ship then vanish

    It didnt happen to me at all either, until the first time and then the next 6 bears. They didnt disappear though, they shot off like rockets or slowly bounced up up and away... I've gotten to the point where i only pull up next to large shipyards so i can put a ramp off the side of my boat and walk them on.
  7. Spanglyes

    Is kiting SOTD even griefing. Devil's Advocate

    I just had someone lure a sotd to my base less than an hour ago, he nearly sunk one of my ships but he did destroy a resource box i had on my dock with over 9k metal in it which he proceeded to throw on the ground...... thats mental illness
  8. Spanglyes

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Can we get like an official "heres how claim timers actually work" ? Is it positive 150,000, negative 150,000?
  9. Spanglyes

    How a clock works.

    It is random because i wasnt dead for more than 20 minutes before they sent the server message
  10. Spanglyes

    How a clock works.

    Maybe its just me, but im pretty sure when you put in server the announcement that you are going to bring it down in 7 minutes, that should activate some sort of server backup or save or rollback point. NOT SOME RANDOM ASS TIME YOU FEEL LIKE ROLLING IT BACK. For the second time i have lost all of my gear, equipment and this time 3 fine treasure maps because you people think we didnt spend real life time to get the stuff that you keep screwing us out of.