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  1. Posts like this are insulting to the community at large and should be shunned. A post about a game mechanic problem is NOT complaining. It's a factual evidence-based argument that something needs to change to allow for a better gamer experience - which is EXACTLY what Early Access is all about. Storm mechanics could also use some improvement in my opinion. Having cyclones that miraculously follow you and spawn directly in front of you is: A) Stupid B) Unrealistic C) Not randomized enough in relation to the size of the open sea. If a cyclone does occur, it should be visible from afar, random, and only occur in a single, very large, avoidable, and VERY deadly cyclone; instead of 12 that continuously spawn at and around you while you move.
  2. I have an awesome PC, and so does he. He actually works as a Tech, and gets the best hardware for his PC every year. It's not ONLY the PC that slows down a load time guys. It's ALSO the limitations of the server and the time it takes to load and render the information from that server. While a delay would be nice, it STILL doesn't account for the fact that I couldn't avoid them at all even after the proposed 15 second delay either. It would be nice to know BEFORE I cross the border if there are threats there waiting. Getting ganked and sunk because you couldn't use your own skills and seamanship to avoid the battle in the first place is actually a BIG DEAL to a LOT of people playing the game right now.
  3. Hi Devs, Sailing in this game takes time... as a matter of fact - a lot of it. We all design our ships, but I've noticed a common theme. Some ships are designed for hauling, and some for different types of fighting (whaling vs SotD hunts). As we sail resources for blueprint builds, we typically haul great quantities of resources after 1 - 2 days of gathers, and sail them to our Tropical base 2 hours sail north. These hauls are VERY pricey in resources, time, and include our tamed animals as well. We are ALWAYS on the look out for threats (whales and SotD), and avoid confrontations through seamanship. HAVING SAID ALL THAT: Would it be too much to ask that the Ship of the Damned NOT SPAWNS SO CLOSE TO THE EDGES OF REGIONS?!! Our leader has suffered the loss of 2 of his ships FULL of resources in the last 2 weeks, one was last night as he spawned into a group of high-level SotD. As such, he has rage quit the game since there was NO opportunity to spot the threats before they were in his face and physically shooting at him before even rendering into the region! His top deck broke, and he lost his cargo and steering wheel. He was unable to steer the ship, and shortly thereafter, it eventually sunk after all the cannon fodder and leaks. This is not a bug, but I DO think that if you want to keep players playing your game, you REALLY NEED to address this issue, and other issues that cause people to rage quit (like disappearing ships, for example).
  4. Cantore

    Livestream Q&A

    My biggest question: What does a Mythical Large Shipyard actually do, besides having higher durability on the structure itself? What are the mechanics & benefits of having one?
  5. Cantore

    Livestream Q&A

    Will ships get a nice overhaul like the ideas below? EXAMPLE #1: Captains cabin that snaps to the stern of the ship with various styles: 1) Medium Captain Cabin (for Brigantines) with a Captain's Desk, a Bed, a chest, furnishings, and windows through the stern planks. 2) Medium Captain Cabin (for Brigantines) with the above features, but excluding windows, and adding stern gun ports. 3) Large Luxurious Captain Cabin (for Galleons) with highly decorative Captain's Desk, Beautifully crafted bed, furnishings, paintings, and windows on the port, stern, and starboard sides with curtains. 4) Large Luxurious Captain Cabin (for Galleons) with the above mentioned features, only replacing the stern windows for 4 stern gun ports. EXAMPLE #2: Ship's Galley - Basically, depending on ship size, have a component that snaps on to the planks of the ship where no gun ports are installed, and that has the following: - Cages for tamed chickens (collecting eggs in its inventory), a stove, food storage (ice box, bags, and larder) all in one location that LOOKS like a ship's galley of that time period. EXAMPLE #3: Animal Pen - A component that snaps onto a Brig and a Galleon that has a opening to the top with a lift to bring animals up, and that has a pen full of hay that you can "MOVE" command your tier 1 or tier 2 animal to. Tier 3 animals still would have to ride on top. It also has an inventory to allow for feeding your animals on long journeys.
  6. Cantore

    Tiger LvL 30 impossible to tame

    Ah, ok. That is probably it then! Thanks. I've been playing since game opening day, and I didn't know this. It didn't have any indication as being previously tamed, but it would make sense, given it's such a high-level tame that SOMEBODY tried and failed first.
  7. Hi Devs, I've been trying the last couple of nights to tame a lvl 30 Tiger on a Lawless server zone. It will NOT eat, no matter what I try. It only says "Remove Bola". I've tamed other tigers in the area before this without issue. Why are tigers now impossible to tame?
  8. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    The bears run after every single animal. So, if your trying to get the animal you want to chase you, with a bear set to Aggro and Wander, you often can't get the animal to your pen fast enough before ONE of the bears on the way chase down the animal, and kill it BEFORE you can get it into the pen. It's happened SO many times, it's annoying. And, for the record, this guy is on the same island as me. Why should I have to leave the island to tame elsewhere??! Why can't HE just stop setting it to Aggro instead?!
  9. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    And, I disagree with you calling my idea NAZISM, and I disagree that one person should dictate to everyone ELSE that they should leave the island because they want to be a retard and let their tames wander on aggressive mode, killing the animals we wish to tame BEFORE we can get them to the taming pen. I don't understand how you can side with the one or two duchebags that do this, while everyone else has to be told where to go. That's nonsensical, and it's hysterical that you would even consider thinking that this is a good game mechanic for PvE.
  10. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    It would ONLY be for those tames set on Aggressive and Wander. That's the point of the solution - to allow people to think twice about setting both of these options on. If they own the island, and nobody else is there, perfect. But, if they're going to spam their aggressive tames all over the island that multiple companies inhabit, they deserve to have their tames killed. As for you 'bit of fun', you can't get them to chase anything, because they only attack everything you can't predict. There's no way to lure them into such a pen.
  11. Cantore

    PVE ONLY: The wandering Tame problem

    Hi, There is no valid reason why you'd need bears walking all over an island killing everything in their path, including what you're trying to tame. You can get meat in 30 seconds with any animal. I didn't say anything about the population of the island. I saw many islands (happened to all have Chinese on them) all with wandering aggressive tames that nobody and nothing can kill off because bears are OP. Lastly, I have no idea what you're referring to by "12 btw?" My solution is to prevent losers from spamming Aggressive tames all over, which is what is occurring on PvE. On PvP, we'd just kill them. On PvE, we can't. Thus the reason for the solution. The fact that you'd refer to this solution as "NAZI" rationale is absolutely offensive, and totally STUPID. If you want to talk politics, this is not the place for it. Go show your bigotry elsewhere.
  12. Hi Devs, There's a BIG issue with a lot of islands with Chinese inhabitants where they set their Tamed bears to Aggressive and Enable Wander. The problem with this is that NOBODY can tame anything on the island because the bear will run and kill it. And, these guys don't just tame 1 or 2 of these wandering bears, I've seen 3 islands so far that have them ALL OVER the place, and nobody can do a darn thing about it. SOLUTION: If you set your Tame in PVE to Aggressive and Enable Wander, your tamed animal can be killed by people.
  13. Cantore

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    This is the sort of thing that needs to be moderated on the Official Servers IMO. Jerks need to be warned and banned.
  14. Cantore

    Disappearing Tames

    Has anyone else encountered this bug, or is it just my bad luck?
  15. Cantore

    Abandoned Ships? (PvE)

    I lift the anchor for my ships. I don't want to play around with not knowing definitively. That said, I'm not sure WHEN they supposedly changed the vanish times, but I DO know I had a LOT of ships disappear on me, even when I did go on to them (I was actively building one of them), and even though I logged in daily (with the exception of missing 2 days once). Just lift your anchors every time you're on. I've never had a ship disappear since. I HAVE had my tames disappear though! That stuff makes me angry.