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  1. we don't wipe, message me on discord at Diamond#3366 and I'll help ya get started
  2. Here is a small pic of the map & zones
  3. Lost Haven 9x9 Map/Boosted is the name of the server. We are a friendly community welcoming new and old players. It's a 9x9 map, 81 grids total. Grids A thru F (54) are PVE and grids G thru I (27) are PVP. Very boosted harvesting rates and taming/breeding. Mods currently running are: Beastmaster, Ecos Decor Cont., Figuireheads & Ship Essentials, Custom Item Stacks (lowers weight of resources as well). I'm hosting all of the servers on a private server racks located in my house so no fear the server will be shut down for not keeping up with a rental. Ping is very low and I don't believe in wipes. We have gobal chat across all of the servers, just need to use the "Global" tab. It links to our discord channel as well. Shoot me a message on discord if you have any questions: Diamond#3366
  4. Slavers Paradise is not a rental server (we're here for the long haul). We're hosting a 9x9 map that has 63 PVE zones and 18 PVP zones on personal dedicated servers. Boosted rates and even higher rates in PVP zones. All islands, biomes, bosses. Message me on Discord if you want the Discord link or more info: Diamond#3366.
  5. Slavers Paradise - All Powerstones/Bosses - Boosted• Active, friendly, laid back gaming community looking for more players....• PVP, PVE, Casual RP • 4x4 Map, 14 PVP Zones & 2 PVE Zones, All Biomes, bosses (Ice dungeon etc)• 4X XP, 4X Harvest, 3X gold• 4X Taming (may increase this a bit more in future), faster baby mature rate• Lowered food and water consumption (Players & Pets)• Significantly lowered spoil rate (Food lasts longer)• Original flag claim system • Plenty of land to claim and build on (116 islands)• A couple zones have increased SoD spawn and higher levelsWe also are using the following mods and everything works great:Peachy Atlas FurniturePeachy Atlas DecorPeachy Ship DecorFigureheads and Ship EssentialsTotal StructuresTotal ShipsTotal SailsRegenerating ShipsUnlock PowerstonesPaintable Atlas FurniturePaintable Atlas Interioreco's RP DécorOur contact info can be found on: slavers-paradise.comor Discord: https://discord.gg/sBK9MRM
  6. Servers are on the US West coast and auto update with the game patches.
  7. Servers are prepaid for a year with auto-renewal so you won't lose your work. The map has 9 servers running and is a 3X3 grid that has all biomes. Huge area of land and islands available for claiming and building on. Current players are 18+, friendly and very helpful. Message me in-game and I'll help you get going. Diamond
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