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  1. ooo found it!.... dang that is close to where we have built our base the cave is HUGE
  2. so far no crash... looking for snake boss - based on picture, seems to be on NE boss island, but maybe in a cave (haven't found it yet)
  3. We have restored from before the patch - think maybe Nitrado borked the install.... will see if I can prevent crashing
  4. where?? there is no swirly on the map that we have seen to summon him
  5. @Jatheish can you provide an idea IF there is something after getting all the stones? If not, how can we get the sub unlocked?
  6. Has anyone found some type of boss encounter spawned when you have gathered all the power stones? Hoping this will actually allow us to unlock the sub
  7. Haven't seen the friendly blue whale, and not sure how u get the sub unlocked without a kraken fight. Also, we have not found a snowman cave yet either. Ghost ship has not been seen yet either, and obviously all the discovery ones are not there.
  8. So after you got them fixed for a while, now the beds are gone again???
  9. So people who wiped the server are ok now? I followed the steps @Jatheish laid out (have done it 3 times now)… scared what we will see in the morning
  10. Second day in a row (Nitrado hosted Blackwood map), and ALL our players have to recreate their characters!!! Seriously, wth?? How are we supposed to play like this? NOTE: the buildings, tames and ships are all still there, but no characters (even though we see our own bodies!!!) - we keep losing our imprint, and it's a major pain in the #$# to create a character every day
  11. 2 nights in a row now... Nitrado hosted Blackwood server. Whenever the server has its scheduled restart, we lose our characters!! What gives??? The buildings and tames and ships are there, but the characters are gone
  12. We have added NPC Merchant mod for now to fill the gaps... it's working well for us for now
  13. Also haven't found a resource merchant yet either =(
  14. If anyone has had success, plz share. We haven't found the following: Wheat - there is a patch on the freeport that likely should have been wheat but only gives straw Chilis Cobalt Bunch of the oils (have only found fish, crude, blubber... no shale, mineral, naptha) Obsidian Bunch of gems (only found rubies so far)
  15. 300+ mythos, lots of diff mats including rare stuff
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