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  1. Heya everyone. Just making sure I'm not missing something here with the island ownership on Official PvE. I own an island and have started a rather large project on it and logged in today to find someone has put down a structure right in the way of the construction. How do I remove this structure and or player (only if necessary) from the island? Thank you.
  2. Here are 3 pics showing the issue. I have replaced these ceiling pieces several times already and every day I log back in more pieces seem to be missing. I have replaced pieces every day for the last 3 days. These are just some of the pics. Nothing is destroying them so I believe this to be a bug, a very costly bug as resources are scarce in the Polar region. The issue has been present for the past 3 days and always been exclusive to the docks. Thank you. 11/5/2019 @ 224am EST After 100% repair on 11/6/2019@2:56am EST I worked on the harbor off and on all afternoon/evening and then left the region for another grid. I came back approx 1-2 hrs later and found this: 11/7/2019@1:06AM EST
  3. Enclosed are 3 pics (G8) of structures that have sat for days and say they are demolishable but when I tried and another tried to demolish them it does nothing. Thank you.
  4. By pillar bases I think you mean mountain pillars because claim flags must be placed on top of ground whether beach side, inner island or on top of mnts. That being said every land spot in the ATLAS is reachable by either by walking, or climbing. I see ZERO wrong with mnt pillar bases. People can spec stamina and climb and use grappling hooks. Such bases are a wise strategy to keeping an orgs stuff out of reach of players that don't want to put in the effort. If the devs are going to dictate how a player can play then why do any of us play atlas? If every valid strategy, NOT exploiting like floating puckle gun placements and floating crew, then why come up with winning strategies? I find it very disturbing a dev would say you cant put that base on a mnt top because its work for another player. PvP is work! Period! Side note is smaller orgs need strategies to keep their work and stuff safe and inland/mnt bases are a game changing helper. Otherwise the atlas is nothing but a handful of megas where org population is all that counts. In which case everyone not part of a mega should just up and leave or find a entry stepping stool position with a mega. Keep in mind we aren't talking about a few man hours here people are trying to keep safe. We are talking about hundreds to thousands of hours. Small orgs have a right to defend their hard work just as megas do. Its just often 10X - 100X easier for megas because of manpower alone. Imo, devs should be removing, banning, fixing exploits/bugs (like the one mentioned above) not implementing code that limits totally sensible strategies. So I am all for removing limiting mnt bases all together and I know everyone I run with in Atlas is in agreeance with this because this conversation come up before the xbox x-play wipe/restart. Best of luck, really enjoying most of your work. Cheers!
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    Here is a short video showing the issue in game. Mind you this video came after an hour straight of fighting with the elevator parts and destroying countless pieces. It just wont work. Hope this helps.
  6. Here are two screenshots. 1 is of the silo contents and the other is of the ticked off crew for not being paid nor being fed again! Been fighting with this issue for a week straight. Losing crew left and right because the silo is not taking care of them. Thank you. Silo: Ticked off crew: Their proximity to the silo is less than 100 ft in these shots and the grid is C15, very center island.
  7. Heya fellow server admins, I am looking for the server setting to allow large cannons back on the top deck and any structures built on the upper decks.. Thank you
  8. DC_Shank

    Creature Designer

    All Tames: (*all subject to having the correct tame commands found in beast mastery tree) - *Many listed below are if then or while statements that check variables and proceed according to what the code finds. - Ability to filter food from resources when tame gathers. - Example: If I send a wolf.. err wait don’t use those anymore *sniffle*… a lion out to gather meat I would like to be able to have it just gather meat, not resources (hide, keratinoid, etc) too. - Ability to limit weight of food gathered. - Example: If I send a tiger to defend around a building, I would like it to not be heavily encumbered because it has a crazy number of meat stacks and resources on it. Limiting it to say 50, 100, 200, etc lbs meat would be sufficient. - Ability to set a perimeter for a tame to walk in defense of area X. (sentry mode) - Example: very simple. Walks a set route to defend area X and if it gets into a fight it wont run 100 miles away from it’s route chasing a bird. Which leads me to the next ability. - Ability to set a leash limiter on range, preferable in meters not low, medium, high… that tame won’t go outside that range from its center marker (if a circle) or set route which can be any shape a player sets when creating the route. (see above). - Examples: A rhino walks a big circle around building or area X until called off. A bear walks a complex sequence around several buildings and resource areas before returning to its start point which has a feeder. It delays 10 mins to regen health before returning to its route. If health is >= 90% it doesn’t stop but keeps on running its route. This used the delay in the route (see below). - Ability to set a delay which connects to time or a variable when tame is running a route or in aggression mode. - Example: Stay in active aggression mode unless health is below (10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc %), if health is below the set % than stop, regen health and return to aggression mode when health is well again. Example 2: This allows a delay to be added to whatever route points are set in the routing ability (sentry mode). Every point could have a 5, 10, 20, 30, etc second delay or no delay unless a preset variable is recognized like health low or weight too heavy. - Ability to flee or fight when in aggression mode according to variables (health %, weight %). - Example: I don’t want a tame to rush into a fight with low health. It needs to intelligently know its wounded and regen health or even return to a set spot until its health is back to normal. So like the above examples if in aggression mode or sentry mode if its health drops below 50% it doesn’t wait but instantly turns, exits fight and runs back to preset point (which tamers can set with the correct commands). Perhaps within range of a feeder and sentry guns that can help defend it until its healthy again. Once its health is good again it returns to its route. - Ability to call a tame back to base with a long-range whistle w/map help. - Example: sent tame to defend around base and can’t find it but this whistle will signal tame to return to base and, this is key, if the tame is stuck it will signal where on the map. - Ability to send a tame on a resource gathering route. Similar to sentry mode but gathering mode instead. - Example: I could send an elephant through 2, 3, 4+ different groves of trees and have it harvest them all and then return to point A. Or gather until it reaches weight X and then return and wait to be unloaded. - Ability to set aggression mode to predators or 2 neutral modes or all. - Example: aggression predator only will only attack wilds that are naturally hostile. - Example: aggression neutral 1 only will only attack wilds that are naturally neutral and flee from predators. - Example: aggression neutral 2 only will only attack wilds that are naturally neutral and fight predators if they attack first. - Id like to see a set of armor for mounts. Think Heman and his armored Tiger. - I’d like to see the breeding system completed by allowing the breeding of tigers, lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffs, etc. - I’d like to see the breeding system evolve into training babies when they are young for their future roles. - Example: farm animals, war mounts, sentries, etc. - I’d make the tames a part of the rng system with normal, fine, journeyman, mastery, legendary, mythic and you don’t know what ya have until the tame is done. Once tamed the tames name changes to its rarity and so does its bonus stats, abilities, etc. - Same as above with tames except with babies. Once they reach full maturity in that moment they change to their rarity (normal, fine, journeyman, mastery, legendary, mythic) with their respective bonuses and abilities. Higher rarity tiers get greater stats and more abilities. - I’d like to see tames get their mutations and or an ability list that differs from tames to tames (see below). - I’d like to see each animal type get their respective breeds: i.e Bears: brown, black, Grizzly, Polar, and have their slight variations in strengths & weaknesses that are also handed down to their cubs. Same for tigers, lions, horses (so many breeds and qualities to each), elephants, rhinos, etc - Like to see tames harvesting menu expanded upon. Example: fiber only, berries only, thatch only, wood only, stone only, metal only, etc. - I’d like to see a sprinkler system that cools down players, tames, etc that uses the current irrigation pipes and water reservoirs. Instead of water plants it showers players and/or tames with water and this produces a cooldown affect. - Like to see a cart that bears, bulls, horses, etc can pull that has a weight reduction because the cart with wheels is baring most of the weight. The weight reduction is directly proportional to the max weight of the animals pulling it AND the quality of the cart (blueprints). If a single tame than off its weight but if it’s a team pull than off the combined weight of both tames. - Add medium sized gates that are 2 tiles wide by 2 tiles high. - Add fortress grade walls that go with the small, medium (see above) and large gates. Bear Maul: vicious attack that bleeds. Body slam: knockdown target and pins to ground for 6 secs. Chicken Face gauge when provoked Cow Rear kick Bull A charge that does dmg and bleeds/knockback. Pro-puller: pulls weighted carts 15% faster than other mounts. 2nd bull with pro-puller would be 30% faster than other mounts. Crow Face gauge that blinds and bewilders target Razortooth Trample that knockdowns and breaks bones Assault: high dps burst from front Shieldhorn Shield mode that defends target A. Absorbs 50% of any damage target A takes. Trample that knockdowns and breaks bones Elephant Trample that knockdowns and breaks bones Tusk slam, breaks bones, sends flying Giant Pig Gore: similar to bear but no knockdown but does bleed and high dmg output. Giraffe Trample that knockdowns and breaks bones Neck thrust: sends flying with dmg. Horse Rear kick: breaks bones, sends flying, knocks down. Sprint: a burst very fast gallop. Lion Rack: high dmg from claws Roar that rallies nearby allies and temporarily boosts lions combat prowess. Monkey Taunts that distract target with monkey squeals and hoots that lowers def. Ostrich Bill peck: think street fighter Chung Li rapid kick except with its bill. Naturally a fast mount. Parrot Taunts with insults which lowers def. Face gauge: blurred vision/bewildered. Penguin Hugging a penguin gives you a 30 min heat res buff. Penguins provide aoe heat res naturally. The closer you are or a baby is the more res they get against heat. Rabbit When worn character is 5-10% faster on feet. Luck bonus to treasure Rhino Aimable Charge with high crit dmg from horn. Trample that knockdowns and breaks bones Seagull Widened fog of war and can send/receive long range low weight items. Weather warning Sheep Hugging a sheep gives you a 30 min cold res buff. Sheep provide aoe cold res naturally. The closer you are or a baby is the more res they get against cold. Tiger Rack: high dmg from claws Surprise Attack Pounce: knocks target down and bites for high dmg chance to crit. Vulture Face gauge that blinds and or bewilders. Short burst to see targets health. Wolf BUFF Health and dmg output. It’s a wolf they are supposed to be dangerous. Howl: Rallies nearby wolves to come to your aid temporarily. Random roll d20 + character level + wolf level to determine duration and to decide who wins aid if multi wolf howls are heard. Several min cooldown. If wolf A howls and obtains aid than wolf B can howl for a chance to break aid. Making the previously aided wolfs now hostile. If wolf Bs roll + character level + wolf level is high enough it not only breaks aid but turns those wolves to aid wolf Bs team. Howl range is based off wolf level. Bite: high dmg chance to crit Pounce: similar to tiger but no surprise crit dmg but does knock down target with a bite to follow. Owl – provides night vision & mild stealth at night. Eagle – able to scout area. Think assassins creed origin and greater zoom with rifle. Goose – chance to lay golden egg. Panther – naturally stealthy w/ a stealth bonus, fast attacks, pounce, claw rack Saber-tooth – cold res when mounted, high dmg bite with high chance to crit, pounce, only found in tundra. Lynx - quiet like a wolf, superior agility, fast attacks, Thank you. Cheers! DC