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  1. Agree yours is better
  2. Or he just started, and don't know you need to hit a tree for some wood ? Because not every freeport had the option to pick up wood and thatch.
  3. You have a point there of course.
  4. But that's the whole reason they need to stop giving dates. It's clear they can't keep up with it. It's getting ridiculous how many promises they make, but never follow them. It's getting to a point where it's just not fun anymore, and there is only so much you can take. Hell they even didn't give us that in dept captain's log Jat promised.
  5. I've stayed on the official pve until the last day. Just testing stuff, helping people that had some questions etc. I'm really a patient guy, and can handle with all the shit surrounding, EA, alpha, beta etc. But i've gotten to a point where it's starting to get too much. The lack of communication, the false promises, changes being made that nobody really wants, the delay of everything. It's hard to keep believing in the game and sticking around, because i really feel screwed. All the promises they made of "listening to the community", "giving us more and faster information". I'm still playing the game on an unofficial, and will stay here too. I won't go back to official, most of the friends i made aren't returning either, since they be taking away stuff ( like alliances ).
  6. Here is the link to it, just read under public test realm.
  7. Same here, i helped so many people because of alliances, met a lot of people and was able to talk with them etc. They just take that all away
  8. Could be a 50/50 then. But it doesn't take away the fact that pve, again, didn't get a lot of info. Nothing even about the alliance system.
  9. I think most pve players already stated that they don't want those changes. So we're getting those stupid islands in pve, even after so many players already stated they don't want that ! We want a claim flag, that is limited per player. Again pve gets almost no info. You're destroying pve, and all you had to do was limit claim flags, so many people have been asking for that, yet you fail to listen. As a pve player i really feel kinda screwed, we never get enough info, changes are made while most of the pve players don't want that those changes, they take away stuff from pve, they're just making it worse and worse for pve. To the other pve players, am i the only one that feels this way ?
  10. *bump**just some info about a captain's log*
  11. *bump**info about update for disconnects*
  12. Well i never even know you could do that with food, i learned something new. Now your bug report makes sense. Thanks for the info
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