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  1. Reeking cannonbait

    PVE Needs mixed PVP

    There have many many successful games that allow pve players and pvp servers a place to play on the same server. Your builders can build because your pvp players will need to buy. Your pve players can get involved in pvp by having to go there for a specific material that is needed for higher end items. No risk no reward stand. The game would most likely grow exceptionally quickly if the servers were combined to some degree. Pve players don’t want to rebuild everything all the time which is fair, pvp players tend to not really want I build and just want the challenge and fun of beating another player. There can be both in one place and be enjoyable to everyone no matter what aspect of the game they enjoy. This change would make me play again and so many other companies that left the game entirely just this weekend.
  2. Reeking cannonbait

    Where are the devs?

    Agee’s several companies left this weekend mine being one of them. It’s a damn shame because the game just grabbed me and loved it until I realized I spent most of my time running around the base feeding tames. Then it got to where I was just logging in to feed tames. Breeding razors was really my favorite attempt u too I relapsed I couldn’t actually have a job and go to bed without them starving. Game is not casual player friendly at all and a big push away from it. Bears are reasonable in that you can get 4 stacks in and while you may miss some imprinting you can still have a job. Razors you can not and one of the biggest reasons I got tired of the game. Gave away all my stuff yesterday and while I intend to keep watching the development of this game hopefully another company doesn’t actually do it before they actually get their stuff together hopefully before nobody cares anymore.
  3. Reeking cannonbait

    pve Reekings treasures NA PVE

    Tames, ships, materials, and supplies. Discord https://discord.gg/XcmSWU
  4. Reeking cannonbait

    pve War Bear!

    I got some pretty strong war bears my discord is https://discord.gg/XcmSWU
  5. Reeking cannonbait

    Upcoming Patch and Happy Lunar New Year.

    lame! oh and repsond to your tickets once in a while it might actually make us think you give a damn about your player population.
  6. Reeking cannonbait

    Stop cross platform play!

    I don’t really have any lag unless I’m rolling into a new island that has a ton of buildings on it and even if so it doesn’t lag but for a few seconds.
  7. Reeking cannonbait

    Stop cross platform play!

    You’re just mad we can play the game smoother and better and that’s not our or devs fault, get a pc and problem solved.
  8. More Npc activity: merchant ships that can be raided and receive materials and gold. ships of the damned are great but do get a little boring. miltary fleets that are very strong and would require some team work to sink with much higher rewards for doing so. Let people wanting to play more of a pirate roll the ability to play that roll. addition of pvp in the lawless regions as well as the ability to flag yourself for pvp without having to fully commit to a pvp server. Pirate missions, national missions, etc There simply needs to just be more stuff to do.