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    Sending bear to ship then vanish

    It didnt happen to me at all either, until the first time and then the next 6 bears. They didnt disappear though, they shot off like rockets or slowly bounced up up and away... I've gotten to the point where i only pull up next to large shipyards so i can put a ramp off the side of my boat and walk them on.
  2. Spanglyes

    Is kiting SOTD even griefing. Devil's Advocate

    I just had someone lure a sotd to my base less than an hour ago, he nearly sunk one of my ships but he did destroy a resource box i had on my dock with over 9k metal in it which he proceeded to throw on the ground...... thats mental illness
  3. Spanglyes

    Captain's Log 19: The Golden Age of Piracy

    Can we get like an official "heres how claim timers actually work" ? Is it positive 150,000, negative 150,000?
  4. Spanglyes

    How a clock works.

    It is random because i wasnt dead for more than 20 minutes before they sent the server message
  5. Spanglyes

    How a clock works.

    Maybe its just me, but im pretty sure when you put in server the announcement that you are going to bring it down in 7 minutes, that should activate some sort of server backup or save or rollback point. NOT SOME RANDOM ASS TIME YOU FEEL LIKE ROLLING IT BACK. For the second time i have lost all of my gear, equipment and this time 3 fine treasure maps because you people think we didnt spend real life time to get the stuff that you keep screwing us out of.