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  1. https://youtu.be/YDCLhQ9z_4M
  2. good job on fixing those couple bugs and thank you for another shit modular ship nobody will use and a system nobody likes. BONUS IS YOU RELEASE A SHIT SHIP WITH KNOWN ISSUES INSTEAD OF TAKIGN THE TIME TO RELEASE SHIT THAT WORKS AND LOOKS RIGHT. Good thing im not the project manager yall would have been fired ages ago.
  3. Then you put ship points like a retard. You also clearly don’t know how to repair your ship either. I highly doubt just one volley completely destroyed your ship you just didn’t know what you were doing and you sunk your own ship. Get better and don’t be a quitter it will help. The only way this would happen is if you made massive mistakes. you probably got planked and didn’t have a bucket, repair resources, spare planks, and cleverly had no points in resistance.
  4. It’s funny that people think wipes actually solve anything, they don’t. Whatever bad decisions you made this season and haven’t yet corrected you will just repeat next season. If you open your mind and really think about the game mechanics you will find a solution to this problem just like we did. Good luck.
  5. You have completely disconnected with your very small remaining player base and you keep adding crap nobody wants! You refuse to listen to the few of us left playing. Trash!!
  6. Please stop doing things that encourage players to stay docked. Do you even watch your player counter? It’s dropped on this patch and not increased. I’m in a larger company gold cost doesn’t effect me that much but it effects a whole lot of others. People are now afraid to lose their ships. Now that bp drops are trash I don’t want to take out my mythical boats because replacing them is now a huge chore. You say you want people to sail and be on the ocean well stop doing things that make people not want to sail!! p.s your new ship direction is trash dump it before everyone quits. This games one and only major selling point between other games in the same genre is building and customizing your ship to your play style. That’s it that is what you’re selling. you say markets produce enough gold to make ships. Okay. Then why are so many players unable to place warehouses and markets because of radius mechanics? A schooner is a base level decent ship make it cost 500 gold or something. Getting on the ocean with a decent boat is way to hard for new players and smaller companies. The ocean is boring nobody is sailing. If I lose a brig oh well that’s sucks was fun but I will have another in about 30 minutes. Small companies lose a brig fuck this I quit it took me weeks to months to get that gold. THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM DEVS.
  7. That means you’re loading your boat way to heavy with the wrong setups. Your boats are most likely specced role play because if someone barrels me I laugh at them and take off their broadsides or sails. I would be happy to give you some pointers I just feel like you’re doing some very common mistakes that can be fixed pretty easily. If I see a barrel boat and they happen to be faster than me I ain’t shooting cannon balls I’m going for sails because they have to get close to be effective. With the fire bolts now doing damage to sails it is something they have to address and it’s very easy to prevent a barrel boat for coming in close enough to barrel you. If their sails are burning they have to address it right away or they are a easy sink. So either they have to grid, drop sails entirely, or use water barrels to put them out and while they are messing with their sails they become a easy distracted target. If someone is using their speed against me and they are much faster than me well in playing slow game. That means I’m turning my sails out of the wind and moving very slow so either they give up and go on their way or they get greedy and get close enough. If someone is faster than you then simply don’t play the speed game and slow down the fight. What I mean by turning sails out of the wind is just turning the sails to yellow, orange, or red but keeping them at full open. You can turn your speed sails back into the wind much faster than you can open or close sails and will give you pretty quick acceleration to avoid or dodge. way too often I see players trying to play the speed battle with a ship that is faster than them and you will lose that fight almost every time. Slow down the fight keep your broadsides aimed in their direction since you know they have to get close and you don’t.
  8. Spy glasses help. Look at the other ship and if you see catapults don’t get so close. Pretty simple.
  9. I still get 7- 8 hours. Just a reminder there is 24 hours in a day so I will let you do the math.
  10. you just made an assumption about me without knowing anything about me. 7-10 hour days are short try 14 hour shifts 13 days straight With one day off and I still managed to do it. You clearly didn’t read my post either. if you can’t gather enough gold to build a brig in a few hours over a couple days it’s you, not the game.
  11. Pvp based is the best part of the game, that is your endgame. Ships are cheap I don’t want a game that holds my hand and gives me my ship back for sucking and sinking. It’s a pirate game there is suppose to be risk and that is the best part.
  12. There is tons of land in lawless and your first mistake was playing pve where you are missing out on half the game. There is always somewhere to build. On pvp where the game is much more risk we had schooners on day one and brigs on day 3 by whaling with sloops and common maps. The only excuse on pve since there is literally no risk is you’re lazy. I gathered all the gold for a brig in about 6 hours on pvp. In pve you can anchor anywhere overnight if you have limited playtime and at most take 2 days if you can play 2-3 hours a day. Take a trip to j9 set up a little base on a iceberg and farm whales for a day or two and you will have your gold. Easy.
  13. They did it was terrible because while they can turn them off, they can also turn them on.
  14. Owning land on pve is completely useless. The single advantage owning land gives you doesn’t matter on pve.
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