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  1. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    The bears run after every single animal. So, if your trying to get the animal you want to chase you, with a bear set to Aggro and Wander, you often can't get the animal to your pen fast enough before ONE of the bears on the way chase down the animal, and kill it BEFORE you can get it into the pen. It's happened SO many times, it's annoying. And, for the record, this guy is on the same island as me. Why should I have to leave the island to tame elsewhere??! Why can't HE just stop setting it to Aggro instead?!
  2. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    And, I disagree with you calling my idea NAZISM, and I disagree that one person should dictate to everyone ELSE that they should leave the island because they want to be a retard and let their tames wander on aggressive mode, killing the animals we wish to tame BEFORE we can get them to the taming pen. I don't understand how you can side with the one or two duchebags that do this, while everyone else has to be told where to go. That's nonsensical, and it's hysterical that you would even consider thinking that this is a good game mechanic for PvE.
  3. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    It would ONLY be for those tames set on Aggressive and Wander. That's the point of the solution - to allow people to think twice about setting both of these options on. If they own the island, and nobody else is there, perfect. But, if they're going to spam their aggressive tames all over the island that multiple companies inhabit, they deserve to have their tames killed. As for you 'bit of fun', you can't get them to chase anything, because they only attack everything you can't predict. There's no way to lure them into such a pen.
  4. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    Hi, There is no valid reason why you'd need bears walking all over an island killing everything in their path, including what you're trying to tame. You can get meat in 30 seconds with any animal. I didn't say anything about the population of the island. I saw many islands (happened to all have Chinese on them) all with wandering aggressive tames that nobody and nothing can kill off because bears are OP. Lastly, I have no idea what you're referring to by "12 btw?" My solution is to prevent losers from spamming Aggressive tames all over, which is what is occurring on PvE. On PvP, we'd just kill them. On PvE, we can't. Thus the reason for the solution. The fact that you'd refer to this solution as "NAZI" rationale is absolutely offensive, and totally STUPID. If you want to talk politics, this is not the place for it. Go show your bigotry elsewhere.
  5. Hi Devs, There's a BIG issue with a lot of islands with Chinese inhabitants where they set their Tamed bears to Aggressive and Enable Wander. The problem with this is that NOBODY can tame anything on the island because the bear will run and kill it. And, these guys don't just tame 1 or 2 of these wandering bears, I've seen 3 islands so far that have them ALL OVER the place, and nobody can do a darn thing about it. SOLUTION: If you set your Tame in PVE to Aggressive and Enable Wander, your tamed animal can be killed by people.
  6. Cantore

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    This is the sort of thing that needs to be moderated on the Official Servers IMO. Jerks need to be warned and banned.
  7. Cantore

    Disappearing Tames

    Has anyone else encountered this bug, or is it just my bad luck?
  8. Cantore

    Abandoned Ships? (PvE)

    I lift the anchor for my ships. I don't want to play around with not knowing definitively. That said, I'm not sure WHEN they supposedly changed the vanish times, but I DO know I had a LOT of ships disappear on me, even when I did go on to them (I was actively building one of them), and even though I logged in daily (with the exception of missing 2 days once). Just lift your anchors every time you're on. I've never had a ship disappear since. I HAVE had my tames disappear though! That stuff makes me angry.
  9. Cantore

    Disappearing Tames

    I have 2 accounts because my friends stopped playing when the server wiped. I needed a ship builder/sailor, and a stone builder/fighter. Thus, the 2 accounts.
  10. Cantore

    Disappearing Tames

    Hi Devs, 2 times in the last week and a half, I've had 2 different animals disappear on me. 1) LvL 31 Parrot. Right after I tamed it, I had it on my shoulder, went INSIDE MY HOUSE, and threw it inside. I was tweaking the behaviors, so it wouldn't follow me, and after I changed this behavior, it flew and literally disappeared. 2) LvL 58 bear. This bear, I've had for about 2 weeks now, and it just disappeared on me. I removed all foundations beneath where I parked her, and it wasn't underneath the structure. Oddly, NONE of the 2 disappearing tames show that they have died within my logs. And, I had food in the trough still. None of my company members have logged in except for me and my alt account, which is also me. If this sort of stuff keeps happening, I'm frankly not going to play. It was a full-night ordeal for me to sail to another island to tame a bear. It's unacceptable that they can simply disappear on you.
  11. Cantore

    ship removed from company!!!

    Yeah, the timer thing is just plain DUMB! I had 3 anchored ships disappear, and 1 ship I was planning to drop in the water. It was only less than a week (in Lawless zone) that I had not done anything on the ship, even though I logged in almost daily in the same area of the ships. I was planning to launch it on the weekend, and it was gone when I logged in. I don't know WHY the devs would want a timer on boats when the guy is logging in right NEXT to them on a daily basis! Talk about a reason to rage quit a game like this. Just penalize a guy for not using one of his 4 ships by making it disappear for no reason without any counter on the boat that tells you it's counting down to nothingness. SUGGESTIONS: - Give us a timer counter similar to what we have on building structures. - Enforce a ship limit per character of 5 ships/character. A ship builder could give ships away to other players. - Enforce a ship limit of 25 ships/company if the company exceeds 5 people (so larger companies are deterred from parking ships in front of smaller companies for the purpose of griefing; or parking ships everywhere for island hopping). - Stop foundation spamming by allowing a player to put a customizable "base" flag down on their base to designate an area as a base. Only 10 such flags would be permitted in a company, and if an area is NOT designated as part of a base, the structures would simply disappears after 24 hours. - Stop shipyard spamming by using the menu system to designate up to 6 shipyards/company as active (Only: 2 Large, 2 Small, and 2 Tiny). All others will disappear after 24 hours.
  12. Cantore

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    This happened to me too! I was about to launch my Schooner. It was all completed. I logged in every day (only missing the odd night). One night it was gone. I thought my other company members might have launched the boat, but they didn't. It just vanished. This sort of stuff has me on edge. A lot of work and gathering goes into ships - particularly early on, when you don't have your tames yet! I don't understand how devs could miss a bug like this! Same thing happened with ALL of my anchored ships, EVEN THOUGH I LOGGED IN almost DAILY. It's something that really DOES need to be fixed for SURE!
  13. Cantore

    Ideas to spruce up game content:

    Thanks for the reply guys. In terms of what I'm looking for here with the ship components would be those that snap to existing planks or ship deck. I know you can retrofit your ship 'similar' to what I have suggested, but frankly, it's not the same as what I'm suggesting. I'm suggesting a galley that LOOKS like a galley and that snaps as a whole unit to the ship itself. The main component I'd REALLY like to see is the Captain's cabin one where there's a 'style' that looks historically correct, is functional, and LOOKS amazing on the ship. Currently, the Captain's cabin has no windows, you make it yourself, and there's no outfit for stern guns.
  14. Hi guys! I'm just putting together some ideas for the devs. Who knows, maybe they'll implement some or all of them IDEA: Keeping the sailors in PvE sailing - Ships become floating bases. - Once you have your shipyard, and a merry port, players want to team up and feel as though there's some great stuff to explore on the vast oceans of the realm. The devs have already begun to develop places to go, but what about the ships themselves? The components of a ship need an overhaul to become a truly great mobile base that every adventurer would love. So, here's some suggestions as to what needs to be done with the ships themselves to make them more ocean-sustainable: A Ship's galley - A component that fits a portion of the ship's deck (depending on the size/width of the ship's hull), and snaps to that portion of the deck, depending on which deck the player wants it. The galley component would house the cooking materials, stacking food bag storage, cupboards, ice chamber, chicken cages (number depending upon the size of the ship/galley), and a food prep area. The player could 'move' chickens to the cages, depending on the number of cages there are (not counting as crew space), or they could have them loose on the decks, taking up crew space. The storage bags could stack and organize the food much the same as a resource container. Tier 2 Animal (Cow/Horse/Bear/Lion/Tiger) Stall - A component that you snap to a ship deck that would house tier 2 animals below the decks. The catch: It must have an air shaft that reaches to the top deck. On the top deck, you'd see a vent-looking 1x2 square area that the animal will 'spawn' at when you take them out of the cages once anchored. You can put the component on the very bottom deck, but the decks above it would have a railing around that 1x2 square area (in other words, they can't build on the blocks above it). Tier 3 Animal Stall - Same as the Tier 2 Animal stall, only larger opening to the top (2x3 block area), and small openings on the top deck to allow the giraffe's neck to poke out, given their height. Hammocks - These are placed on the ceiling of the floor tile above your head with a limit of 1 per snap tile that you can use. Each hammock you place increases your crew size without leveling the ship. However, if one is destroyed, you will lose that crew space until/unless you level the ship. When docked, you will find the crew sweeping the deck, or resting in a hammock, if you have one. Ship bells - I don't know how these were missed, but should be a functional component to a ship in some way, perhaps signaling the start and end of a day, as well as high noon. Beat to Quarters - Various types of drums can be made, from traditional snare drums to the more-tribal drums. Either way, these will beat when you open your gun ports! Ship's whistle - When you raise and drop anchor, the ship's whistle will sound. I wanted to have it whenever you change anything related to the sails, but that would get REALLY annoying in this game. Captain's Cabin - This would be a ship component that only snaps to the stern of the ship. If installed, it would have windows and such allowing you to see through that part of the ship's hull. Since this would be one component that really varies in style and functionality, there SHOULD be various TYPES of Captain's Cabins. For the sake of example, I'll list a few variations you should have: a) Basic: Snaps to small hull, and consists of a small room with a desk (with a small chart and compass on it), chair, and a functional bed. b) Medium: Snaps to a medium hull, and consists of a medium size room with a desk (with a small chart and compass on it), chair, windows, a cabinet, and a functional bed. c) Large with Gun ports: Snaps to a large hull, and consists of a large size room with a fancy large desk (with a large chart and compass on it), chair, windows, cabinets, a weapons locker, 2 x stern cannon gun ports (cannons not included), and a functional bed. d) Large (without Gun ports): Snaps to a large hull, and consists of a large size room with a fancy large desk (with a large chart and compass on it), chair, windows, cabinets, a weapons locker, a lovely seating area where the gun ports would be, and a functional bed. Raise the colors! - Flags can be a lovely component added atop your masts in a variety of ways. But, allowing a player to put their Company flag on their ship would be nice! Storage hold - A component that would snap to the ship deck to allow for more hull carry capacity (basically dropping the weight of any of the materials being carried by the ship). The player could put multiple holds on the ship, depending on the size of the ship to maximize for this type of hauling, and they could be placed on multiple snap points of the deck. However, if it is placed in an area where a section of gun ports would go, the player would NOT be able to place gunports in that location. The storage hold would feature a cosmetic look of wooden crates, bags, and treasure chests. VARIOUS COSMETIC STYLES OF THESE COMPONENTS COULD BE SOLD FOR GOLD IN THE FREEPORTS. That's one part of the ideas. Tell me what you think below! Cheers!
  15. Cantore


    Elephant Parking: Tier 2 Animal stall area: The Great Hall: The Dining Hall: Upstairs reading lounges: A bedroom: The side of the Castle, displaying the unfinished hexagonal tower with the overhanging bridge: A great view of the towers: The westward-facing balconies: (The smaller balconies are the bedroom balconies) Atop the castle: The view from the highest tower: