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  1. Ok so your new landlords gone n did the GTFO my island option, wonder what happens to the items stored in the smithy, ships resource box's, book case's etc etc. does it fall on the ground in nice little brown bags for the new island owners to pick up.....24k gold for all the loot taken from wiped bases. wouldn't take a genius to organise a loot clean up operation GTFO
  2. a tip for you next time you need to get your stuff back out the sea, jump in wearing a diving suit, sharks n mantas ignore you
  3. Sotd do seem to hang around on the boarders a lot. Enter a new zone at a 45 degree or less, at least you can escape back in to the zone you came from. Carry extra planks, plenty of mats in the resources box and make sure you have a repair hammer. oh and if your carrying animals make sure they are on passive, funny watching you elephant charge of you ship after a sotd...
  4. eddy

    Replacing cargo containers

    craft a new cargo container in smithy, make sure your carrying it (not on hot bar) then press and hold e on empty cargo rack. you will see option to add new cargo container
  5. eddy

    Cats :)

    I want a cat now meow now
  6. Hiya, logged in today on pve eu and 1 of the company ships as been removed, in company info in nice light blue letters. its been parked out side our base since day 1 after the wipe. wondering why its gone, do ships decay and can be claimed or just decay and pooof gone to the atlas ships graveyard in the sky
  7. eddy

    loadin freezing on primalgamedata_BP

    Same here, trying to get on eu pve
  8. eddy

    G15 TO G1

    cool, thanks
  9. eddy

    G15 TO G1

    Hiya, was wondering if you could travel over the southern boarder of G15 and end up in G1?, I know we can travel east to west/west to east, can we travel north to south/south to north? thanks
  10. eddy

    Crew problem

    Not only do they fall through the deck you also have to make sure the crew are on passive before you leave them. Dismounting the crew of cannons/balisters sometimes resets crew to aggressive and they going chasing after seagulls.