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  1. MeatSammich

    Things that should NOT work like that.

    I do wish they'd throw in another set of stone and wood with different textured. The stone on the bank and the footing of the large stone gateframes looks great, and fits the overall aesthetic of the game. As is, cinderblock, or ancient temple is the only look we get on stone.
  2. This is a random glitch that happens at least once every couple days to me - suddenly, you're not able to craft 1 or more items that are inventory craftable. It happens most often with wood ceilings, but that might just be because thats what Ive been crafting the most. I've had stone arrows, storage bins, wood roofs, pillars, etc all not be craftable in inventory. Re-logging doesn't help, about 90% of the time fast traveling to a bed in another server fixes it. The one thing that always seems to fix it is...die. One thing that I would LOVE to have put in, would be to be able to craft personal inventory items, on the smithy. Its annoying that you have to pull the mats off to build something when you have a bench right there.
  3. MeatSammich

    Things that should NOT work like that.

    The little hop was due to trying to avoid meshing. During very early Ark, you would sometimes fall through the land when exiting the water, and the little hop was put in to avoid that. (Similar to the thing thats causing tames to go floating off into space) There has always been something funky where the water meets the land - when you would lose a tame through the mesh, you could get it out by whistling it to follow you, and swimming out into the ocean a little ways, which allowed it to pop up through that water/land seam
  4. It does seem a design flaw that you can overload the server with a zerg that either stops any defenders from coming in, or starts kicking people at random. Limiting clan size would do nothing to fix that, tho. It would have the same effect if it was 150 people from the same company attacking, or 5 allied groups of 30 people each, or 6 unofficially allied groups of 25 coming in. This last would be slightly harder without the blue alliance names to know your target, but not exactly difficult to all paint your ships the same color, or run the same color lanterns for night attacks.
  5. MeatSammich

    PVE Ship Spam - Excessive

    I think Jean's suggestions are spot on. For all the graphical optimizations that has been done, abandoned ships are one of the biggest framerate killers. As an addition, I would implement something with Golden Age ruins having a straight freeport-style decay timer, else if it fell under the 72 hr rule, people could just fast travel back and forth to reset it. But, please, for the love of all that is floaty and wood, can we get the ability to anchor in deeper waters? Possibly just being able to anchor within x distance from the shoreline, regardless of depth. Anything bigger than a schooner can't be anchored on most of my claim, because of it going from 3' deep to the abyss at a 80 degree slope.
  6. MeatSammich

    Living in lawless going on holidays

    I could be way off base, but I don't think that NPCs will reset the claim timers in Lawless. At least on claims, they just count as contesting claims, and don't do anything to pause or reset the timers. Additionally, NPCs have a claim timer of their own, like tames, so it would be kinda weird to have a timer being reset by something with its own claim timer, because that would then would reset its own claim timer. Unfortunately, I think that the only thing that resets any of the timers is a company member zoning in. Can you recruit a trusted neighbor on the island, if only for a few days, to reset for you in the meantime?
  7. MeatSammich

    We Need Oil

    I know that Nokomon in D9 has mineral oil
  8. MeatSammich

    Patch deployment

    Or, better yet, leave a small box at the top of the screen, with either a countdown, or the estimated patch time. I've missed the patch warning too many times due to being afk for a minute or two, or logging in after the warning.
  9. MeatSammich

    Unhealthy foreign interaction.

    One of the things that I love about my grid is that we have a couple people on a bit of the time, who can translate Mandarin and are happy to relay messages between those of us who can't read it, and the small Chinese company that lives there. Even among english speaking people passing through, theres not a lot of conversation. If we're around, theres a few of us that respond to hails in general chat - its usually pretty quiet. The majority of the time I could set up a bot to respond with "Next grid south" for people asking about bears, "2 grids north" for people asking for salt, and "SW island beaches, mostly on the N side" to people asking about crystal. You usually get a 'Thanks' and thats it. If I'm traveling, especially if I'm crossing a full sector in crappy wind, I'd much rather have people to talk to and entertain myself on the journey, than just treat it like a single player game and only use the global chat as a travel guide. The thing with voice/local chat that bugs me is how tiny the range is, and the fact that most people ask you something in voice chat as they're sprinting through, and by the time you respond, they're out of range. Its like damn, man, stop a second and let me respond, probably gonna make finding those metal nodes you asked about a lot easier.
  10. MeatSammich

    Stop making the game easier for mega tribes

    Logically, its gonna be harder to 'offline' a megatribe with 4-500 people spread across a dozen time zones, that it would be to offline a small tribe of friends who all live near each other and work together. If my tribe is 4 people that I work with. We all work the same hours, sleep more or less the same time, dictated by work schedule There's a good 12-16 hours any given day that no one from my tribe would be on. Pretty easy got get offlined. A megatribe with say 100 active people, usually has members from NA, Europe/Australia, and maybe a couple members from Asia. There's a pretty good chance that at least 10 of those members are online at any given time, and can respond to attacks relatively quickly - once they get a notification that they're under attack. Add in the fact that most megas are aligned with 3-4 other megas, and your 'stealth attack' is gonna get responded to with 30-40 people. I don't think the little guy is gonna win so well in that scenario. You -might- be able to get there, firebomb a few ships, and popcorn a few boxes, but I wouldn't say that it is going to really set much of anything back.
  11. MeatSammich

    piracy Piracy in PVE is useless!

    It really sounds like you'd rather play more on a PVP server, albeit one with limited PVP, ie: private server. I play PVE so I don't have to worry about that kind of stuff. Hopefully they add more PVE content in the future, as in attackable NPC merchant ships, etc, but, we'll see. I would even be down with a couple free for all non-buildable PVP sectors within the PVE map. I'm personally happy playing it as a trading/socialization/exploration simulator, for now.
  12. MeatSammich

    new quetzal in atlas

    So, a theory on what is happening. Few years back in Ark, there was an issue where tames would randomly fall into/through the mesh and drown. If you caught them when they were only partway through, you could pull them out, but once they went all the way through, it was solid, so they were screwed. I'm guessing they implemented a system where if they were sinking through the mesh, or in some cases a structure, the game would go into a loop, popping them up higher and higher til they were out of the mesh. Something is screwy with the detection side, though, and the 'standing on solid surface' detection never kicks in, or detects correctly in some cases, so the game keeps popping them up higher and higher, until, I assume, they hit the ceiling.
  13. MeatSammich

    How Ironic, Atlas Is a Sinking Ship

    Ah, okay, that would make more sense. Right around 8pm in the UK.
  14. MeatSammich

    How Ironic, Atlas Is a Sinking Ship

    For all servers combined, or NA? Seems weird for NA, seeing as how the majority of adults would be at work, and most <20 year olds would be at school/college across the US/Canada at that time.
  15. MeatSammich

    Luring SOTD's and knocking victims unconscious

    A good portion of the griefers are people who are bored with the game, but just play because they have nothing better to do. They show how pissed off they are by making other people more miserable while playing, than they are. If they're not having fun while playing, then no one gets to have fun, damn it! They essentially see how far they can go, and how many people they screw with, before, and if, they do get banned. Once they're banned, they move on to something else, and it doesn't bother them because, in their mind, 'the game sucked anyway'