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  1. Bolognapwny

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    1. No they do not.... show me proof. 2. No idea wtf this even means. 3. They do exist they are called private servers. 4. Nice argument... lots of points made here. 5. Refer to statement #4 you fall into this again. 6. Is your asshole jealous at the amount of shit that just fell out of your mouth?
  2. Bolognapwny

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    and ESO sucks... next.
  3. Bolognapwny

    How Hard Is It To Get It Rite

    man you are like herpes.
  4. Bolognapwny

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    You really want to see this game fail... you right man... Sandbox game with no economy.... and only PVPers... realllllly gonna work man. You right sorry for debating your infinite knowledge.
  5. Bolognapwny

    LOL for the love of god listen to me

    PVE is a safe place to play by yourself and your little friends... go play on a private server....
  6. Scrap PVE servers - Its almost as if no one has played a Sandbox game before... Economies just like in real life produce conflict.... you can't have an economy without PVE'ers... you need PVE'ers on PVP servers for it to work... and dividing your PVE and PVP player base is the most hurtful thing you can do to your game. Granted with this... you have to create an environment that they can be safe in.... (Think how Eve is setup) Scrap Empires servers - No one is going to play this game but the zerg minded people and they will have no one to fight... Its already proven that MEGAs don't attack MEGAs... they are literally comprised of the WORST pvpers, and PVEers. Not just in skill, but it knowledge. They "zerg" up because they are lazy... they want to do everything fast... everything a MEGA represents is what is wrong with gaming now days. Look at BLDX one of the larger companies... so A.D.D. stricken they mass quit to go play ANOTHER BR... You need to focus on small organized Crews... and I would change company label to "Crew" You can have a "Crew" up to 50 players. I still feel that you should do away with alliances.... If people want to word of mouth alliance... they still gotta deal with hostile NPCs and it makes it that much harder for them to work... granted they will still work... and they should ( enemy of my enemy ). You are going to need NPC factions... this game won't work without it.... Your players will create the content, you need to create the sand for the sandbox. You need to limit cannons on ships to gunports only... I don't know how many times this needs to be stated. You need to overhaul your siege equipment, and stop using the mindset of spamming buildings as being the way you fight. Mortars shouldn't be the ANTI-BOAT, and Sieging Meta....
  7. Bolognapwny

    Hardcore PVP server

    Who in their right mind is going to want to play that crap-fest. All the mega-nerds thinking this is colonial warfare... ugh.
  8. Bolognapwny

    Launch it live or PTR?

    God I hope not.... This is why I wanted them to just implement the change.
  9. Bolognapwny

    Launch it live or PTR?

    Ive started to think... they should just launch the patch on live servers and work the kinks out instead of doing this PTR business.... the PTR is not going to encourage hardcore testing of the mechanics and most of the bugs with the war system. It would have to be a really extended PTR testing... and I think most of us are ready to get back to the game after a two week break.... my opinion just launch it already.
  10. Bolognapwny

    Can we make ship combat a little more real?

    Sorry ARK Mentality as in Mentally Handicapped. The raw range and output dmg of the Large cannon in Atlas is not conducive to its game play. They (in my opinion) do not belong on the ships and should be designed as anti-ship Fort defensive emplacements.
  11. Bolognapwny

    Can we make ship combat a little more real?

    THESE LARGE CANNONS FOR THIS GAME AREN'T MADE FOR SHIPS... FORGOT IM TALKING TO #[email protected]#[email protected]#$ ARK PLAYERS. no @#$#@[email protected]# kidding there were like 100 different kinds of cannons all varying in size.... holy #[email protected]#[email protected] I was gonna type more but you legit just pissed me off.
  12. Bolognapwny

    Can we make ship combat a little more real?

    Large cannons arne't for ships... they are for Anti-ship Fort defenses...
  13. Bolognapwny

    Can we make ship combat a little more real?

    God could you imagine actually having to use a crew to use a big ship... my god that would be a terrible experience to have to use more than 1 person on a ship for pvp.
  14. Bolognapwny

    Ship Structure Limit

    If they would just add snap points for cannons and build radius limit on top... there would be no need for structure build limits... but I guess they like the boom cannon meta and not actual ship combat.
  15. Bolognapwny

    Please stop demotivating the devs

    whats the point of this post?