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  1. Someone linked me one of my biggest complaints about Cannons only being snapped to gunports... but guess what.. you only did large cannons... BIG WHOOPY DOO there guys... can still put 30+ med cannons on one side..... my god do you guys even think before you submit a patch... You got one hope to save this game... hire me for creative director period.... otherwise GG this ship has literally sailed.
  2. I agree 100% why is this a change... wtf is the point... to further make GUNs useless and force us to use combat pets and bows as the only means to pvp.... I literally was about to log into the game... but I think I am done now... this was bar far the dumbest thing I have seen on these forums and it its been nothing but dumb shit posted on here. I'd say good luck, but you guys need brains not luck.
  3. After rocky start, focus on Gear and More Tames... your player base is bottoming out. Can we take a serious look at what is healthy for the game, and appropriate size of world needed for PVP... I feel its too large for the current player base and is promoting stagnant growth.... We can argue all day PVE kids or you can stay out of my thread as this pertains to the only player base that can save this game. (PVPvE) Thanks.
  4. The lack of reporting on these servers shows that the guys shitposting on it don't even play the game... its so frustrating. Since these devs lack the ability to help you I will try to explain how I "fixed"... or seem to have "fixed" the issue. I was having the Battleye issue, and some weird issue where my character couldn't interact with anything... and had no ability bar (the one with the dance). Battleye issue I had to delete my Battleye folder fount inside the Atlas folder. I then verified game cache... joined my server.... but I was still getting that other error so I had to relog until I could get outside... wait for the issue to happen again... then punch and animal and have it kill me... when you go to respawn you should have a green screen.... at that point you just change home region doesn't mater where... spawn at the area... find an animal let it kill you.... then spawn back at your home base... I went ahead and killed myself again here just to make sure... then I just sat still for a while to see if the Error went away.... It did.
  5. Battleyes issues = restart servers now... ffs...
  6. Multiple people in my company are being kicked for no reason, and can't re-log. Server unresponsive to commands... EG: telling an NPC to follow... try to relog stalls out... come back in like 5-10 minutes works fine... then does it again randomly. The server unresponsiveness didn't happen until a group of 10ish Chinese entered grid and were spamming BOX BOX BOX... dunno if there is a new dupe... or what... just find it pretty ironic... Also find it funny that the forums have nobody reporting this issues... Guess thats what we get for catering to PVE kids.
  7. killed two Monster Blue Whales 2 days ago got about 1400g
  8. You literally just made a post about voting in a new leader.... you have so much experience in this game... you've bypassed HUGE issues with the game already.
  9. Na im good man, go head and stop posting please... you already helped destroy this game.
  10. Pretty sure you can dmg structures sitting outside the zone for an island in peace time... go forward and have fun.
  11. You are literally a waste of space on these forums. Why does it matter who is the leader of your PVE company... is your current leader dictating what tames you get to use because you don't tame anything? lol...
  12. LOL I really only use KID and crybaby because if I used cursewords my post would be deleted. I just see the posts from the PVE players on here constantly about things that don't matter... and you see the Devs literally patch some of that crap in... and they have so many other glaring issues... they literally just added more tames, and costumes.... and even did an EASTER EVENT... like my god... your servers can't handle 40 people on them... but lets do an easter event... ugh
  13. My god, if you don't like the leader quit and start again or take it back... this sounds more like self-entitled millennial BULLSHIT where you want what others have.... Man up and start your own group... a vote system... my god.
  14. lmao yeah man, you totally are the reason they implemented a system thats already been around for years in other games... totally your original idea... I can see now this IDEA IS FLAWLESS!!!!
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