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  1. The Allerian Seas have always been a place of mystery. Islands rise and fall like the tides, monsters are said to slumber deep in the trenches, and legends have it the waters gave birth to the gods. Of course, this is all myth, or is it? If you’re looking for an adventure like no other, come check out Allerian Seas! We’re a dedicated roleplay server created for roleplayers, by roleplayers. Pick a race, set your profession, and join a company or create your own as you begin your adventure. We welcome tradesmen, businessmen, pirates, scallywags, and all other walks of life! No matter your character, you can join the guilds and complete quests for gold, or dedicate yourself to one to rise through the ranks. Come play on a server with a set lore and a story driven purpose. To make gameplay easier, we have sped up taming, breeding, and turned off aging, among other small tweaks to the settings. The map is 2 grids, and as we gain more players, more grids will be added for further exploration. Don’t let that deter you! We have a system in place to keep the map changing and exciting for those who love exploration! Check out our website at http://www.allerianseas.com/ for more information, registration, and a link to our discord!
  2. Welcome Atlasians I'M SKIPPY AND I'M CONVINCED DOOT DOOT DUU!! ― Famous Pirate Quote Server History ZZGaming has been around for years, we have been hosting several different survival MMOs, And Atlas is no Different. We strive to make this a better RP place with a splash of PVP if needed. We have a great community and hope to see you all with us soon. Foremost we are an RP server Server Info -White list -XP rate 5x -Harvest 3.5x -6x6 server fully custom made -Faster crafting speeds -Better taming and breeding -RP friendly as we are an RP world -Settlement Enforced -Decent Decay timers -In-Depth Server Rules -WORKING SOTD Server Specs ZZGRP owns equipment we do not rent nor do we ever plan to. Our servers will be here forever. -2 DELL R620s with -Dual Xeons on each server -256gb of ram on each server -Business Fiber Dedicated 1000D/1000U -DDOS Protection -SSD HD’s Server Mods -Keep it simple stupid is ZZGRP Motto -https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2002663191 -ZZGaming Mod Pack ( Building pieces, figureheads, new animals, skins, and some other cool stuff. -Figureheads and Ship essentials -ZZGaming Edition (New Ships, Sail skins) -Atlas Harvester (The stacking mod and some other changes) -Atlas Overseer (Admin MOD) -Market NPC’s -Upgraded Crew Silo and Repair Warehouse -Farsight (see ships and SOTD in the Distance -Navy and Pirate ships NPC controlled all over the Ocean ZZGaming RP website: https://zzgrp.net Discord Server https://discord.gg/5KszspM Server Info (ZZGRP) Ch. 2: Montressor - Dawn of Shoggoth Official Start Date: ( Sept 2nd 2020 ) Official Start Time: 10AM EST Current Jobs Available Modders, Moderators, Admins, apply here https://zzgrp.net/staff_application/
  3. Hello all you fellow RPers and those thinking of dipping their toes into RP! Rise Gaming Community has added in Atlas to their community and after set up and testing, we're finally ready to open our sails for new members! Have you been searching for an RP focused server but yer spyglass has been leading ya astray? Join us on Rise of Tides! http://rotrp.com/atlas.html - For full lore, info, rules, and more! Our server is whitlisted to protect our community and players, so be sure to apply! We have an amazing community of like minded individuals who all enjoy RP, but never take ourselves too seriously. Our community prides itself on being both friendly and helpful as well as creative and a touch insane. If you're new to atlas or RP you're welcome to join us! We'll do our best to help you on your journey and give you a fun place to experience both! We are all working as a community to come up with story, events, and ways to improve our servers. While this is Rise's first Atlas server, our owners have been running Ark servers for five years and are experienced with atlas itself and communities. If you've been lost at sea looking for a new home, check out our info below and rules on our website to see if we might be the perfect home for you. * PVE AND PVP GRIDS! Have your cake and eat it too. We have both zones on the map, which can be seen on our website, with PVP being marked by a skull and crossbones. PVP has RP rules and is a set up for fun battles at sea - not offline base rading. Check out of rules for more information on this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2175866818 Mods Atlas Architect Atlas Overseer Atlas Shipwwright Ecos RP decor market NPC Regenerating ships tnM animal Taming Enhancements Gameserverapp.com Atlas integration Rates Gather - 5X Taming - 5X XP - 3X Longer days/shortened nights Player location extended bag and spoil timers Increased animal harvesting increased mating timers hatch/birth increased decreased hair growth speed + hair grow potion fortitude and eright per point increased Rename modded ships All weights on ships increased Planned events, auctions and more! Join us on discord if you have any questions: https://discord.gg/WjbJefT
  4. Come join the server and the discord also let them know Kirito sent you
  5. Hello everyone, In the first few hours of playing Atlas I realized that this game has massive RP potential. It's slowly growing, but a handful of us have started the beginnings of constructing an RP Community. No struct rules; follow the law, play in character, etc. Looking to build a lax progressive environment that everyone can immerse into and experience a dynamic narrative that plays out all on its own. I guess you'd say it's a light/medium RP, but RP in a sense that you're living in a town, possibly have a home, you make friends, perhaps you have a job or you're an adventurer who goes out to sea looking for spoils to bring back to the community. But to do that you, you had to pay the captain of that ship to take you out, but he had to pay a crew to ensure a safe voyage... you see where I'm going A few steps for the journey ahead Acquire a small group of sane folk to construct a foundation for the future townsman/women. They will be known as "The Founders" Founders Phase: This phase we will do our best to solidify our way of life and to develop a name for our company. If we acquire a full square we will adopt a new name and declare ourselves a sovereign nation. Settlers Phase: This is where we try to find the best possible land of our own. Ideally there will always be settlers looking out for new lands. Builders Phase: Once a land is founded our builders will start to construct the towns infrastructure. (One of our founders has come up with "Elshire" for the capitol island) Law of the land: For example, theft, building without a permit or "no build" zones" may come with a fine. Those represent some of the plans I've come up with for starting the community. I'd love to run the town as a democracy and allow the outcome to play dynamically to see what stories unfold. If you're interested in founding this community please join the (very empty) facebook group Atlas RP and/or the XBOX club Atlas RP (Both names subject to change). Looking for open, creative, flexible thinkers who tend to get along with others and work well in groups for founders, but everyone interested may join the FB group. This is a work in progress and doesn't cost anything to join. Thank you for suffering through my slightly insane proposal and for anyone who didn't want to read it all, here comes the TL;DR. TL;DR: Building a light/medium RP community on the Gorgons Gaze server (PVE). This idea is currently in development and we need a few people for the initial set up. Join the FB Group Atlas RP if interested.
  6. Oyez voyageur, Nous vous proposons un serveur compact de 4 clusters 3 clusters full RP 1 cluster FULL PVP Divers modes ont été ajoutés pour améliorer l'expérience de jeu (Nouveau bateau ). Les rates sont les suivantes : XP = X2 RESSOURCE = X4 TAM = X4 REPRO x5 Le serveur est tout frais, nous ouvrons tout juste nos portes. Un serveur RP où la communauté sera heureuse de vous accueillir, que vous soyez joueur RP confirmé ou novice avec l'envie d'apprendre. Un staff très présent qui vous propose diverses quêtes et missions. Un système qui favorise les interactions entre les joueurs. Chaque faction choisira un métier qui lui sera propre et devra interagir avec d'autres tribus pour faire commerce de son produit fini. Nous vous invitons à rejoindre notre discord pour plus d'informations Place au RP, et ... Bienvenue dans le nouveaux monde https://discord.gg/hrNNptU notre site (en creation) https://tiga81.wixsite.com/website
  7. Slavers Paradise - All Powerstones/Bosses - Boosted• Active, friendly, laid back gaming community looking for more players....• PVP, PVE, Casual RP • 4x4 Map, 14 PVP Zones & 2 PVE Zones, All Biomes, bosses (Ice dungeon etc)• 4X XP, 4X Harvest, 3X gold• 4X Taming (may increase this a bit more in future), faster baby mature rate• Lowered food and water consumption (Players & Pets)• Significantly lowered spoil rate (Food lasts longer)• Original flag claim system • Plenty of land to claim and build on (116 islands)• A couple zones have increased SoD spawn and higher levelsWe also are using the following mods and everything works great:Peachy Atlas FurniturePeachy Atlas DecorPeachy Ship DecorFigureheads and Ship EssentialsTotal StructuresTotal ShipsTotal SailsRegenerating ShipsUnlock PowerstonesPaintable Atlas FurniturePaintable Atlas Interioreco's RP DécorOur contact info can be found on: slavers-paradise.comor Discord: https://discord.gg/sBK9MRM
  8. Sorry for the click bait title I was thinking about something I find very interesting let me explain my idea. 1. Get rid of explosive barrels like they are now 2. Gunpowder can no longer be placed in any container or storage we currently have Instead, implement another barrel that works more like the water barrel but is filled with gunpowder instead. This barrel gets heavier the more gunpowder you fill in there. It is the only place where you can put gunpowder after you take it out from mortar & pestle. This barrel can only be carried by hand (like a penguin) and not placed in any inventory if it is filled with any amount of gunpowder. This barrel is always explosive and doesn't have to be activated so you can shoot it with any gun to let it explode. This barrel does damage based on the amount of gunpowder inside. This barrel is necessary for cannons. It as important as the ammo box container because you will need gunpowder AND cannon balls to operate a cannon. Gunpowder in this barrel spoils really fast if the barrel comes into contact with rain or with water in general. Gunpowder wouldn't be necessary to craft cannonballs but to craft other stuff that need gunpowder there must be a barrel in close range to the smithy for example. So why this change? It would make ship battles much more interesting because you need to design your ship in a way that the gunpowder doesn't get blown up too fast. It makes ship management more interesting because you need another resource. It is a high risk, high reward object that you can use to attack other ships and structures but it is very fragile of course. So if you can manage to get a full barrel dry and safe onto another ship. You deserve to make huge damage. You would need to think about the location where you store gunpowder inside your base and ship. It gives the player the opportunity to make meaningful decisions. Both for the player owning the barrels and for the player who is attacking. And to me it sounds like a nice challenge to play with these things. I know I posted a less formulated version of this in suggestions but I feel like the suggestion section is cluttered with months old up-voted threads nobody needs anymore. So here we go!
  9. Setz dich, machs dir gemütlich und nimm dir einen Grog, ich erzähl dir mal eine Geschichte über "NewChronicles". Sitzt du bequem ? Gut, dann lausche meinen Worten Fremder. NewChronicles ist ein Rollenspielprojekt welches von Rollenspielern für Rollenspieler geschaffen wurde. Wir spielen auf einer eigens kreierten 2x2 Karte welche im Plotverlauf durchaus erweiterbar ist. Es kommt drauf an wie viele mutige Abenteurer und tapfere Seemänner es gibt, welche der Geschichte wirklich auf den Grund gehen und die Geheimnisse entdecken wollen. Wichtig für das Projekt ist der Charakter den du dir überlegst, denn davon lebt dies Alles. Denn der Spaß bei einem solchen Konzept ist es, zu sehen wie sich dein Charakter, und natürlich auch die Anderen, verändern und entwickeln. Du und dein Charakter, ihr werdet gemeinsam Abenteuer erleben welche sowohl ihn als auch deine Ansichten verändern werden. Wir verfolgen hier ein nachhaltiges Konzept und legen daher sehr viel Wert auf ein konsequentes Spiel in allen Bereichen. Von der Kneipenschlägerei bis hin zu einem ausgewachsenen, bewaffnetem Konflikt wirst du hier vieles erleben können, doch es kommt immer darauf an wie du dich verhältst. Ob nun rauer Seebär, eine versoffene Landratte oder ein wahrhaftiger Pirat. Du wirst jegliche Facette der damaligen Zeit ausleben können - sofern du dich traust ! Was erwartet dich also bei uns : Die Möglichkeit sich mit deinem Charakter auszuleben und Geschichte zu schreiben und vor allem auch zu erleben. Eine individuell gestaltete Map mit ausreichenden Inseln zum Erkunden und Geheimnissen auf See Ein aktives und erfahrenes Adminteam welches hilfreich zur Seite steht und gleichermaßen als Spieler aktiv ist Eine Lore bei welche du nur Ingame entdecken und dich daran beteiligen kannst Was wir von unseren Spielern erwarten ? *Trommelwirbel* Natürlich eine Charakter Geschichte. Dies sollte für einen Rollenspieler eigentlich keine Herausforderung sein. Du musst uns keinen Roman hinlegen, es reicht eine Geschichte welche dir als Grundkonzept dient und uns zeigt um was es dir und deinem Charakter geht. Falls du dabei Tipps brauchst helfen wir dir gerne dabei ! Spaß und Enthusiasmus sich auszuleben und den Willen jeden Aspekt des Rollenspiels kennen zu lernen Ein funktionierendes Mikro um auch den Ingame Voice nutzen zu können Informationen zu den Einstellungen und Weiteres findet ihr in unserem Forum. Kommt vorbei und schaut es euch an. Falls ihr Fragen habt joint einfach dem Discord und meldet euch. Unser Team und auch die User stehen euch gern hilfreich zur Seite. Wir freuen uns über jeden, der sich einer Herausforderung stellen will.Komm vorbei und werde Teil der NewChronicles Community
  10. Brutal Seas is an RP/PvP server with allowances for players who wish to minimize the PvP aspect of gameplay. The rule set is being developed to protect those who wish to risk nothing but reward those who would risk it all. The idea is to have a player-driven immersive experience within the main story arcs provided by the admins. Since this is an RP focused server, settings are as close to vanilla as possible, with exceptions being made when necessary. Story elements from Brutal Sun - our previous Conan Exiles server - have carried over to Brutal Seas, so players who have had experience with us in the past should feel right at home. Features: Established community with friendly light-to-heavy-RP gamers Active admins Website and forums - Brutal Gaming Website Discord server - Brutal Gaming Discord Regular server events and story line updates, posted on Discord and our website Admin-created NPC factions with player/clan standing changes based on in-game actions Rule set designed to accommodate various play styles - Brutal Seas Rules 3x3 grid with functioning Power Stone Quest and Fountain of Youth All climate biomes represented 1x harvest in Freeport, 2x harvest in PvP zones 90% reduced mating interval 2x gestation/hatching speed 5x pet maturation speed Petition subforum on the website allows players to suggest changes to rules, in-game mechanics, server settings, etc. Join our website and browse the forum to see what role play our server has to offer. Join our Discord and meet the players. And most importantly, visit the Brutal Seas Server to stake your claim and forge your empire! steam://connect/
  11. Hello, A couple of my friends and I have been trying hard to RP on the official Na PvE. We have a dock, pub, and town all set up on the norththern part of the north eatern island in D13. Any of you that want to RP we are on usually around 6 pm EST. Hope to see y7ou guys here. We have trading posts up and have food and drinks. We are also trading animals like bears. Come say hi and get some Rp going!!
  12. The Atlas of Nibiru is a newly launched Role Play server for Atlas. On AoN we are creating a new community of players, people who are looking for light hearted RP experience. Players who want to play the game and understand that PvP involves players vs actual players, and not players griefing huts while the owning players are offline. We have increased skill points and harvest rates and a 6 sector Atlas Grid allowing access to all of the biomes in vanilla Atlas. For more information visit https://atlas.nibiru.nz/ and join our Discord. Some things to be aware of, PvP is enabled but all PvP must be in character and vs other players, no griefing, no offline destruction etc. AoN is an adult playground. While we have very few ways of enforcing it AoN is an R18 server, you must be at least 18 years old to play here. Discord membership is required, we use it to keep in touch and to be a community. OOC (out of character) insults and harassment of players is not ok. Repeat offenses will see you being banned. In Character insults and harassments of other in game characters are of course permitted. Roleplay is mandatory in the in game chat. We have a Discord for OOC discussions. Lore friendly names are required in game, and we recommend you use your in game character name in our Discord as well. No claim spamming. Each company may make 3 claims per company member, that is a 4 member company may make 12 claims (this rule is subject to change as the server and the Atlas game develop). All actions must have an in character RP reason. Total destruction of other characters property is griefing unless there are valid RP reasons for doing so. Destroying a ship in a battle is part of the game, total base destruction is not. Basically when raiding another player raid like you would in the real world, get in, get the gold and get out as fast as possible.
  13. PVPVE RP server which is a 2x2 Custom map! Map includes all quests, PVE islands,Lots of island to be claimed, each grid has its own biome. Mods- Peachy’s furniture Peachy’s decor Peachs’s Ship Decor Server Settings 2 x Harvest 2.5 x Taming Syode Gaming has 2 company’s currently recruiting: Tolanas Colonist Tainted blades Active admins, who enjoy RP and PVP but do not enjoy griefing or wiping. Contact through us through discord if you would like more information on us and to learn about our other servers Connect through stream line copy and pasta URL steam://connect/ Discord https://discord.gg/gjRT2C
  14. The Condemned RP [NA][RP][PVE][Controlled/Optional PVP][18+] The Condemned RP is an immersive private server community catering to mature, TEXT-based role-players. Controlled PVP, story-telling, events, and fun without the problems brought on by official servers. We hope to some day grow into a strong community with our own lore-rich world filled with amazing stories and characters. While we do allow for controlled PVP on our server, please keep in mind that we screen all players to ensure that they are quality writers and experienced role-players, we also have strict rules regarding PVP, so there's no reason to fear losing your base - unless of course, you've provoked a war upon yourself. The current official lore, while intriguing, leaves a lot to be desired. We hope to fill in the gaps, creating our own unique story and lore - in line with the official story. The greatest thing about a sandbox is the ability to customize and make the world truly our own, whether through our combined storycraft - or via mods. Our current server settings allows for fast progression, and quick building - so that while we believe that high end equipment and ships should take time and have worth, we also want to expedite the process of getting a character created and established so that RP can take place as fast as possible. * X 5 Gathering * X 5 Taming * X 10 EXP Gain * X 10 Spoiling Time Duration (Things last so much longer!) * Faster Imprinting Breeding (Though the feature itself isn't that complete.) * Max level tame leveling for both creatures and ships. * Higher Weight & Fortitude per level point. *Player Damage & Resistance Increased! (No longer are you a weakling, but not a God either, feels much better!) * Crew NPC Damage & Resistance Increased (They are now capable soldiers, when equipped with gear are now a threat.) * Certain Creatures Damage & Resistance Increased (Making them no longer fodder for alphas, while not as strong as an alpha, they can at least now put up a fight.) Modlist: All of Peachy's RP Decor Mods All of Eco's Mods BitBit & SmugKitties Clothing Mod Custom Stack & Weight Mod (Things are waaaay lighter, and 5k stacks) All Skills & Dances unlocked (Our custom mod!) Wooden & Stone Medium Gates Hopefully, I've caught your interest. Though I understand that this ad leaves much to be desired, it is currently what I have at the moment. If you'd like to have a look or ask me some questions, please stop by our Discord @ https://discord.gg/hr5sKn4 or DM @ NorseKorean#3251.
  15. I'm potentially a minority in this game, but as a Roleplayer I'd love to see a revamp of the chat system. There's a local and global chat, which is great, and you can tell, but realistically there should be a much more localised "Say" chat. Look at any MMO and they have an option for you to "speak outloud" to those in your immediate area, without a whole island hearing your discussion. It certainly makes it more immersive and means you don't have to be allied or in the same company to interact without using the local or global channel. I know it won't be high on the priority list but it'd be a nice addition. Equally if anyone is skilled enough to make a mod that'd be great
  16. Seven Seas Roleplay [Heavy Text Roleplay] Find info on our Discord using the following invite code: bZexd5 Build. Defend. Rule. Explore the Lost Isles of Arcana along the Black Coast in an RP server that features the great depth of detailed custom made lore as the world of Atlas becomes enshrouded in a dark era where the surrounding kingdoms are engaged in an arms race over the precious ominous resource known as Shards of Mythos, which were fragments of the Patron God of the technologically advanced lost kingdom of Arcana, Mythos. However, a corrupt kingdom of tyrants has forged a heinous pact with the reawakened Demon King Devos and his unholy horde known as the Army of The Damned and reborn legion of mythical demons ravage the land. Who will you be in a world filled with scholars, templars, merchants, soldiers, nobles, priests, and pirates? What world would you help build in an RP server where your decisions impact the storyline and the welfare of the different kingdoms?
  17. Hello everyone, Here at RP Finest, we have got some existing ARK servers but we have now expanded into Atlas and wish to conquer the pirate seas...HAR HAR HAR! Our current server is a 2x2 server and is welcome to everyone, we have the server passworded due to the fact we like people to come through the Discord, you know socialize a bit before going on..fear not wonderful human beings, we are here to make your pirate adventure fun and entertaining. The plan is to expand on those four servers and to have eight or twelve (depending on how they perform etc.) All settings are on default and this is an RP server in case you didn't notice from the title. If you wish to join, hop into our Discord and we shall show you the pirate way: https://discord.gg/GjMbyty Now, where is my rum?
  18. Immersive Atlas Immersive Atlas is an 18+ roleplay community offering a 3x3 (nine tile) dedicated server(s) located in the UK (EU) that can hold up to 450 players(this number can be increased up to 1350). They have also hosted a successful Conan Exiles server for two years with a great community of its own, Atlas is an addition to their portfolio of game servers. Gather and xp rates have been increased slightly above official rates to 5x. The server owners plan to add mods as soon as they become available, such as quality of life and decorative mods. **SERVER RULES** You must be an Adult to play in this server (18+) Out of Character harassment/insults are strictly forbidden. Role play is Mandatory in Local Chat. Role play should direct your actions, especially in PVP. Lore friendly names are Mandatory, This includes Clan names. Reading the Reference Channels is mandatory. The admin staff comes from a pen and paper gaming background, with more than 20 years of experience. Heavy emphasis is put into helping our community create unique and interesting characters based on the lore of the world they are in. If you are a sensitive being and things such as sexual content offends you, Immersive Atlas is not the place for you (even our general discord channel is NSFW). If you are a mature role player looking for a great community to start your Atlas journey with, please join our discord! https://discord.gg/86JRCHV
  19. Roleplay It Out is a community dedicated to providing high-quality gameplay and immersive experiences. Welcoming both new and veteran roleplayers. It is important to us that everyone is treated with respect. Our goal is to cultivate a friendly environment that people from all backgrounds can come together to roleplay and enjoy the experience. Come join our growing community and become a part of the family as we gear up for Atlas! Website: https://roleplayitout.com Forum: https://roleplayitout.com/forum Discord: https://discord.gg/353znEn Join our discord if you have any questions about the community or server. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. • 4 Servers based in Los Angeles (will be expanded on as needed) • Custom Map • Custom Rates • Roleplay PvP • Mods Q: Is the server currently available? A: It is pre-ordered and will open up once configured. Q: Do I need to be a member of the community to play on the server? A: Yes. All of our servers are whitelisted. Your steamID must match the IDs permitted to join. Q: How do I join? A: First you need to head over to https://roleplayitout.com/rules to familiarize yourself with the rules. After that, you can create an account on our forums and click the Apply button. Follow the steps carefully. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours. Q: I'm new to RP, is this a suitable community for me to join? A: Absolutely! We welcome everyone regardless of their roleplay experience. All we ask is that you keep an open mind, accept input from other members, and follow the rules. Q: I've had a bad experience on other roleplay servers. How is this community different? A: I think we've all been there at some point. Those experiences can range from bad RP all the way to staff abuse. Roleplay It Out was founded on the principle that everyone will be treated equally and with respect. The server will have a lot of customized elements, including the rates, map, and mods. This is our first step towards providing a more immersive experience. The configuration will be based on our experience hosting other game servers, promoting more roleplay, and increasing server longevity. We believe that progression should be earned. After all, this is roleplay. Rates The rates will be played around with to find that perfect balance. Most likely they will be lower than vanilla. The reason for this is to increase cooperation between players. Lower rates mean more trade, more piracy, more navy and more of a reason to interact with other members of the community. Map The map will have a layout that balances between freeports, lawless open water, potential territories for factions, naval presence, and trade routes. We want to ensure that no matter what role you're playing, you're not at an advantage or disadvantage. Mods We will most likely be adding mods when the support is available and on an as-needed basis. The goal with mods is to make sure all the essentials to roleplay are there. We'll never do anything crazy. We want it to fit within the Atlas universe and pirate theme. The Navy (we'll come up with a clever name later) will be a whitelisted role that any member of the community may apply for. Members of the Navy will be given the authority to patrol and enforce laws. There must be a balance between trade, piracy, and those who enforce the law. This will provide a risk vs reward to those wishing to be pirates. Those in the Navy must adhere to strict guidelines regarding what they can and cannot do. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about our community and server. If you think this is a good fit for you, we would be happy to have you. So stop on by and join in on the fun. We look forward to roleplaying with you! - The Roleplay It Out Team
  20. The Condemned RP-PVE [NA][Private Server][3x3 90slot][Heavy Text RP][18+Mature] "A lot of the old seadogs say that once, we all lived up there, in the sky. That the land itself soared over the seas and that none knew the sting of hunger, or had to fear the chains of the Army of the Damned. The old buggers say, that maybe those days aren't behind us, that the machines and magic is down there now, in the depths. Who knows, if they're still down there? Still, it's probably best to get your sword arm strong, and aim on point if you want to live long enough to find out." A great many ages have passed since the Calamity, the end of the Golden Age. The lands that once filled the sky, now dot the sea as various islands. The technology of old has long been forgotten, and where once mighty nations united to bring about the greatest age, society has collapsed into one of feuding warlords, and coastal city states, it is now an age of terror - where demons and undead seek to claim one's body and soul. - an age of lawlessness and chaos, where piracy and brigands roam the seas. While this is the state of the world, for some reason, this particular area of the world has become walled off by the very sea herself, a peculiar sight - but one best left alone. WIP OOC: The Condemned RP-PVE is a TEXT based Heavy RP server. Currently, we are seeking only mature and experienced RPers to join our ranks. * Two Admin-backed Factions, one of law, order, tyranny, and the other of chaos, crime, and violence. Though one does not have to join these two, or any for that matter, being a solo hermit is discouraged. * 2x Gathering/Increased Taming. * Longer Days/Nights . * Random RP/Structured RP events. * Mature and violent themes. * PVP Events will be centered around RP, making PVP an RP driven experience that will be designed more for narrative purposes and fun, rather than the stress filled nature of open server PVP. Currently, in the early days of Early Access, we are mostly tuning/gathering ideas and waiting for the ability to cluster servers and use custom maps. Please understand, wipes are going to happen, frequently, in these early days of EA. Interested? Please join - https://discord.gg/jJtch6z If the link somehow expires, find me on Discord. @ NorseKorean#3251
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