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  1. But the player numbers are no low because there hasn't been a wipe. You have a few friends who would start playing, but that doesn't warrant a wipe. It will take much more than a simple wipe to bring the numbers up to a decent amount.
  2. There are still many NA players on EU PvE who decided not to start over again a second time when NA PvE released. You can't use those numbers to show whether EU or NA is bigger in PvE.
  3. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Devs please: ships disappear after only a few days

    I'm saying it because i've read enough people raise the possible link to subs. It's not necessarily decay timers don't reset, it may possibly be if you do not enter the sub (i.e. step foot on it) then if the decay timer of the sub hits 0 it takes the ship with it. This is what people suspect may be happening to ships with subs. However, not all ships that unexplainably disappear have subs attached to them.
  4. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Devs please: ships disappear after only a few days

    There is a possibility that subs attached to ships can cause decay of the actual ship even if you step on, anchor and move the ship without doing anything with the sub. But if not all those ships had subs then that doesn't quite pin point the issue.
  5. Please give your reasons why you think a wipe will help fill the servers up more? Are you honestly saying the servers are low pop because there hasn't been a wipe in the last 4 months?
  6. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Devs please: ships disappear after only a few days

    @NoobieDooz did any of the ships have a sub on them?
  7. Can't guarantee this works, but i've taken it from ARK and a lot of the cheats are the same for both games. cheat addexperience 1000 0 0 - this one gives yourself experience. cheat giveexptoplayer <id> <how much> <tribeshared> <preventsharing> - this one may give another player experience. You can find their ID through showmyadminmanager.
  8. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    BLACKWOOD no beds, no ships, no base

    but shit!
  9. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Backup Recovery (Local)

    Yup this is advisable. I did this with ARK, just manually back them up each time you finish a session. Or if you're good at scripts, could write one to do it each time. But I can't help with script writing.
  10. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    If they do crossplay (which I doubt) then yes it would need a wipe, but the game wiping isn't the issue that's preventing people playing. Therefore as I said, even if there is a wipe it won't bring in players, at least not for long, because that is not the real problems with the game. I also doubt they would ever consider crossplay during EA. The most you can probably expect with cross play is Xbox/Win 10.
  11. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    That's what people said about the first wipe. It was true, it did happen, but didn't last. I don't see another wipe being any different, because the fact there is no wipe right now, or no confirmation there will never be a wipe is not the reason for low numbers, so a wipe wouldn't fix the issues. If there's a wipe and it brings people back, they'll come back saying yay fresh start, can get my island, etc etc etc, then soon realise the real reason for low numbers (whatever that reason is) still exists and those same players will leave again for the same reasons they left the first time. I'd love for Atlas to turn things around, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. Sadly I log in once maybe twice a week to fill trough, step on ships, log off. I guess I'm one of those that are clinging on to hope things will improve so log on to keep my belongings.
  12. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    Hey DEV's where you at?

    21k negative reviews during opening weekend? Where you getting your information from? The game has in total 23,597 reviews with approx 65% of those negative. So how was there 21k neg reviews during opening weekend? Yeah there's money behind the game, but they still need people to play the game, that's the whole point of EA. If they wanted to develop the game their own way they wouldn't bother with EA. So i'll say again that the players mean everything to GS, and i'm pretty sure the devs themselves would not say otherwise. But seeing as you like referring to the toxic waste that buy these games then you include yourself in that because all you do is attack those that disagree with you, and that itself is toxic.
  13. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    False rumors about wipe !

    No they aren't hiding content to use after wipe. In fact they've been releasing content in between mega updates like Blackwood, and single player. There's nothing to suggest they are hiding content because they are wiping soon. Talk about scaremongering.
  14. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    False rumors about wipe !

    Most people? Where have you got this info? And how do they know it will all be lost soon?
  15. [GP] Guybrush Threepwood

    False rumors about wipe !

    This has lack of thought. The last mega patch was start of June, I suspect the next one is due very soon. Steam charts has nothing to do with whether there will be a wipe or not. If steam charts are really low, why would that indicate a wipe is coming, when they'd probably lose some of those because of a wipe. No wipe is going to help steam charts, because a wipe is not the problem.